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A long Trip from Andromeda Galaxy to Milky Way

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  • oemii ummowoa
    **CONFIDENTIAL** introduction This Gift Communication to *you*is about Andromedan Civilization, the links that I send you give a complete sight about one of
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      This Gift Communication to you is about Andromedan Civilization,  the links that I
      send you give a complete sight about one of the highest spiritual beings in the
      universe, Andromedan Council came from Andromeda galaxy, now they are in
      Milky Way galaxy to assist the conscious development of beings, humans and not
      humans in Pleiadian Federation frecuency.

      ...I hope it will be a great source of inspiration in your art creativity and research...


      A long Trip from Andromeda Galaxy to Milky Way

      First I want to give some words of faith about
      that we are not alone in the
      struggle defending
      our human integrity, beings as we know are involved
      helping earth humans to evolve towards higher levels
      of consciousness, those beings consider that conscious
      is stronger than technological
      physical weapons,
      so their way to assist us is through spiritual wisdom
      and not with
      military machinery...

      Those beings consider reptiloids and insectoids
      a big obstacle in the process of peaceful interaction
      among living forms in the whole galaxy,
      they are real pain to the galactic federation,
      so as I know the best way to defeat their
      is through the mind, i mean through consciousness

      development of our spiritual levels...

      the mind is quite important because those reptilians and
      mostly the insectoids are very telepathic, their way
      to initiate an attack to humans always began with

      psychic harassment so it is the key importance to
      practice meditation to
      develop psychic abilities
      to get a strong base of harmonic
      bio-electromagnetic shield
      so not only we will be secure that they can not get into
      our mind through low
      frequencies that in the ultimate level
      we will be able to
      abduct reptilods and insectoids refusing
      them to their source dimension.

      The beings that I refer are the Pleiadians and the Andromedans,
      Pleiades is the center of the galactic federation in Milky Way
      galaxy and the Andromedans created what is known in Planet Earth
      as Andromeda Council.

      Andromeda Council is a structure that was created in Andromeda
      Galaxy, that galaxy got to be unified at a moment were memory
      is lost in millions and millions years ago, that unification means
      that they got to neutralize every conflict and wars within
      every inhabited planet in Andromeda Galaxy, that is not all...

      They got to explore every single place in Andromeda Galaxy
      so they have a complete map of every star, every planet
      and every satellite in the whole galaxy, when they got
      that stage they unified all the
      intelligence living forms in

      Andromeda in a Galactic Council that would keep every stage

      of spiritual consciousness in every Andromeda civilization in a

      state of harmonic stable synchronicity so wars and conflict were

      abolished in the whole galaxy that was the time when was decided
      to explore a new galaxy...

      objective was chosen...

      The Milky Way our home was selected and the biggest trip
      that a living form can imagine began, it spent 2 millions

      and 5 hundred thousand light years to reach our galaxy

      and they spent thousands of years without landing at any

      planet until the mother ships engines were cooled.

      Andromeda Galaxy contacted with the Pleiadian Federation
      and a time of mutual understanding and exchange of
      the highest wisdom began, Andromedans are as advisors
      the highest spirituals that Pleiadians request in
      difficult decisions.
      So my friends we know that we will be assisted in our denfence

      against reptilians and insectoids empire.





      Sirius A Allies

      Andromedans are deeply connected with Lemuria in Planet Earth (Mu), lemuria still exist that civilization never was collapsed, they spread a curtain of security making earth humans think that it was a continent out of the pacific ocean although the fact is that Mu never was sunk because it is a sub-oceanic civilization... i mean they are sub-aquatic they live as we live in outer atmosphere breathing air although their environment is the deep ocean, they are dolphin humanoids it means that they are mammals as we although they are adapted to live all the time underwater, Lemuria civilization is an earth base in the pacific ocean, angels from Sirius A star settled their bubbles of life there hundred of thousands years ago, the civilization in Sirius A is completely aquatic or more exactly their atmosphere is more dense that our air so it is seems water for our senses in some way they swim in their Sirius A air so we could tell here that they really are flying although they consider it swim, did you think that swimming could be perceive as flying.... if you watch birds with such comparison you could think that birds are swimming in the air, and is not completely wrong!


      That is one of the best metaphors that can help you to shift into their density.


      Sirius A angels are very connected with Andromedans they call the crystal people because they see them in some translucent way, like bluish gelly humanoids. That is because Andromeda density is more evolved than Sirius and they shifted in higher sensory dimensions.


                                                         -oemii ummowoa your Jainist Quaker friend-


                                                                                  ...Andromeda Council Free-Communications...


      Source References:







      Please be thankful...

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