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1401Canada Conservatives win election

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  • Greg Cannon
    Jan 23, 2006

      Canada Conservatives win election - TV networks
      Tue Jan 24, 2006 3:13 AM GMT7

      OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canada's opposition Conservative
      Party won Monday's federal election but did not gain
      enough seats to have a majority in Parliament, all
      four national television networks predicted.

      CTV, Global, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and
      the French-language RDI channel said the Conservatives
      of Stephen Harper had won, ending 12 years of Liberal

      Early preliminary data showed the Conservatives
      winning or ahead in 100 electoral districts compared
      to 82 for the Liberals.

      But the Conservatives did not look as though they
      would win a majority of the 308 seats in Parliament,
      leaving them dependent on the support of other parties
      to govern.

      Harper is promising to cut taxes, clamp down on crime,
      boost defence spending and calm fractious ties with
      the United States.

      The election was forced in November 2005 when
      opposition parties brought down the Liberal government
      of Prime Minister Paul Martin over a major kickback scandal.