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  • Lee and Cindy
    In THIS theory , Caylee died because GEORGE was sexually abusing CAYLEE. My theory has been that George was again abusing CASEY and had allowed Caylee to go
    Message 1 of 35 , Sep 10, 2011

      In THIS 'theory', Caylee died because GEORGE was sexually abusing CAYLEE. My theory has been that George was again abusing CASEY and had allowed Caylee to go out to the pool alone, where she drowned during the incest. I figure Casey wanted to GET IT OVER WITH so she could check on her daughter, and we agree about the drowning. As far as calling 911-GEORGE is in control, Casey was in shock!-"Cheyenne Cin"

      After exposing the various myths surrounding the chloroform, duct tape, decomposition and the “31 Days of Partying” - here’s my own personal theory on what I believe happened to Caylee Marie Anthony on that fateful day of June 16th 2008, together with the various roles different people played... and...


      After exposing the various myths surrounding the chloroform, duct tape, decomposition and the “31 Days of Partying” – here’s my own personal theory on what I believe happened to Caylee Marie Anthony on that fateful day of June 16th 2008, together with the various roles different people played… and of course the chain of events (i.e. The cover up) that unfolded after that.

      I’ll start by stating the obvious here – and that is by saying that a lot has already been written about Casey – and her alleged murder of her own daughter. It’s BS. It’s been BS right from day 1, and should never have even been tried as a capital murder case. Even to this day, the BS is still flowing freely because a lot of people WANT TO BELIEVE that “CASEY DID IT”.

      But at the end of the day, the jury delivered the right and proper verdict of Not Guilty.

      Thankfully their verdict decision wasn’t based on emotion, supposition, media bias or “public feelings” either. They couldn’t come to any other verdict based on the evidence (or rather lack of) and the cold hard facts that came out throughout the trial.

      The shoddy & disjointed prosecution, as expected, failed to prove ANYTHING during the trial – aside from their own blatant incompetence. All they came up with was lies, fantasy forensics and junk science.

      The fact is, Casey had nothing whatsoever to do with the death of her daughter. To still believe she did is like believing the moon is made of green cheese. It ain’t.

      The thing is – right from day 1, nobody ever stopped to consider for one moment that Casey Anthony DIDN’T murder her daughter. Oh no… everything right out of the gate was deliberately and unceremoniously geared up to frame Casey. There were no other options.

      Law Enforcement (LE) had it in for her. They never even looked at anyone else – instead they went out of their way to fit Casey up as a murderer – headed up by that corrupt piece of pure filth called Yuri Melich.

      Here’s what he told Casey @ Universal:

      “You’re painting yourself as a very bad person. Your family’s gonna suffer for this. Your friends are gonna suffer for this. And remember what I told you about all these people coming? They’re gonna crucify you for this.”

      Yuri Melich interviewing Casey @ Universal, July 17th 2008

      LE kept up this shameful behavior from July 17th right through the entire trial, and even after the trial.

      They never perceived an accident. They only saw a murder. They only saw Casey as the murderer and (in typical LE style) they went out of their way to try and make that fallacy stick.

      So, the first question is:

      Was Caylee Anthony murdered?

      I would say NO. Caylee tragically lost her life, but I do not believe she was murdered.

      So what happened to Caylee? How did she lose her life? What happened immediately after that event? Why didn’t anyone call 911? How did Caylee’s body end up in the woods off Suburban Drive? Who put her body there? Why did it take so long to find the remains? What happened during the 31 days? What was Casey’s involvement? – and what role did George, Cindy & Lee play?

      All of these questions (and more) I’ll attempt to answer in this post.

      Let’s get the real story started.

      The Accident:

      Here’s my theory on what happened:

      On the morning of June 16th 2008, between (6am-8am), George is in bed, and Caylee (having just woken and found her mom still sleeping and Cindy already left for work) she goes on her usual early morning walkabout – this time finishing up into bed with George. Nothing out of the ordinary with that in itself – but we’re dealing with George Anthony here.

      I’m not going into specifics now, but within a few minutes of Caylee climbing into his bed, he starts abusing her like he’s done many times before (and just like he’s done with Casey since she was 8 years old). Only on this occasion, for reasons only he knows, he gets a little too excited and forceful.

      Caylee is screaming out by this time, so in an effort to keep her quiet (and not wake Casey up) he pushes her face into the pillow and carries on oblivious.

      After “doing his thing” with Caylee for a while longer, he suddenly notices Caylee has stopped breathing. She’s suffocated.


      Now – had Caylee really drowned in the pool and had George NOT been abusing her that same morning, I firmly believe a 911 call would have been made… and there’s a possibility Caylee may have survived, and this whole unfortunate incident would have been finished with way back in June 2008.

      But you see… THAT couldn’t happen.

      George, not being able to keep his damn hands to himself with either Casey OR Caylee well & truly took that option out of the equation.

      Bear with me here.

      So, right after Caylee suffocated (in my theory of events)… right at that precise moment in time… George had 2 clear options open to him, but very little time to decide.

      His 2 options were as follows:

      Option #1: George CALLS 911 to try and SAVE his granddaughter, while at the same time knowing only too well that his molestation will be discovered, and he’ll therefore be duly ostracized by the local community, finish up in prison, and get to spend the rest of his days on the sex offenders register – BUT Caylee lives.


      Option #2: George DOES NOT call 911 – he decides that Option #1 isn’t so appealing after all – so instead he decides to SAVE HIS OWN SORRY ASS by carrying Caylee outside and slipping her into the pool, therefore making it LOOK like an accident OR an event caused by someone else’s negligence. In this option, unfortunately, Caylee dies.

      I believe George went for Option #2.

      Remember: This is only my own personal theory of events. I was obviously not there at the time… but nevertheless I believe Caylee tragically died while being molested by George Anthony (Aggravated Manslaughter of a Child).

      The “Discovery” of Caylee’s Body:

      Straight after George has put Caylee in the pool, he heads straight back to bed like nothing happened.

      At some point within the next couple of hours, Casey wakes up – but there’s no sign of Caylee.

      She goes into George’s bedroom, wakes him up and asks him “Where’s Caylee?”

      “How should I know? I thought she was with YOU!” he yells back at her. Even at this early stage he’s already distanced himself from having anything whatsoever to do with Caylee’s death.

      At this point they both decide to start frantically searching the house and garden, front and back and everywhere in-between. Shortly after that, George finds Caylee in the pool.

      He shouts Casey.

      She comes rushing out of the house and into the back garden. There she sees George… stood there… holding a lifeless Caylee in his arms.

      Just like a good actor, George has proved he can turn the waterworks on whenever he needs to (just like during the trial) – and he does that now.

      Casey goes hysterical as you’d expect.

      “Oh my God! Call 911!” she yells (or words to that effect).

      But George is having none of it.

      He fights back his crocodile tears and tells Casey: “NO! NO! It’s too late for that. It’s too late! She’s drowned! She’s gone!”

      What he really means is: “No, I can’t… because if they come they’ll find out I’ve been abusing her!” –– but he obviously doesn’t say that.

      This is where George Anthony is in his element.

      At the very moment Casey needs SUPPORT from her father, he takes the opposite route – the selfish uncaring old bastard that he is.

      “Look what you’ve done!” he yells at Casey. “Look what you’ve done! This is ALL YOUR FAULT for NOT BEING THERE for Caylee… for not watching her! YOU CAUSED THIS! YOU LET THIS HAPPEN! Oh my God, you have no fucking idea! Your mother will NEVER FORGIVE YOU for doing this, and you’re gonna GO TO JAIL FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE FOR CHILD NEGLECT!”

      And with that, George Anthony’s big cover up (the “Immaculate Deception”) begins.

      They go back into the house, with George still holding Caylee… and George (more or less) REPEATS again everything he’s just yelled at Casey. But this time he finishes off by telling Casey – “BUT I CAN HELP YOU. I CAN HELP YOU GET THROUGH THIS – BUT YOU HAVE TO DO EXACTLY AS I SAY, OK?”

      Casey (still hysterical at this point) asks him, as best she can:

      “Ok. So what do we do next?”

      George tells her: “You do nothing. Just go out… stay away for a few weeks… act as normal as you can… act like nothing happened… tell anyone that asks about Caylee that she’s with friends or with a nanny or something… I will handle this… TRUST ME… I KNOW WHAT I’M DOING… YOU GOTTA TRUST ME ON THIS, OK? Just DON’T let me down here because you KNOW what’ll happen if you do!”

      This is when “Zanny the Nanny” comes into the equation. It also explains Casey’s behavior during the next 31 days, as she followed George’s instructions to the letter and apparently DID carry on regardless of everything, like nothing had happened. Now you know why.

      Ultimately, George will recall (when questioned) that the last time he saw Caylee alive was when she left the house with Casey @ 12:50 pm that day – June 16th 2008. He’ll also recall, with military precision, exactly what Caylee (and Casey) was wearing – even though when initially questioned by LE on August 4th, he stated he last saw Caylee alive on June 6th 2008. Ahem.

      He may have been right about the time, but that’s when Casey left the house alone.

      The Big Cover-up Begins (The “31 Days”):

      Shortly after Casey leaves the house, George has some serious plotting & scheming to do. He’s ex-Law Enforcement, remember, so that’s never gonna be a problem for him.

      George’s next step is to hide Caylee’s body. The last thing he wants is Cindy (or anyone else) turning up unexpectedly and rumbling his plans.

      Next he decides to dress Caylee. He fumbles around in her room and grabs the first lot of clothes he can find, and ends up dressing Caylee in a t-shirt and the wrong size pants (“24 months”, Caylee is nearly 3). After that he wraps Caylee’s body in the well documented blanket, canvas bag (from the garage) & black trash bags, and finishes the job off by sticking the bag down with his infamous Henkel-brand duct tape. Just the same as he’s done for years after the family pets have died. The contents are different but the procedure is the same.

      He then hides Caylee’s body in her playhouse (out in the back yard) while he cooks up the next stage of his plan. That plan has one objective – to keep HIM in the clear and implicate Casey. Various storage options were open to him (freezer, garage etc), but I’m going with this option as it could also explain the possible human scent the cadaver dogs picked up in the Anthony’s back garden on while they were there in July.

      This also goes some way to explaining the impromptu “landscaping project” that was hurriedly started on June 30th 2008. This is where George & Cindy suddenly decided to dig up & redo the backyard area of their home with new pavers & concrete. Was that a coincidence?

      Moving on…

      At around 1.30pm, George, so as not to attract any suspicion, sets off to his 2nd day at work at Lexus. He tries calling Casey (to check on her) just after 3pm but her phone is engaged.

      That same evening, George returns home where Cindy is waiting, She of course asks about Casey & Caylee, and George tells her “all is well” and that they’ve “gone away” for a few days.

      Fast forward a couple of days and Cindy is now starting to get suspicious of things, and suspicious of George’s general shifty demeanor. She can tell something is wrong but doesn’t know what. She also relays to George that it looks like someone has been swimming in their pool over the past day or 2.

      Now, having had a few extra days to think about things, and under further pressure from Cindy – George decides to tell Cindy what happened a few mornings back on June 16th – although he conveniently & purposefully fails to mention what happened prior to Caylee being found in the pool (i.e. the molestation).

      Cindy is devastated by the news. She goes berserk. We know she can be a bad tempered bitch at the best of times, but this is the last straw.

      George tells Cindy it was an accident… and when he & Casey woke up that morning, Caylee was missing, the sliding patio doors were open and he found Caylee floating in the pool.

      It’s then that Cindy realizes she could be to blame for leaving the pool ladder up the night before.

      In the verbal (and physical) battle that ensues, George takes this opportunity to fuel Cindy’s guilt by telling her that SHE left the ladder up… SHE forgot to lock the patio door before SHE left for work… and that SHE should have woken him up before she left.

      “Don’t start blaming me for all this you bastard!” she yells.

      “Well WHO ELSE is there to blame?” George replies sarcastically.

      You gotta hand it to George. He never misses out on an opportunity to blame someone else whenever he can – even at a time like this when he knew only too well EXACTLY what had happened and EXACTLY what HE had done.

      Cindy also quickly comes to terms with the fact that it’s now WAY TOO LATE to report anything to anyone because of the time that’s already passed. It’s been over 2 days now since “the accident”. Reporting it is just not an option. Both George & Cindy know they can’t report the accident, but for very different reasons.

      She asks George about what they should do next. He then tells Cindy they have to dispose of the body. It’s also at this point that George tells her he’s already got Caylee hidden in the playhouse and that they need to act fast.

      Cindy is still grief stricken at this point as things have rapidly gone from bad to even worse – and she knows she’s now too far involved in this cover up to back out. She has no alternative but to go along with it – and with Capt. George at the helm of the ship.

      He also tries to calm Cindy by telling her about how he plans to have CASEY take the blame for everything that’s happened – and that’s why he sent her off to “carry on as normal” for a few weeks.

      Cindy goes along with this as it’ll also put her in the clear with regards to her having not secured the pool ladder. In other words, if George’s “Masterplan” works – and if he can pull it off – then it’ll put her AND George in the clear. So what the hell – she’s all for it.

      George knows (from his Law Enforcement days) that all they need do is “hold out” for 3 or 4 weeks, because under summer conditions in Florida the remains would only take around 2 weeks to skeletonize — by which time all the evidence will have gone (in theory) and Casey will be the only one in the frame for Caylee’s death – maybe even for Caylee’s murder.

      He’ll say he saw them both leave the house together on June 16th and that was the last time he saw little Caylee alive. He figures that based on them leaving together… Casey’s apparent “carefree” activities during those few weeks… and with Caylee’s remains being discovered so close to home… the vast majority of people are quickly gonna point the finger at Casey for the murder of her own daughter – then George & Cindy can play the role of grieving grandparents and milk that for all it’s worth.

      To George, it sounds like the perfect plan IF he can pull it all off.

      With the way he’s planning on disposing of Caylee – and the location – George assumed that it wouldn’t take very long at all for the remains to be found… maybe a month or so maximum. He obviously never factored Roy Kronk into that equation (but we’ll come to that bit shortly).

      But first things first…

      The Disposal of Caylee’s Body:

      That evening – probably June 18th 2008 – George took Caylee out of the playhouse and put Caylee in the trunk of HIS car (The same trunk LE found & seized a handgun on September 6th 2008). This is why the “human decomposition” in Casey’s Sunfire trunk NEVER EXISTED. The “smell” in the trunk was due to the pizza box & associated rotting contents – again as specifically highlighted during the trial by Jose Baez. Caylee was never in the trunk of Casey’s car at any time. Period. How could she have been?

      So… with Caylee on the trunk, George then drives the short distance up Hopespring Drive, before turning on to Suburban Drive and parking up. He then dumps Caylee’s body in the woods before heading back home.

      He specifically placed the body there (instead of burying it), so in theory the body would be found. There are of course many ways George could have disposed of Caylee’s body so it would never have been found, but he chose this option instead so it would be found and to insure that Casey would ultimately take all the blame.

      The unmistakable smell of BULLSHIT:

      I don’t think George was “holding out” for a 31 day period specifically. It just happened that way. More to the point I think Cindy had basically had enough by July 15th and they BOTH decided this would be a really good time to put the next piece of the Masterplan into effect – that being throwing Casey under the bus and shopping her to Law Enforcement.

      July 15th 2008:

      This is the day George & Cindy finally decide to get their fat asses down to the tow yard to pick up Casey’s Pontiac Sunfire. After all, they’ve had the official notice letter for 4 days and the car has been sat there for the best part of a week (after Casey had abandoned it at Amscot over 2 weeks earlier).

      It’s also at this time that the smell of trash & rotting pizza makes an appearance – hence “the unmistakable smell of human decomposition” that George spoke of to Simon Birch (the tow yard guy). More like “the unmistakable smell of BULLSHIT from George Anthony” if you ask me.

      If you want to know THE REAL REASON for the smell in the Pontiac trunk – and how Law Enforcement intentionally dried it out to destroy the evidence – let Jose Baez explain it to you here – from his Opening Statements, May 24 2011:

      George also thought, just before opening the trunk that Casey and/or Caylee could be in there. That was a strange thought to have really, seeing as he’d packed Casey off month earlier and put Caylee’s body in the woods a few days after that.

      Anyways, after settling up with the tow yard guy, George drives off “to work” with the car still reeking. He doesn’t call Law Enforcement… and he doesn’t try calling Casey to see if she’s ok either.

      That same afternoon after coming home from work – and after duly “Febreze-ing” the Pontiac to get rid of the smell (and at the same time leaving traces of chloroform in there), Cindy calls 911 to report her daughter for stealing her car. Not exactly grand theft auto by any means.

      Later that evening, Cindy has Amy Huizenga take her to where Casey is staying and brings her back home to Hopespring Drive. Under the intense grilling that followed, Casey tells Cindy she’s not seen Caylee for the past 31 days. (This is the story George has told her to stick to – and she is doing).

      In the next 911 call, an overly-hysterical Cindy tells the operator her granddaughter has been missing for a month and plays the decomp-card again by saying: “It smells like there’s been a dead body in the damn car!” Cindy basically does all she can to implicate Casey and insure they come out to arrest her (which they do the next day, July 16th 2008).

      Again, this is all part of the plan.

      George is present during this call. Cindy turns and yells at him: “Casey says Zanny took the baby a month ago! The baby’s missing!” –– but there’s dead silence. George doesn’t say a word.

      This was also picked up on by Jose Baez during the trial (see the video a few paragraphs above @ the 12:00 mark).

      And WHY does George stay silent?

      Here’s what Jose Baez said:

      “He (George) doesn’t say a word… and that’s because he knows where’s she’s at. He knows what happened (to Caylee). This is no surprise – but he will distance himself from it, and in fact in one sworn statement he says he wasn’t even there when Cindy called 911. ‘I was at work. I didn’t have any part of this. I’m just George. Just your average grandfather. Casey’s the wild one. Casey’s the one with all the stories!’

      He’s saying this while he’s with his mistress who’s paying him money and he’s pretending he’s working. Cindy thought he was working. But you’re only here about Casey’s fake job – not about George’s fake job.”

      It’s during this same 911 call that Casey finally realizes that she has been offered up as the lamb to the slaughter. She knows she has nobody to prove her story. She’s up the proverbial creek with no sign of a paddle.

      She now knows that her father, who back on June 16th 2008 – while he stood there in their back yard with Caylee lifeless in his arms – and who said he’d protect her, has now betrayed her.

      We all know what happened half an hour after this call. The 3 year circus started.

      Just as an interesting side note to Cindy’s amazing acting skills during those calls – this is a 41 second clip from WESH.com  They’re just about to go to one of their reporters outside the Anthony’s home, when Cindy strolls over to the reporter – writing pad in hand. When asked about the recordings of the 911 calls just being released, Cindy nonchalantly replies:

      “Oh, I’m not worried about the 911 calls. I made em’!” and brushes the question aside. She even sounds like she’s practiced reeling that answer off.

      Here’s the video:

      Only 8 days previous she was supposedly hysterical. Like I say, amazing acting skills.

      George Anthony – “Business As Usual”:

      Throughout the months that follow, and even though George Anthony was fully aware of everything that had happened, HE had to keep flying the flag for Caylee… setting up Command Centers… doing paid-TV interviews… churning out new “Help Find Caylee” T-shirts, flyers, wristbands & badges… starting FUNDS for Caylee… making everyone keep believing Caylee was still alive and/or missing… that she was still “out there”. When all the time HE DAMN WELL KNEW she was out there.

      Caylee was out there in a bag in the woods off Suburban Drive where he’d dumped her months previously.

      Even with his numerous & well publicized jailhouse video visits with Casey, did you notice how he always made a point of reminding Casey that she was “the boss”… the she was “in charge”… like she was the “CEO” of her own company? Remember that? Well, that was his way of telling her to keep on doing what she’s been doing, i.e. to stick to THE PLAN he told her to stick to, and not to be intimidated.

      At this point, let me back track a little to the one part of the equation that George Anthony never factored in. Roy Kronk.

      Cometh The Hour – Cometh The Kronk:

      This is the dim meter reader guy that spotted Caylee’s skull back on August 11th 2008, while randomly urinating in the bushes. It’s the same guy that came back to the exact same spot numerous times after that (even when he wasn’t working) to urinate and see the skull again.

      On one occasion he also mentioned his findings to a few workmates, who subsequently showed more interest in a nearby dead snake.

      Here where I think Roy Kronk fits into all this:

      The first 3 times Roy reported what he’d seen (August 11th, 12th & 13th 2008) I believe were genuine calls – even though the 911 operators could not have sounded any less interested.

      It was probably after the 3rd call that Roy became aware of the $255,000 Caylee Reward money that was on offer. I mean – can you imagine the morally bankrupt Roy Kronk sat there at home – broke & disillusioned – while at the same time visualizing $255,000 in his bank account? I certainly can. And all he had to do to manifest that was FIND the remains. The remains that he’d already found!

      This is why Roy decided he’d keep his discovery to himself for a while. Maybe he thought if he was reported as “the guy that found Caylee’s remains”, he could become a prime suspect in the case. This also explains his reluctance to call Crimeline.

      Furthermore, it would explain why Roy Kronk kept a very low profile throughout September, October and November. Only to resurface again after he found the remains in December.

      It was when nobody followed up on Roy’s 3 initial calls that he concocted his plan. He physically MOVED the remains to a “safe place” AT LEAST TWICE     so he could go back there at some convenient later date.

      Think about it for a second. Anyone driving past that exact spot on Suburban Drive and seeing a meter reader guy in the woods (with a trash bag) wouldn’t have thought anything of it. The area was one huge dump-it site. I think this is how Roy Kronk managed to move the remains while he hatched his big reward plan.

      By the time early November came around, Roy was starting to get a bit twitchy – but he’d kept quiet for too long and had to spill the good news to someone. He bestowed that honor on his son, Brandon Sparks (who also happened to be the only one of his children that would talk to him):

      Here’s what happened:

      November 2008: Roy Kronk calls Brandon Sparks and tells him; “I found Caylee’s remains. Watch for me on TV cos’ I’m gonna be rich & famous!” (This is 1 month before Caylee’s remains were discovered).

      Then on December 11th 2008: After “the big discovery”, Roy asks Law Enforcement: “Will my ex-wife find out about the reward if I get it?”… “Do I still get the reward even though she’s dead?” and “Roy’s gotta eat too!” Same day, he tells his Boss (at the scene): “Alex, I just won the lottery!”

      Those comments speak volumes about Roy Kronk’s actions (and inactions) during the previous 4 months leading up to December 11th 2008.

      Not forgetting the time Roy met up with Sgt. Richard Cain who couldn’t see anything, slipped, cursed Roy out, and promptly left. He was later fired. Tim Miller, LE & 32 Texas Equusearch Volunteers also allegedly searched this same area in early September 2008 and found nothing. Deputy Jason Forgey (and his cadaver dog) did the same at different times too. Zilch.

      By all accounts, the reason nobody could find Caylee’s body (in the same spot it was “found” by Roy Kronk on December 11th 2008) was probably down to the strange but true fact that it simply was not there when they searched.

      Here’s a segment from FOX News featuring Judge Napolitano. This aired on the day “the remains” were found, but they had not yet been identified as Caylee’s – hence the continual “bag of bones” references. Here, Judge Napolitano covers the highly probable movement of the remains prior to their ultimate discovery:

      I also believe George indirectly arranged his own search for Caylee’s remains, by giving James Hoover & Dominic Casey a false tip. George was getting worried due to the fact that so many people had searched that area and found nothing. That was NOT part of his plan.

      This explains James & Dominic’s well documented & video-taped 2 day search on Suburban Drive on November 15th and 16th 2008 — following up on George’s false tip/lead, which led them straight to the exact spot where the remains should have been found – but weren’t.

      On the 2ND day of the search, James Hoover actually parked his car on Suburban Drive just a few car lengths past the end of the red privacy fence, right opposite the exact spot where ONE MONTH LATER Roy Kronk would find Caylee’s remains, 15-20 feet into the woods.

      Are you starting to see how all of this is now beginning to fall into place? I hope so.

      In finishing off this Kronk-related section, let’s also take these facts into account:

      • After his “discovery”, the OCSO asked Roy to “keep quiet” and hired him a lawyer.
      • Roy Kronk (unlike his Son, Brandon) refused to allow a search of his phone records.
      • Roy Kronk’s PC was never confiscated or examined.
      • Roy Kronk was never investigated.

      Should we not find those 4 facts strange? Can you even start to imagine what OCSO would have found if they’d searched his phone records, examined his PC and investigated him further? You can bet your bottom dollar that a search of his PC alone would have made any other Google search findings pale into insignificance.

      Could that have been the very reason they DIDN’T fully investigate him? Maybe they agreed that “deal” with him, in return for him not spilling the beans on their inaction in relation to his 3 previous calls in August 2008? Maybe we’ll never know, but it’s possible.

      If you want to see both Roy Kronk testimonies (opens in a new window), here are the links: Roy Kronk Testimony #1 – Roy Kronk Testimony #2

      Here’s Part 1 of Brandon Sparks’ trial testimony fromJune 29th 2011:

      To see his testimony in full (opens in a new window), click here.

      Sadly for Roy, all his months of plotting & scheming were to no avail. He even blew any chance of getting the usual $5k reward due to him calling his Supervisor instead of directly calling the Crimeline – although he did make up for it by the payments he received from all his TV show appearances after the event, by talking about dead snakes and skulls.

      I’m not saying Roy Kronk was involved in the death of Caylee Anthony for one moment (I covered that event earlier), but I DO believe he played a pivotal role in the events & shenanigans that unfolded afterwards.

      Chloroform & Duct Tape Revisited:

      So how does this theory of mine fit in to my earlier posts in this series, regarding the chloroform & duct tape for example?

      Well, all that still stands.

      Chloroform – Never existed as alleged. Never proven to have been used by anyone. Certainly never used as a “murder weapon”.

      Duct tape – Also never used as a “murder weapon” but found at the scene, due to George using the tape to SEAL the bag that held Caylee’s remains. How he thought the duct tape would never be traced back to him I have no idea – seeing as he was not only using it to stick flyers up, but also did a TV interview (@ Publix) with the roll of duct tape clearly visible in a tray in one of his “Command Center” stations.

      Here’s a clip from George Anthony’s 6th trial testimony (June 30th 2011:

      The first minute of the video (no sound) shows George in his “Command Center” at his local Publix, together with his roll of duct tape. Watch also how he tries to intimidate Jose Baez as he struts right up to him and past him on his way to the witness stand @ 1:42. Testimony starts @ 2:07.

      Straight away George is on the defensive, denying any knowledge of where he was during the video he just saw OR whether or not the duct tape in his possession in the video was actually his. From 5:00 onwards there’s a side bar – and JB’s questioning resumes at the 8:00 mark. This is where JB starts to tie in the way George used to bury the family’s pets by using a blanket, trash bags and Henkel-brand duct tape, to the way he also disposed of Caylee’s body using the very same items.

      The Trial – Opening Statements:

      I believe the Opening Statements Jose Baez made at the trial were 99% accurate… especially with “The accident that snowballed out of control” as he put it – or should I say how George put it to his secret sex-partner & mistress (at the time) Krystal Holloway.

      He highlighted Casey’s lying and denial fueled by the after effects of George’s molestation – right again.

      Same with the “31 days” where Casey followed George’s instructions and carried on like nothing ever happened. He forced her into a corner – just like he’d done (in the literal sense) many times before while he molested her.

      He made her believe she’d “go to jail for a very long time” for child neglect, i.e. for “letting it happen” and for “not being there” for Caylee and “letting her drown“.

      Like I said earlier – had anyone called 911 after the event, George’s time would have been well & truly up. I don’t think too many people would be impressed by a grandfather serially abusing & molesting his toddler granddaughter, do you?

      George also knew for a fact that he wouldn’t last 5 minutes in prison, what with being a child molester AND being ex-Law Enforcement. OMG. What a combination! One could only hope (in that scenario) that the pain George would have suffered while being knocked senseless in prison every day would have been FAR GREATER than the pain little Caylee felt while she was being abused & suffocated by George on the morning of June 16th 2008.

      By the way – I know I’m certainly not on my own when it comes to my theory on George Anthony’s involvement & BIG COVER-UP of Caylee’s death.

      Below is a segment from “On the Record” w/Greta Van Susteren (aired mid-July), where Greta interviewed The Foreman from Casey’s trial, aka “Juror #11″.

      It’s interesting to hear again exactly what The Foreman (and the rest of the Jury members) actually thought about George Anthony… including his selective memory… the infamous gas can testimonies… his endless cover ups… his tow yard performance… their suspicions of him being the murderer… and his overall demeanor throughout the trial. To see the 4-part interview in full, click here.

      When this first aired I think way too many people were still way too hung up on the Verdict – and they weren’t particularly bothered about anything else… but since then, there’s certainly been what you could call an upsurge of interest in the role George Anthony actually played throughout this whole tragic story.

      What Was Cindy’s Role During This Time?

      I believe Cindy knew all along what’d happened to Caylee – but she nevertheless decided to go along with George’s Masterplan to save both their asses. Cindy also knew about George’s years of molestation of Casey but she chose not to do a damn thing about it. She was in denial – big time.

      Whether she knew of George’s molestation of Caylee I have no idea. What role or knowledge of events Lee had in all of this, again, I have no idea on that either.

      But put basically, George AND Cindy literally rode roughshod over Casey – just like she never existed.

      For example:

      • Trying to lay claim to Caylee’s bedspread, doll, toys, blankets and many other items – none of which are legally theirs to claim.
      • Their attempted trade-marking of “Caylee Anthony” and “Justice for Caylee”) – to be used on T-shirts, promo items and underwear.
      • Their cremation of Caylee’s remains, specifically against Casey’s wishes.

      Read my earlier post for further details – “The Battle For Caylee Anthony” (opens in a new window).

      Following on from the abuse issues I just mentioned, let me now elaborate a little further on the subject:

      The Abuse:

      As for the abuse Casey suffered – this is something many people have been very quick to dismiss and label as a lie. Not so. I believe Casey was a victim of abuse by her father.

      All the classic indicators of abuse are there:

      1. Dysfunctional Family
      2. Incessant Lying
      3. Enmeshment
      4. Secrets
      5. Inability to Form Close Relationships
      6. Anger and Rage
      7. Promiscuity
      8. Coming Forward in Bits and Pieces
      9. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Other Mental Illness
      10. Preoccupation with Self

      For a detailed explanation of all the above points, click here to read the article by Linda M. Fossen – “Why I Believe Casey Anthony Was Sexually Abused”.

      Also take into account that it very rare that molestation within a family becomes public knowledge. Current estimates say around 1 in 4 children is molested. Most times, the molester is a friend or family member.

      This is why it’s so odd that some people are crying out for “proof” and “evidence” of Casey’s molestation. I do not know what evidence they’re looking for. I can tell you now that most victims remain silent. They don’t go screaming to the neighbors about it because they are afraid and ashamed. And the molester is certainly not gonna hold their hands up & admit it.

      So before anyone starts insisting that Casey has “no evidence of molestation” – go look up some statistics and do a little research to find out what you should be looking for. Even Casey’s grade school teacher stated there were signs of sexual abuse, and that if anyone looks at Casey’s school records they would see that it’s true. As for Casey’s telling Jesse Grund about her brother Lee molesting her, we’ll that’s certainly another possibility.

      Here’s forensic psychiatrist Dr Keith Ablow’s overall perspective on George Anthony’s attempted suicide hoax and his serial molestation of his (then) 8 year old daughter, Casey:

      And here’s Dr Keith Ablow again, commenting on Casey’s behavior during the “31 days”:

      Also remember that Casey mentioned to several friends about the abuse long before this tragedy unfolded, so it wasn’t just “made up” for her defense. The statements weren’t allowed into the trial because they were considered hearsay.

      Pat McKenna:

      Do you remember Pat McKenna? Maybe not. This particular brief interview was never really widely covered by the media, as it didn’t “fit in” with their ongoing witch-hunt style coverage of the case.

      Pat was the lead investigator (defense side) in the OJ Simpson trial – and he got a phone call from Casey’s defense team on the day Caylee Anthony’s remains were found, December 11th 2008.

      Having not followed the press reports and knowing very little about the case, Pat’s first move was a visit to the Anthony house where he met George and Cindy, and spent time in the bedroom Casey and Caylee shared.

      Here’s what he had to say:

      “The room was a shrine of pictures to Caylee, hundreds of loving photographs. I was stunned by the neatness and organization of the room and all the photos. It was this lovely room, like a young kid that has a baby she loves. It was the opposite of what was being portrayed in the media…”

      But his first impressions of George and Cindy Anthony were not as favorable…

      “I walked out of that house and thought to myself, ‘I don’t think this kid committed first degree murder. There is something really disturbing about this family. I was shocked by their lack of emotion. There was no sense of loss or despondency. Their granddaughter’s remains had just been found and they’re sitting around booking television interviews and talking about how much money their foundation is making.”

      He also says George and Cindy Anthony were not cooperative with him at first, even though he was there to help their daughter.

      He went on to say:

      George was bizarre. He would go around and around for hours and he wouldn’t answer a question directly. And he is a former detective, so he knows the drill. There was something off with this guy. After I read the discovery and George’s interviews, I thought, “This guy is way too eager to throw his daughter under the bus.

      His theory of what happened to Caylee Anthony mirrors Jose Baez’s court defense of Casey Anthony.

      Pat finished off by saying this:

      “It was an accident that spun out of control and George disposed of the body, but I can’t say exactly how. If Casey wanted to be free, she would have dropped Caylee in the pool, called 911 and been a grieving mother.”

      To read Pat McKenna’s full interview with ABC News, click here.

      In this penultimate section, let’s now take a look at one avenue which Cindy Anthony might be exploring in an attempt to finally get the TRUTH out about what really happened on June 16th 2008, and the role George played.

      “The Roula & Ryan Show”:

      Back on July 6th 2011, Cindy’s Anthony’s 2nd cousin Dana McCain called into a Houston Texas radio show – 104.1 KRBE (“The Roula & Ryan Show”). She stated Cindy is already planning to write & release a book, within which she’ll explain how the defense claims about George Anthony in the opening statements are true.

      During the call Dana states how they had a conference call with Cindy’s side of the family, where specific details were discussed confirming George’s participation – just as the Defense claimed.

      Listen to the call in full below:

      In the call, Dana states:

      “It sounds like just ridiculous that she [Casey] was found not guilty. I promise it will all come out, and yes, she did some things wrong… there were major mistakes made, but it will play itself out… it… it was a true verdict.”

      Dana is asked: “Do you think Casey killed Caylee?”

      Dana: “…The entire family expected a guilty verdict. Only after a conference call with our entire family last night about 11 o’clock, where we found out things that, err, we’ve all been asking this entire time, since they got up there and changed the entire story… so yes, before last night I would say absolutely, it was a travesty that the verdict was not guilty – till last night.”

      Dana is asked: You think he [George] may have had something to do with it?

      Dana: “The story that you heard, that was presented by Jose Baez, was absolutely what happened… and, umm… I’m speaking for our side of the family… and that’s only because of the call that we received and the proof that we received last night…”

      Click here for further info and to read additional excerpts from Dana’s call.


      I know I’ve gone around the houses a little in this post, but I had little choice with there being so much to cover and so many direct & indirectly related players and events.

      So in closing, let me say this:

      There is ONE PERSON and ONE PERSON ONLY that orchestrated this whole event which resulted in the unfortunate death of Caylee Anthony. Without his perverted intervention, Caylee might still be alive today.

      That person is George Anthony.

      This is why he testified AGAINST HIS OWN DAUGHTER in her murder trial. He basically decided it’d be in his best interests to let Caylee die (on the morning of June 16th 2008) in order to save his own ass.

      Now, how that translates into a death sentence for Casey I will never know. If anyone reading this far still cannot see that George is some seriously creepy guy who has clearly been lying from the start - then maybe they should let him babysit their little girls. Yeah, right.

      The guy that was so guilt-ridden over his role in Caylee’s death and cover up – and the serial molesting of his own daughter and granddaughter – that he pulled his famous failed suicide attempt. But not before calling family & friends… sending text messages, and writing a 5-page BS letter to go with it. That was one month after Caylee’s remains were found – all to try and gain pity for himself and his situation as the “grieving grandfather”. Bollocks.

      And who could forget the truly priceless looks on George and Cindy’s faces straight after the Not Guilty verdict was announced. They were well & truly pissed off. Why? Because they WANTED Casey to be found guilty of murdering Caylee. That was all part of their Masterplan. That would finally put them in the clear. They KNEW right at that point that attention would soon turn to them and their very own can of worms would at some stage be opened.

      Spot the difference?






      Personally, and as you might have already guessed, I cannot wait for the REAL truth to come out about what really happened to Caylee on that fateful day of June 16th 2008 – and the instrumental role George played in it all.

      That could also be the same day George Anthony starts writing his 2nd suicide note. We shall see. I’m not into hating and I do not wish harm on him (or anyone else for that matter) – but everything happens for a reason. This is not over yet by a long, long way.

      Remember the quote right at the start of this post from our resident piece of filth Yuri Melich?

      Well, those very words he said to Casey @ Universal may well come back to haunt George Anthony, because if this case ever gets reopened, and George gets his sorry ass hauled in by Law Enforcement, here’s what they’re gonna tell him:

      “You’re painting yourself as a very bad person. Your family’s gonna suffer for this. Your friends are gonna suffer for this. And remember what I told you about all these people coming? They’re gonna crucify you for this.”

      — Law Enforcement to George Anthony, (Date Unknown).

      So folks – that just about wraps up my own personal theory on the events and aftermath of June 16th 2008. It is only my personal theory of course – but let me be the first to say this right here & now: If Casey’s own story ever does get turned into a book or movie – as it may well do at some point – then the story itself may not be an exact mirror image of my theory… but it’ll be darn close to it.

      After all that, if there’s anyone out there that still wants to keep believing that Casey Anthony is guilty, and that she murdered Caylee with duct tape & chloroform before dumping her in the woods — then there really is no hope for you. All you can do is carry on thinking that… carry on hating… carry on drinking Jeff Ashton’s urine from your very own BS-encrusted chalice of denial – and good luck to you.

      Your last 3 years worth of anger and vitriol was all for nothing, and you have nobody to blame for that but yourself. How do you feel now?

      As Jose Baez stated during and right after the trial:

      “Casey did not kill Caylee”

      That still holds firm, and it always will.



      PS. Message to Casey: If you’re reading this… always remembe

      (Message over 64 KB, truncated)

    • cheyennecin
      I believe Casey, and she didn t really lie in this new interview, and she didn t really come right out and say her father did it, that hasn t helped her so
      Message 35 of 35 , Mar 7, 2017

        I believe Casey, and she didn't really lie in this new interview, and she didn't really come right out and say her father did it, that hasn't helped her so far, and nobody has ever formally charged George with Caylee's murder... probably never will... so she survives (and gives interviews sometimes) the best ways she can. George was a horrible rapist incestuous father to her, I still think Caylee was his biological daughter, as is Casey. They, George and Cindy, will continue to cover their own skins, not Casey's, to keep George out of prison. That's my opinion. --"Cheyenne Cin" ---P.S. Nancy Grace was never innocent in wrecking Casey Anthony's life, either. ---

        Caylee would be 11 years old now, if she hadn't been murdered. I also believe Casey lied then because she was so severely abused, scared of her father, scared of the police, didn't trust anyone, in a state of shock, etc. She was used to lying since she was a girl, with her father (and mother, by silence and acceptance of this horrendous parenting) abusing her frequently. ---



        --Casey was not quoted in the AP’s story accusing her father of anything, but she appeared to tie him to the case while defending herself.

        “Cops believe other cops,” she told the AP. “Cops tend to victimize the victims. … Cops lie to people every day. I’m just one of the unfortunate idiots who admitted they lied.

        “My dad was a cop, you can read into that what you want to.”

        The AP asked Casey about her attorneys’ previous claim that Caylee drowned.

        “Everyone has their theories, I don’t know,” she said. Then she added, obliquely, “The last time I saw my daughter, I believed she was alive and was going to be okay, and that’s what was told to me.”---



        Casey Anthony breaks her silence: 'I sleep pretty good at night'


        14 hours ago - Casey Anthony, the Florida woman at the center of a 2011 murder case involving her daughter, spoke about the case and her daughter's death ...



        Casey Anthony breaks her silence: 'I sleep pretty good at night'

         , USA TODAY Network Published 6:37 a.m. ET March 7, 2017 | Updated 4 hours ago

        Casey Anthony knows that much of the world believes she killed her 2-year-old daughter, despite her acquittal. Nearly nine years later, Anthony insists in an exclusive interview with The Associated Press she doesn’t know what happened to Caylee. (March 7) AP

        Casey Anthony, the Florida woman at the center of a 2011 murder case involving her daughter, spoke about the case and her daughter’s death for the first time in an interview with the Associated Press

        “I’m still not even certain as I stand here today about what happened,” Anthony told the AP.

        Anthony was accused of killing her daughter Caylee Anthony in June 2008. Caylee's body was found months later in the woods near the Anthony home, but authorities were unable to determine a cause of death. The prosecution team said Anthony dumped Caylee's body there and tried to resume her normal life.

        The AP reported that the interview with Anthony was “revealing, bizarre and often contradictory, and … ultimately raised more questions than answers about the case.”

        In the interview, Anthony acknowledged the frenzy surrounding her case led many to view her negatively.

        “Based off of what was in the media, I understand the reasons people feel about me,” Anthony said. “I understand why people have the opinions that they do.”

        More coverage:

        Where is Casey Anthony now?


        In 2011, a jury acquitted Anthony of murdering her two-year-old child. Instead, the jury convicted her of four misdemeanor counts of lying to police.

        Anthony admitted to the AP that she lied to police about a slew of things, including her employment, leaving her child with a babysitter, and about receiving a call from Caylee before she went missing.

        “Even if I would’ve told them everything that I told to the psychologist, I hate to say this, but I firmly believe I would have been in the same place,” she told AP. “Because cops believe other cops. Cops tend to victimize the victims. I understand now … I see why I was treated the way I was even had I been completely truthful.”

        The AP asked Anthony about the theory presented by lead defense attorney Jose Baez, who suggested that Caylee drowned and her death was covered up.

        “Everyone has their theories; I don’t know. As I stand here today I can’t tell you one way or another,” she said. “The last time I saw my daughter I believed she was alive and was going to be OK, and that’s what was told to me.”


        Anthony, who currently lives at the house of a private investigator who worked on her case, told AP she is currently helping him with some investigative work.

        And despite the fact she can hardly go anywhere without news of her presence spreading, she told the AP she's happy.

        “I don’t give a sh** about what anyone thinks about me, I never will,” she told AP. “I’m OK with myself; I sleep pretty good at night.”--

        The interview with Anthony was based on a series of interviews with an AP reporter.--

        ---(I would prefer she'd said she doesn't CARE rather than doesn't 'give a 'sh**", but with all factors considered, who can blame her?--"Cheyenne Cin"-P.S. I am in hopes

        Casey is a Christian, has love in her life from the correct sources of other people, has gotten good therapy, and doing as well as can be expected from losing her daughter.)-

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