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2102Re: A few thoughts about President Ford

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  • Ram Lau
    Dec 27 7:27 AM
      Very well said, Gregory.

      I just came back from my first visit to Philadelphia, a city that a
      history buff enjoyed very much.Gerald Ford is no Benjamin Franklin.
      (Indeed, very few Americans ever lived can be compared to Franklin.)
      But it seems to me that Ford was a man who truly cared about his
      country, and a man who meant to serve his country the best he could in
      Congress and in the Oval Office. While moderate Republicans like
      himself are becoming non-existent, President Ford is a figure that
      many miss for ever more.

      There should be bipartisan support for the cliche: "The world is a
      better place because he lived."


      --- In prezveepsenator@yahoogroups.com, "Gregory" <greggolopry@...> wrote:
      > It was not unexpected, and yet it is a national time of sorrow to hear
      > that President Gerald Ford has died. I think that President Ford well
      > served his country by granting a pardon to Richard Nixon in 1974. I
      > wrote about this matter in a post just a few months ago.
      > ford/>
      > There have been many points of view about the pardon over the decades
      > but I still view Ford's action to be one of the most sincere and brave
      > decisions that any President has made in my lifetime. I grew up in the
      > final months of Watergate and was fascinated as a child by the events
      > taking place in Washington. I have spent the past 20 years as an avid
      > reader and thinker about the life and times of Richard Nixon, and my
      > bookshelves have more than 40 volumes about the man. As a result I have
      > a very firm set of beliefs about the actions of President Ford when he
      > granted the pardon. There is every reason to have wanted Nixon to be
      > brought to justice, but President Ford understood that there was a
      > difference between what the nation wanted, and what it needed. It was
      > because Ford showed real leadership that our national nightmare did end.
      > It is a grateful nation that bids him farewell.
      > Gregory
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