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  • Gregory
    Jan 9, 2007
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      The idea of a "unity" government in Iraq is a concept that has more
      U.S. political spin to it than Middle East reality. In nations such
      as Iraq, that were never true nation-states, there is a whole
      different dynamic at work that many refuse to recognize.

      When a citizen of Iraq wakes up they do not think first of their
      country. From their viewpoint they are a member of an ethnic group,
      tribe, or religion, and the idea of allegiance to a nation is way
      down the list. The fact that the west created Iraq and then thought
      all parties would live happily together has never worked. The sad
      fact is that Saddam used his dictatorial powers and brutal nature to
      make the country's festering hatred stay muted for the most past.
      Not pretty, but true. Tito in a different way did the same for
      Yugoslavia. Chaos resulted from their exits from the world stage.

      The election in Iraq was used for political consumption in America to
      make some consider the Bush Administration's flawed policy sound like
      it had merit.. In reality the citizens of Iraq knew as a result of
      the election the new powers had stacked the police and security
      apparatus with Shia followers who have a vendetta against the Suni
      minority. The Kurds knew they had to plow ahead with hopes of
      autonomy in the north. There was never any attempt to divide oil
      revenues. The militias that see their power based on who they are
      vs. the nation they live in, are strongly connected to various
      players in the government. Again the militias mindset is pointed out
      in paragraph two, above.

      We should remember that President Bush (41) stopped the first Iraq
      war and did not go into Baghdad, and those who knew the history of
      the region applauded. Those who felt that history served no purpose
      and that we could foist our version of democracy on Iraq in the same
      fashion that we created the nation in the first place have now a hell
      of mess on their hands…..and over 3000 dead American soldiers……..and
      many tens of thousand of Iraq citizens dead as a result.

      This war has created a mess in the Middle East where our credibility
      has shrunk, ruined our friendships with western nations, sapped our
      resources since the war costs $2 BILLION dollars per week, strained
      out military so that if there was a real need for our troops to fight
      they would be hampered with shortages, created deep political
      divisions in America, and hindered future Presidents from saying we
      need to send troops somewhere because the American public knows that
      we were misled with that argument about Iraq.

      Well…..I went a little longer and further than I had planned…but I
      will send this anyway.

      Take care.


      --- In prezveepsenator@yahoogroups.com, "Richard Kelly"
      <richwkelly@...> wrote:
      > Greetings.
      > Thinking about the current situation in Iraq, I was trying to
      > recall. When the citizens of Iraq had the famous elections and
      > approved a new constitution, wasn't it be a "unity" government
      > with Shiites, Sunnis, Kurds, all involved? Why didn't that work?
      > Could that kind of concept ever work in Iraq?
      > Thanks,
      > Richard Kelly
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