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1972Possible House majority leader wants to repeal 22nd amendment

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  • Greg Cannon
    Sep 30, 2006
      I was looking into unsuccessful attempts to amend the
      U.S. constitution, and I noticed on Wikipedia that
      "Repeal proposed February 2005 by Maryland congressman
      Steny Hoyer. The amendment limits the president to two
      terms in office."


      If you haven't heard of Hoyer, he is currently the
      House Minority Whip, Nancy Pelosi's second-in-command.
      I've read elsewhere (sorry, I don't have a link) that
      if by some chance the Democrats win the House this
      November, Pelosi is to be voted Speaker of the House.
      The Democrats will need a new Majority Leader and the
      two candidates are Steny Hoyer and Jack Murtha (the
      guy from Pennsylvania who's recently been talking up a
      withdrawl from Iraq). I knew nothing about Hoyer till
      this morning when I saw that sentence on Wikipedia. He
      proposed repealing the 22nd amendment back in February
      2005, and this is confirmed on his website:


      I don't know about anyone else, but I certainly
      support the 22nd amendment. 8 years is enough for
      anyone. I don't know enough about Murtha to be sure
      he'd be a good Majority Leader, but I don't like the
      idea of Hoyer doing that (not that I have a voice in
      the process of course, I'm just whining online to you
      all). What do you all think, should presidents be
      allowed third terms?