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2378former house speaker thinking about retiring

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  • ~**~**Joseph**~**~
    Jun 8, 2007
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      Congressman Denny Hastert (R-IL) -- the former House Speaker -- is
      contemplating retiring from Congress, according to several published
      news reports. His office confirms Hastert is at least thinking of
      retirement and promises to announce his intentions within the next few
      weeks. If Hastert retires in 2008, he wants to announce his plans
      early enough to allow for a healthy and competitive GOP primary for
      his seat. For a bit a trivia, the last Speaker to preside over his
      party losing majority status -- but while retaining his own seat --
      was Joe Martin (R-MA). After House Republicans fell back to minority
      status in the 1948 elections, Martin remained Republicans Leader for
      the next six years before being returned to the Speaker's chair in
      1952. After the GOP again fell back to minority status in 1954, Martin
      served six more terms in the House (including two more terms as
      Minority Leader) before losing his renomination primary in 1966.