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2642Clinton leads delegate race

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  • Greg Cannon
    Jan 4, 2008
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      Clinton leads delegate race
      By The Associated Press
      Article Launched: 01/04/2008 09:20:27 AM MST

      Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton claimed one fewer delegate
      than Sen. Barack Obama in the Iowa caucuses Thursday
      night, but she still has the lead in the overall race
      for delegates because she has a commanding lead among

      The Democratic National Committee has allotted states
      a total of 797 superdelegates to the party's national
      convention this summer. Those delegates, mainly
      members of Congress, other elected officials and DNC
      members, are free to support any candidate at the
      convention, regardless of the outcomes of the
      primaries and caucuses.

      Most superdelegates contacted by the AP before the
      Iowa caucuses were undecided. However, among those who
      have endorsed a candidate, Clinton leads with 160,
      compared to 59 for Obama and 32 for former Sen. John

      Those numbers could change dramatically if Obama
      continues to win at the ballot box, which could lead
      to more endorsements by superdelegates.

      An AP analysis of the Iowa caucus results showed Obama
      winning 16 delegates, followed by Clinton with 15 and
      Edwards with 14. In the overall race for delegates,
      Clinton leads with 175, followed by Obama with 75 and
      Edwards with 46.

      A total of 2,026 delegates is needed to secure the
      Democratic nomination.