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261Re: cat stevens banned from usa

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  • tonymaloley
    Sep 23, 2004
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      They diverted the plane to Maine?

      I guess he should have taken the Peace Train.

      Ha ha, I laugh at my own joke.

      Being a musician myself, I don't like hearing that Cat or Yusef can't
      enter this country, but I guess this is one case where people can
      identify with a muslim who can't get in anymore. If it's just a
      regular joe muslim, no one cares, but if it's "Cat," people get
      offended. It sheds light on the situation, I hope that good people
      who are denied entry to the US stand up make themselves known.

      But a lot of Americans are afraid, and they may not be inclined to
      consider muslims as equals anymore, some I can hardly blame, others
      are just afraid and don't care who their fear hurts. "We have
      nothing to fear but fear itself" -when was the last time you heard
      anyone say that? Modern politicians enjoy fear, it gives them
      something to do.

      Cat also wrote that Cheryl Crow song, "The First Cut Is The
      Deepest." I really like that one.

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