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3440Honduran Congress names replacement for president

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  • Greg Cannon
    Jun 28 2:01 PM

      Honduran Congress names replacement for president
      Associated Press, 06.28.09, 04:45 PM EDT

      TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras -- The Honduran Congress has named its leader to replace President Manuel Zelaya following his military ouster and forced exile in Costa Rica.

      A resolution read on the floor of Congress accuses Zelaya of "manifest irregular conduct" and "putting in present danger the state of law," a reference to his refusal to obey a Supreme Court ruling against holding a constitutional referendum.

      By a show of hands, the Congress voted on Sunday to remove Zelaya, and appointed congressional President Roberto Micheletti as the new chief executive, as is mandated by the constitution.

      Congress earlier had approved a supposed letter of resignation from Zelaya, but Zelaya said the document was false.