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2559Re: [prezveepsenator] Re: 44 Years After JFK's Death, New Assassination Plot Revealed

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  • Brian Todd
    Nov 23, 2007
      I never suggested it was inconsequential.  I said the conspiracy nonsense is bull.

      In Liberty,


      Ram Lau wrote:

      IMHO, the RFK assassination was much more  in a
      historical context and deserves much more attention comparatively

      RFK would have indeed ended the Vietnam war within his first term and
      served till 1976. Had his never-happened presidency turned out to be
      as tragic as LBJ's, he would've been succeeded by Reagan immediately
      in 1972. It's also quite likely that Ford, Carter, and the Bush family
      would never have been occupants of the White House.

      I'm not judging whether that alternative outcome would be better or
      worse for the country (even I believe the majority of contemporary and
      future generations of Americans would rather want that). My point is
      that we would quite certainly be living in a very different world if
      it were the course of history. But one could only imagine.

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