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1878Lieberman Concedes; Predicts Win As Indy In November

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  • Greg Cannon
    Aug 8, 2006

      August 08, 2006
      Lieberman Concedes; Predicts Win As Indy In November

      "Thank you dear friends for standing by me in this
      difficult race."
      "Your support has sustained my family and me and made
      this a much closer race than all the pundits were
      "I called Ned Lamont and congratulated him on his
      success today."
      "We've just finished the first half and the Lamont
      Team is ahead. In the second half, our team, Team
      Connecticut, is going to surge forward in November."
      "The old politics of polarization won today. For the
      sake of our state, my country and my party, I cannot
      and will not let those results stands today."
      "I will continue to offer Connecticut a different path
      "People are fed up with the petty partisanship and
      angry bickering in Washington. It is continually
      blocking progress on major problems and wasting
      America's greatness."
      "I'll never hesitate to work with members of the other
      party if it helps to acheive solutions to build better
      life for people of Connecticut. I will always do what
      I believe is right for my state and country regardless
      of what the political consequences may be."

      Tomorrow is a brand new day. [I'll run a] new campaign
      to unite people of Connecticut, GOP, Democrat and
      independent, and move forward together and solve our
      most serious problems together."

      Posted at 11:00 PM


      Lamont beats Lieberman in Conn. primary

      By ROBERT TANNER, AP National Writer 7 minutes ago

      HARTFORD, Conn. - Sen. Joe Lieberman, crippled by his
      support for the Iraq war, lost the Democratic
      nomination for a fourth term Tuesday to a political
      newcomer who portrayed him as an apologist for the
      Bush administration. Lieberman vowed to run as an
      independent in November.

      His loss to Ned Lamont — just six years after his
      party made him its vice presidential candidate — made
      him only the fourth incumbent senator to lose a
      primary since 1980.
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