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2368Scratchy Election 2008 calculations

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  • Ram Lau
    May 31, 2007
      Scratchy Election 2008 calculations

      White House: Gore/B-Rich+Obama v. Bloomberg-Hagel v. Freddy T.+Some
      Republican gives 40-33-27 with the GOP breaking a record-low in
      popular vote in the Party's history. Gore/B-Rich will win at least
      Gore2000+NH = 271+ electoral votes. It should be a cake walk and a
      highly educational race.

      Senate: I got 54-45 and 1, 54 Dems 45 Republicans and Lieberman. Dems
      gain in CO, NH, OR, and perhaps MN with Franken - Franken may lose to
      a Nobel-prize winning Johns Hopkins educated native Minnesotan
      scientist in the primary, now I love Al Franken but that guy stands a
      better than to beat Norm Coleman.

      House: Dems gain another 20 seats. There were more than a dozen close
      races in 2006 within five percentage points. All those will go to the
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