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3893 senators consider running for governor

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  • Greg Cannon
    Nov 6, 2004
      November 06, 2004
      Three Senators Consider State House Bids
      "In a sign of growing Democratic powerlessness and
      despair in Washington after Tuesday's elections," Sen.
      Christopher Dodd (D-CT) "is considering running for
      governor of Connecticut in 2006," the New York Times

      "Should Mr. Dodd choose to make a run for governor, he
      would be among three Democratic senators from the New
      York region giving thought to such a leap,
      particularly in the wake of Tuesday's elections, when
      Republicans expanded their majority in the Senate with
      a net gain of four seats."

      The other two, Sen. Jon Corzine (D-NJ) and Sen. Chuck
      Schumer (D_NY), "are said to be dispirited over their
      continued minority status -- as well as the reality
      that their party does not appear to have a shot at
      winning the majority any time soon."