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2734Demo Party Chair, On Voting Twice

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  • Greg Cannon
    Feb 27, 2008

      Demo Party Chair, On Voting Twice

      by Danny Anchondo

      An explanation of the "Texas Two Step" election
      process, from the El Paso County Democratic Party

      Posted on February 27, 2008

      Recently, there has been a misconception on voting
      twice by candidates, the media, and other sources,
      however, we wish to correct this misconception. You do
      not vote twice, but in reality what voters are doing
      are voting at the polls and if they so choose to,
      attend their Convention Precinct where you show your
      support for a candidate, so voters are not voting a
      second time as it has been misinterpreted.

      What voters CAN DO is participate in the 2008
      Presidential Election and the Presidential Precinct
      Conventions. The first step in participating in the
      2008 Presidential Primary is by voting early or vote
      on March 4th. The second step is participating in the
      2008 Presidential Primary is by attending your local
      voting precinct convention at 7:15 p.m. on March 4th.
      At this convention, you will show your support, or
      uncommitted status, for your presidential candidate.
      This is where the "voting twice" misconception
      originated from.

      Participation in the conventions is not mandatory it
      is simply a way to: 1). Show support for your
      candidate 2). The start to becoming a delegate to the
      county, state and national conventions. All you have
      to do is present yourself at 7:15 p.m. at your voting
      location to participate. You do not need to sign up
      before 7:15 p.m. or have any other documents that you
      want to participate.

      Texas is allocated 228 delegates to the 2008 National
      Convention, and from this, 75% (126 of the total 228
      delegates) of the national delegates are allocated to
      each Senatorial District which are dependent on the
      results on March 4th. A presidential candidate will
      have these delegates are allocated to them by their
      percentage of votes on this day, however, the
      remaining delegates are chosen by convention
      participation (or 42 delegates out of the 228).

      The convention system is a three part process: from
      your voting precinct, county convention, and then the
      state convention. Whoever can keep their delegates
      participating, when they make it to the state
      convention, those 25% of remaining delegates will be
      allocated by proportion of presidential preference at
      the state level.

      To simplify: the convention process is the extra
      credit points for the presidential candidates.

      With the response of over 21,000 voters in El Paso and
      joining other Texas Democrats who keep outnumbering
      Republicans in their primary, we are equally
      anticipating a similar surge of convention
      participation and we are proud for the number of
      Democrats who are participating. It is a victory for
      the Democratic Party and our candidates. For more
      information, please contact the El Paso County
      Democratic Party office at 533-2141.

      Thank You

      Daniel Anchondo
      El Paso County Democratic Party