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2548Obama Supporters Pushed to Have Colbert Off Ballot

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  • Greg Cannon
    Nov 7, 2007

      Obama Supporters Pushed to Have Colbert Off Ballot

      A member of the executive council of South Carolina’s
      Democratic party told CNN that he felt pressure to
      oppose comedian Stephen Colbert’s bid to join the
      Democratic primary in his home state by prominent
      supporters of Barack Obama’s campaign. It has been
      acknowledged by at least two prominent supporters of
      the Senator’s bid that they made calls to the State
      Party pleading with them to exclude Colbert’s name
      from the ballot.

      Colbert’s bid was overturned by a 13 to 3 vote, so it
      is unclear what effect these calls might have made on
      that outcome. However, despite insistence from those
      responsible for the calls that they were acting in the
      interest of all candidates, Obama may have had the
      most to loose from Colbert’s presence on the ballot as
      they share support from similar demographic groups.

      The Obama campaign claims they had nothing to do with
      the calls.