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      From: Michael Quinsey <michael.quinsey@...>
      Date: 22 February 2012 07:32
      Subject: [etfirstcontact@...] SaLuSa02.22.12.
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      SaLuSa 22-February-2012

      You the people have achieved the seemingly impossible, by reversing the
      fortunes of the Illuminati. You have done so by focusing upon the Light, and
      bringing into being a great grid of Light that now surrounds the Earth. No
      longer do they have the negative energies to feed upon, that have enabled
      them to come close to taking over the world. Wherever the lower vibrations
      exist, they are being transmuted and taking away their ability to
      superimpose their will upon yours. You have spoken out loud and demanded
      beneficial changes that are now taking place, and so shall they continue
      until those of the Light take complete charge. Although the cleansing has
      only just begun, you are to be congratulated for your unyielding support,
      and you will soon see some tangible evidence of your success.
      Each one of you has spent many lifetimes working towards this final year in
      the cycle of duality. There are some that are best forgotten, yet they have
      been part of the plan for your return to the Light. At all times God has
      been present and God's assurance of the power of the Light to overcome the
      dark, has carried you through the darkest period in Humanity's history. It
      may have felt at times that God had deserted you, but that was because you
      lost contact with the Source. Separation was as a real experience, yet at no
      time could you ever be truly separated. You and God are One, and you and all
      other life are One, and it cannot be otherwise. As you lift upwards so you
      become more of the Light, and with Ascension will shed the heaviness of the
      physical body. To be free is quite an exhilarating experience, and you will
      be literally re-born.
      We ask you the Lightworkers to walk tall and consciously spread your Light
      wherever you go, so that when you come across a disturbance you can apply
      healing by simply being there. Be assured that your presence is uplifting to
      others, and you may notice that young children in particular can feel it,
      They often respond in a way that confirms their awareness. Your energy is of
      a healing nature, and no doubt some of you are regular healers in service to
      With an ear to the ground, many of you are aware that banking fraternity
      are answering for their corrupt financial dealings. It is the commencement
      of more far reaching actions, that shall ultimately remove the cancer that
      they have brought into your society. In trying to control the world's wealth
      they have unwittingly brought about their own demise. It has also led back
      to political persons who have benefitted from their crimes, and they also
      will be removed. Have no doubt that they will pay the price for what they
      have done, and coming governmental changes will ensure that your future
      representatives are above such acts, and are true and honest.
      Until you learn how you have been manipulated and used by the dark Ones,
      you will have little idea of how far their tentacles reached. Even some
      judges who you may have thought were beyond bribery and corruption are
      involved. None shall escape as we know exactly who has been guilty, and have
      all the evidence that will convict them. Your societies will become cleansed
      and start again with people you know you can trust. They will be responsible
      for implementing new laws, and revival of the Constitution that upholds your
      rights. You will be freed from the many unjust laws that the dark Ones have
      brought in, and people unfairly imprisoned will be released. It sounds like
      a lot of time will be needed to bring it all about, but you shall be
      astonished at how quickly matters will move. We come nearer to that time
      when it shall commence in such a way, that you will know for certain what is
      taking place.
      The Galactic Federation has had much experience in helping civilizations to
      pass through Ascension, although yours is a bigger challenge. Never before
      have both the people and the Earth ascended together, but there is absolute
      confidence that it will successfully take place. You should feel quite
      pleased to be the ones who are on Earth at such a wonderful occasion. The
      significance of it all will not be lost on anyone, as to have such an
      experience is quite unique. We shall be eagerly watching the whole process,
      ready welcome the latest members of the Galactic Society.
      There is no going back unless of course you choose to do so, and some souls
      will want to keep their links with those who are staying in the lower
      dimension, although they could have gone through. From hereon it is all gain
      and a continual outpouring of Light will continue to guide you ever onwards
      and upwards. Because of your experience you will be in demand to help those
      who are still in the 3D vibrations. Your place would be similar to what ours
      is to you now, and that is how it works when you desire to be of service to
      others. Be assured there is never a dull moment and think upon the size of
      your Galaxy, and the millions of suns and planets teeming with life.
      Think positively as you move through the last months of duality, and do not
      concern yourselves too much with the fate of the dark Ones. They will be
      treated with full justice and be given every opportunity to make amends, and
      every help to find a path back to the Light. Know that every soul will end
      up exactly where they are meant to be, which is at a level that will allow
      for the next stage of their evolution. That Dear Ones is what it is all
      about, and it is the same for everyone even if they are unaware of it. No
      path is walked alone, and the Creator is ever sending out the Love and Light
      that is the milk of life.
      I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and from our ships we look down on Earth and
      closely follow your exploits, guiding and protecting you when necessary. In
      this present time you are beginning to hear about our actions carried out on
      your behalf. We have ever increasing authority to intervene on any attempts
      to start a Third World War, and you need not fear the threats that are being
      uttered by those who have such an agenda. Peace has been called for by you
      and peace is what you will get, as it is time to move on from the darkness
      of the souls who have controlled you and your Earth for so long. Keep going
      and do not be distracted by the fear that some dark Ones are trying to
      generate, through their desire to start another conflict. It will not be
      allowed under any circumstances. God Bless you All.

      Thank you SaLuSa
      Mike Quinsey.

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