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Re: [PreWrathOnly] Prewrath E-Newsletter

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  • Paul Bailey
    Many thanks for the e-mail.                                         I am eagerly absorbing as much good pre-wrath
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 25, 2009
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      Many thanks for the e-mail.
                                              I am eagerly absorbing as much good pre-wrath literature as possible after years of wrestling with the pre-trib position.It is good to be free from this and I welcome news of any books becoming available.
                                                                              Yours in His service.

      --- On Wed, 25/2/09, H. L. Nigro <strongtowerpubs@...> wrote:

      From: H. L. Nigro <strongtowerpubs@...>
      Subject: [PreWrathOnly] Prewrath E-Newsletter
      To: prewrathonly@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Wednesday, 25 February, 2009, 4:03 PM

      Hi, everyone.

      At Strong Tower Publishing (for those not familiar with
      Strong Tower Publishing, its the prewrath publisher), I've
      launched a new, more interesting and interactive HTML
      format for the monthly newsletter.

      Every month, there is some kind of prewrath news, book
      announcements, reader Q&A, and a new feature that I,
      personally, really like, which is a list of all of the
      books that have been ordered through our Amazon Associates
      links (I get a report of the books ordered, but not who
      ordered them). This is the list of titles that prewrath
      readers/Strong Tower Publishing site visitors order on
      Amazon after clicking through to Amazon from one of the
      Associates links on the site. This has given me some really
      interesting leads on new books to read — books I never
      otherwise would have run into — and now I'm running the
      list as a regular feature of the newsletter.

      In the next couple of days, I'm going to announce deep
      discounts on prewrath titles to move out
      old inventory and some very lightly damaged copies I have.
      The discounts will not be offered on the site, but only
      to those getting the newsletter.

      If you'd like to get on the e-newsletter list, you can
      sign up on the Strong Tower Publishing home page and you'll
      be added automatically.

      www.strongtowerpubl ishing.com

      You can also access old newsletters from the Strong
      Tower Publishing site. There is a link to the newsletter
      archive on the lefthand links bar.

      In Christ,

      H. L. Nigro
      Strong Tower Publishing
      www.strongtowerpubl ishing.com

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