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1933Primary Highlights

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  • Greg Cannon
    Sep 12, 2006

      September 12, 2006
      Primary Highlights
      Maryland: Rep. Ben Cardin (D-MD) opens a solid lead
      over Kwesi Mfume (D) in the race for the Democratic
      U.S. Senate nomination. Check the Baltimore Sun blog
      for the latest.

      Washington, DC: As expected, the Washington Post notes
      Adrian Fenty (D) won the Democratic mayoral
      nomination. He will almost certainly become mayor
      after the November election.

      Rhode Island: It looks like Sen. Lincoln Chafee (R-RI)
      will win his primary fight against Stephen Laffey (R).
      Update: Laffey concedes.

      Vermont: CQ Politics notes it only took 11 of
      Vermont’s 260 precincts to report in for Rep. Bernard
      Sanders to be declared the winner of Tuesday’s
      Democratic Senate primary. That is what happens when
      the popular eight-term incumbent of the state’s only
      House seat runs up more than 90 percent of the vote
      over four virtually unknown opponents... What makes
      the outcome even more unusual is that Sanders agreed
      to the state Democratic Party’s decision to enter him
      in their primary only to prevent a possible “spoiler”
      candidate from getting the nomination and competing
      with him in the general election."

      New Hampshire: In NH-1, the New Hampshire Union-Leader
      says [anti-war] Carol Shea-Porter has upset Jim Craig
      for the Democratic nomination to challenge Rep. Jeb
      Bradley (R-NH) in November.

      New York: The New York Times reports Sen. Hillary
      Clinton (D-NY) and Elliot Spitzer (D) won their
      nominations for Senate and Governor by overwhelming
      margins. Andrew Cuomo (D) beat out Mark Green (D) for
      the Attorney General nomination. Hotline On Call notes
      today "marks a historic milestone in Dem efforts to
      re-establish their firm grip on NY politics."