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2593House votes to outlaw CIA waterboarding

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  • Greg Cannon
    Dec 13, 2007

      House votes to outlaw CIA waterboarding
      1 hour, 20 minutes ago

      WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Democratic-led House of
      Representatives voted on Thursday to outlaw harsh
      interrogation methods, such as simulated drowning,
      that the CIA has used against suspected terrorists.

      On a 222-199 vote, the House approved a measure to
      require intelligence agents to comply with the Army
      Field Manual, which meets the Geneva Conventions on
      the treatment of war prisoners and prohibits torture.

      The measure passed amid a congressional probe into the
      recent disclosure that the CIA destroyed videotapes of
      al Qaeda suspects undergoing waterboarding, a
      simulated drowning.

      Many countries, U.S. lawmakers and human rights groups
      have accused the United States of torturing terror
      suspects since the September 11 attacks.

      President George W. Bush says the United States does
      not torture but the administration will not disclose
      what interrogation methods are used.

      (Reporting by Thomas Ferraro; editing by Lori Santos)