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2532Perry endorses Giuliani

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  • Greg Cannon
    Oct 17, 2007

      Giuliani wins over conservative Texas governor

      Wed Oct 17, 2:45 PM ET

      WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Republican presidential
      contender Rudy Giuliani, battling to win over
      conservatives in the 2008 race, earned the backing of
      a Southern governor on Wednesday despite their
      opposing views on abortion rights.

      Republican Rick Perry, an abortion-rights opponent who
      succeeded President George W. Bush as Texas governor,
      said he was convinced the former New York mayor would
      appoint Supreme Court justices who would please

      "The one question I wanted to hear him give me the
      answer and look me right in the eye was the issue of
      'What type of individual can I expect on the Supreme
      Court?"' Perry said at a news conference in Washington
      to announce the endorsement.

      He said Giuliani, who leads national opinion polls in
      the Republican race, told him he would appoint
      justices like Chief Justice John Roberts, Antonin
      Scalia, and Samuel Alito -- three of the most
      conservative members of the court.

      "Let me tell you, I can live with that," Perry said.

      Giuliani, who stood with Perry at the news conference,
      has methodically courted the party's influential
      conservative wing, which has been hostile at times to
      his candidacy because of his past support for abortion
      rights, gun control and gay rights.

      He will make another push for conservative support
      this weekend at a Washington conference of "values
      voters" -- religious conservatives who have made a
      point of questioning Giuliani's abortion stance.

      Giuliani said his message will be that, despite his
      abortion views, he has many similarities with them on
      other issues of importance in the 2008 White House

      "There are always some differences, but I ask you to
      look at the whole candidate and the whole picture of
      what we face in 2008," Giuliani said.

      Perry likened the choice to buying a new pickup truck,
      saying he would not reject a good model because it had
      one option he did not like.

      "I'm looking at results, and I think that's what
      Americans will coalesce around," he said.

      (To read more about the U.S. political campaign, visit
      Reuters "Tales from the Trail: 2008" online at http://blogs.reuters.com/trail08/)
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