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1858Re: [prezveepsenator] Reed Blames McCain for Loss

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    Jul 20, 2006
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      Nevermind that he is a swindling, slandering
      hypocrite....I thought conservatives were big on
      personal responsibility.

      --- Greg Cannon <gregcannon1@...> wrote:

      > July 19, 2006
      > Reed Blames McCain for Loss
      > The buzz is that Ralph Reed blames Sen. John McCain
      > for his loss in last night's primary.
      > Rich Lowry: "Here's the view of what happened from
      > the
      > Reed camp: Once the Abramoff stuff exploded, it was
      > going to be a very tough road for Reed. Glen Bolger
      > did a poll for the campaign in January showing that
      > it
      > was possible for Reed to win, but his negatives were
      > very high and he would have to squeak by. Reed had a
      > choice to make, and decided to stay in the race and
      > try to make it happen. In the end, soft Republicans
      > appear to have broken very strongly against him in
      > the
      > suburbs. There may have been some cross-over
      > Democratic votes in the open primary, but that alone
      > can't account for a 54-46% loss. Reed's connection
      > to
      > the Abramoff stuff had broken back in the summer of
      > 2004, so it couldn't have been predicted that it
      > would
      > be such a huge deal even now. But it was. The Reed
      > camp blames John McCain for playing payback for his
      > 2000 primary defeat with a campaign of leaks, and
      > the
      > press, of course, was happy to pile on."
      > The connection was the report issued by the Senate
      > Indian Affairs Committee, chaired by McCain, that
      > found Reed had been paid more than $5 million by two
      > casino-owning Indian tribes -- both clients of
      > lobbyist Jack Abramoff -- to rally Christian voters
      > against other tribes opening competing casinos.
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