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1336Republicans want earliest New Orleans elections

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  • Greg Cannon
    Dec 18, 2005

      Republicans want earliest N.O. elections
      Capitol news bureau staff

      The Republican legislative delegation and the state
      GOP are pushing hard to hold postponed New Orleans
      elections sooner rather than later.

      Republicans think an early election will benefit their
      candidates because of the displacement of large
      numbers of people who are generally thought to favor

      The Republicans backed an appeal state Rep. Steve
      Scalise, R-Metairie, made to Gov. Kathleen Blanco to
      hold the mayor, council and other municipal elections
      no later than April.

      Blanco postponed the regularly scheduled February
      elections based on the advice of Secretary of State Al
      Ater, who said it would be logistically and
      mechanically impossible.

      Ater is scheduled to give an update Monday on the New
      Orleans elections situation.