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2101A few thoughts about President Ford

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  • Gregory
    Dec 26, 2006
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      It was not unexpected, and yet it is a national time of sorrow to hear that President Gerald Ford has died.  I think that President Ford well served his country by granting a pardon to Richard Nixon in 1974.  I wrote about this matter in a post just a few months ago.

      There have been many points of view about the pardon over the decades but I still view Ford's action to be one of the most sincere and brave decisions that any President has made in my lifetime.  I grew up in the final months of Watergate and was fascinated as a child by the events taking place in Washington.  I have spent the past 20 years as an avid reader and thinker about the life and times of Richard Nixon, and my bookshelves have more than 40 volumes about the man.  As a result I have a very firm set of beliefs about the actions of President Ford when he granted the pardon.  There is every reason to have wanted Nixon to be brought to justice, but President Ford understood that there was a difference between what the nation wanted, and what it needed.  It was because Ford showed real leadership that our national nightmare did end. 

      It is a grateful nation that bids him farewell.



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