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2641Anti-war protesters arrested at Huckabee office

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  • Greg Cannon
    Jan 3, 2008

      Protesters arrested at Huckabee office

      By DAVID PITT, Associated Press Writer Mon Dec 31,
      9:46 PM ET

      DES MOINES, Iowa - Three protesters seeking a
      commitment from Republican presidential hopeful Mike
      Huckabee to end the Iraq war were arrested Monday for
      refusing to leave his office.

      Police arrested Mona Shaw, 56, of Iowa City; Robert
      Braam, 51, Manhattan, Ill.; and Kathy Kelly, 55, of
      Chicago, around 1:20 p.m., Shaw said. They were
      charged with criminal trespass.

      Des Moines police spokesman Vince Valdez said the
      three were taken into custody without violence and

      The protest was part of a campaign called Seasons of
      Discontent: A Presidential Occupation Project, which
      goes by the acronym SODaPOP. According to its Web
      site, the project was organized by the Illinois-based
      activist group Voices for Creative Nonviolence.

      Shaw said the project had sent presidential candidates
      letters seeking commitments for an immediate end to
      the war in Iraq.

      "We said if we didn't hear back we would be visiting
      them and staying in their offices until we received
      that commitment," Shaw said. "That was our plan in
      Gov. Huckabee's office today."

      Eight members of the group held a banners that read
      "Who Would Jesus Bomb?" "End the Iraq War" and "No War
      with Iran." Protesters sang "Auld Lang Syne," which
      Shaw said was in remembrance of lives lost in the war.

      Shaw said campaign staff members called police after
      she and the two other arrested protesters went inside
      the office and refused to leave until they spoke to

      Huckabee's bus arrived at the office during the
      protest, but Huckabee spokesman Eric Woolson said the
      bus took the candidate to another entrance in the
      building so he could keep a meeting with campaign
      volunteers. He said Huckabee disagrees with the
      group's philosophy.

      "The governor said the way to end the war is to win
      it," Woolson said. "They clearly have a different
      position and their position is we ought to cut and
      run. ... There's a clear difference of opinion on

      The group said it will continue actions of civil
      disobedience through Jan. 3, the day of the Iowa


      On the Net:

      SODaPOP: http://www.desmoinescatholicworker.org/sodapop.html