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1436Senators: Cheney Should Be Probed in Leak

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  • Greg Cannon
    Feb 12, 2006
      It should be mentioned that Allen will likely seek the
      GOP presidential nomination in 2008, and is likely now
      thinking about what may appeal to moderate voters.


      Senators: Cheney Should Be Probed in Leak

      1 hour, 23 minutes ago

      WASHINGTON - Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald should
      investigate Vice President Dick Cheney and others in
      the CIA leak probe if they authorized an aide to give
      secret information to reporters, Democratic and
      Republican senators said Sunday.

      Sen. Jack Reed (news, bio, voting record), D-R.I.,
      called the leak of intelligence information
      "inappropriate" if it is true that unnamed "superiors"
      instructed Cheney's former chief of staff, I. Lewis
      "Scooter" Libby, to divulge the material on Iraq.

      Sen. George Allen), R-Va., said a full investigation
      is necessary.

      "I don't think anybody should be releasing classified
      information, period, whether in the Congress,
      executive branch or some underling in some
      bureaucracy," said Allen, who appeared with Reed on
      "Fox News Sunday."

      According to court documents disclosed last week,
      Libby told a federal grand jury that he disclosed in
      July 2003 the contents of a classified National
      Intelligence Estimate as part of the Bush
      administration's defense of intelligence used to
      justify invading Iraq.

      Fitzgerald said in the documents it was his
      understanding that "Mr. Libby testified that he was
      authorized to disclose information about the NIE to
      the press by his superiors."

      The White House has refused to comment on the case.

      "I think this calls into question in terms of
      Fitzgerald's investigation of the conduct of the vice
      president and others," Reed said. "I think he has to
      look closely at their behavior."

      Allen expressed confidence in Fitzgerald, whom he
      called "a very articulate, professional prosecutor."

      "And I think the facts will lead wherever they lead,
      and I think he will prosecute as appropriate," Allen

      Libby, 55, was indicted on charges that he lied to
      FBI agents and the grand jury about how he learned CIA
      operative Valerie Plame's identity and when he told
      reporters. He is not charged with leaking classified information.