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  • Gregory
    Nov 8, 2006
      I guess why others (myself included) are writing to you on this
      matter is that there was a concerted effort by President Bush and
      major Republicans to try and convince Americans that there was a link
      from 9/11 to Iraq. This was done in the lead up to the Iraq war and
      beyond. The fact that there was no link makes the actions by the
      Bush White House unforgivable. Many of those who lied about the link
      are now backtracking and admitting that there was no link.
      Not only have we lost almost 3,000 soldiers, with many tens of
      thousands injured or disabled, but also we have killed tens of
      thousands of Iraqis. A firm number will never be kwon, as Americans
      seem not to care. In addition, our nation is far less secure as the
      result of our invasion of Iraq and the turmoil it has created. Our
      foreign policy is in total disarray. It will be decades before we
      can recover from the disastrous course that Bush has set our nation

      So it IS important to understand that 9/11 and Iraq were not
      connected, so as to force home the issue that this President lied to
      the American public and led our nation into a war that never had to
      be fought. To fudge the facts is not fair to those who died for a
      lie, both here and around the globe.


      --- In prezveepsenator@yahoogroups.com, Randal Brown <as_is_35@...>
      > Well sure I'm not wanting to start an argument or make anyone mad.
      I just believe what I believe in. I will admit I could be wrong, and
      I will be the first to admit it. With all do respect to the
      President, I just simply disagree. I do believe Saddam was involved.
      It just would might near take God to come down here and tell me other
      wise to change my mind. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong. But the true
      matter of the fact is, the world is safer without Saddam in rule. I
      don't know anyone who would argue that.
      > I truly hope that the new Democratic controlled Congress will be
      good for America. I don't see it happening, but I hope for our
      country, that they will be.
      > I am glad however, to see Donald Rumsfeld leaving. I liked
      Rumsfeld for a while, but I personally haven't seen any evidence
      lately that he knows what he is doing. So I'm glad to see him
      going. I don't know much about the possible replacement. Mr. Gates
      I believe served in the Bush 41 administration.
      > I'm not a close minded person per sei. And as you may remember
      from my President's group, I don't and won't argue with a person. I
      don't believe in it. But I love a good old fashioned calm discussion.
      > Randal
      > THOMAS JOHNSON <AVRCRDNG@...> wrote:
      > In the interests of keeping this an attempt at a
      > dialogue and not an argument, I would like to point
      > out that Democrats are very capable of being poorly
      > informed too.
      > The country is broken.... the way to heal it is for
      > us to ditch this red state/blue state crap and start
      > to listen to each other.
      > Randal, you are a gentleman and a fair guy and I'd
      > like to try and make a deal with you. If you would be
      > willing to continue this discussion with a open mind
      > that you may be wrong about that, I'll do the same in
      > any issue that you care to discuss.
      > It's my hope that the Dems will govern from the center
      > and not from the fringes. The next party that does
      > that will not only garner this nation's gratitude, but
      > it's votes, as well.
      > Tom
      > --- Ram Lau <ramlau@...> wrote:
      > > "Well the short answer Thomas is yes I do. I do
      > > believe that Saddam
      > > played a role in 9/11."
      > >
      > > This simply shows us how ill-informed a Republican
      > > can be. It's quite
      > > scary to me to be frank. Alexis deTocqueville once
      > > said:
      > >
      > > "This delicate experiment called 'democracy' is
      > > doomed to failure
      > > without an educated electorate."
      > >
      > > Education is the only way to save us from ourselves.
      > >
      > >
      > > Ram
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
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