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3232Reyes to Obama: Keep Bush intelligence chiefs and maintain some alternative interrogation

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  • Greg Cannon
    Dec 11, 2008

      Reyes to Obama: Keep Bush intelligence chiefs and maintain some alternative interrogation
      by Sito Negron
      El Paso's U.S. Rep. Silvestre Reyes has lit up the blogosphere with his comments about the intelligence chiefs and the controversial interrogation techniques used by the CIA.

      Posted on December 11, 2008
      Reyes made the remarks in an interview with Congress Daily. [link]

      Part of the story dealt with interrogation techniques:

      Regarding the CIA's alternative interrogation program, Reyes indicated that his recommendations concerned finding a balance so the agency does not use torture but can get valuable information from suspected terrorists or other detainees.

      "There are those that believe that this particular issue has to be dealt with very carefully because there are beliefs that there are some options that need to be available," Reyes said.

      "We don't want to be known for torturing people. At the same time we don't want to limit our ability to get information that's vital and critical to our national security," he added. "That's where the new administration is going to have to decide what those parameters are, what those limitations are."

      Those remarks lit up the "blogosphere."

      In Salon, columnist Glenn Greenwald wrote:

      First Amendment lawyers will tell you that anyone who says: "The First Amendment is important, but . . ." does not actually believe in free speech. Analogously, someone who says: "We don't want to be known for torturing, but . . ." is not someone who believes in ending torture. And note the consummately Cheneyite dichotomy Reyes has adopted between banning torture and staying safe. [link]

      Following a request by NPT for a comment, Reyes' spokesman Vince Perez sent this statement via e-mail: "The Chairman’s position is simple – if there’s a need for Director Hayden or Director McConnell to stay for the transition, the Chairman would not object. There’s value in stability. At the same time, the Chairman will support the nominee of the President-elect. There’s value in change, too.

      “The Chairman looks forward to working with whomever the President-elect nominates, and will lend his full support."