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2012,new-agey traps and ET involvement

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  • rickwehrle2001
    The Hidden Human Dilemma, Channels, Earth Extinctions, 2012 & the Planetary Encryption Lattice Re-evolution into conscious-wholeness Stardust spirit
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 24, 2010
      The Hidden Human Dilemma, "Channels," Earth Extinctions,

      2012 & the Planetary Encryption Lattice

      Re-evolution into conscious-wholeness "Stardust" spirit through energetic self-accretion, or de-evolution into unconscious-fragmentation "space-dust" spirit through energetic self-annihilation…THIS is the question that lies at the heart of the contemporary human dilemma. As a result of the events from the ancient Atlantean period, most of Earth's populations continue along their path of unconscious "Sleeper" evolution, unaware of the consequential realities of Encryption Lattice BPR alignment — or of the impact their personal and collective belief systems have upon the personal and collective Encryption Lattice BPR. Meanwhile, the majority of those whom are "awakening" do not realize they have equally become "caught within a carefully laid web of deception" called the "New Age" movement, in which the "great joys of Awakening, Enlightenment and Empowerment" are being heralded from within the teaching paradigms of the "Bloom of Doom" Metatronic Death Science Code. And through this glossy-web of deception called the "NET," the majority of the awakening populations are being used intentionally and covertly as tools by the "fallen ET-angels and Descended Masters," who are "guiding" them into fulfilling the Illuminati Master Plan agenda.

      Presently, the "Great White Hope" of the awakening New Age population has been "plugged-in" to the "Illuminati NET-Broadcasting station," through which its "channeled material" comes; it is no "coincidence" that the information so many of the channels receive is complementary. Mostly ALL of this material leads us back to the absolute falsehood that "all of humanity was created as an ancient primate-hybrid slave-race by the ancient Anunnaki," and thus we should be glad to view ourselves today as their "children." This twisted history, along with other falsehoods pertaining to the "Christ Story" and various other periods of ancient historical significance, is an intentionally contrived false ET–Raider Race history currently being "beamed in" from the Illuminati NET, precisely to keep us from remembering or discovering the powerful truth and current potentials of our genuine Angelic Human heritage.

      Many contemporary "channels" who bring in distorted information from the Illuminati NET are not aware they are receiving their information from this source, and thus they themselves are being misled to the same degree as the general populations who follow their disinformation (this was also the case for many historic channels and their audiences). If they choose, such individuals can learn safer practices of interdimensional communication that involve Keylontic data-streaming, rather than "channeling," through energy techniques offered in the MCEO Freedom Teachings®. Some contemporary channels are more aware of the Illuminati agendas they serve, because they are actually incarnate members of the corresponding Illuminati soul-groups; such individuals rarely have interest in changing their communicative relationships, as they feel the emotional attachment characteristic to co-resonant Encryption Lattice alignment with the Illuminati soul-groups to whom they are connected.

      Not only do all channels and "mediums" place themselves at risk of serving as vessels through which disinformation can come — they also put themselves at risk of direct identity displacement, or biological possession; all can achieve greater freedom, clarity and protection in their pursuit of interdimensional communication through choosing to employ MCEO Keylontic technologies. If the interdimensional identities being channeled are serving the Ascension Path agenda, they will encourage their human contact to employ MCEO communication technologies. If the channeled identities are harboring an overt or covert alignment with Fall Path agendas they will tell their human contact that they do not need such protective measures, and will discourage "at all costs" the use of MCEO technologies, because they know the MCEO technologies will assist their human contact to discern between the Ascension and Fall Paths, and to break free from ill-intended multidimensional manipulation. The choice, and resultant responsibility of consequence, always remains with the individual human contact.

      The "Anunnaki" history of which so many "channels" now speak represents a partial truth that applies only to the descendants of the Illuminati Anu-Leviathan hybrid lines, whose genome was blended with that of the Angelic Human during the ancient Atlantean period. Genuine "Angelics" and "Ascended Ones" DO exist, but because of the electromagnetic quarantine of the Illuminati Broadcast NET, it is almost impossible to "reach them" from Earth without specialized methods of protected multidimensional communication (that DO NOT involve channeling). There is a "Grand Design" behind what is being orchestrated by the Illuminati through the "NET-Broadcast channeling movement"; the NET has functionally operated for about 13,000 years through intentionally laid distortions within Earth's geomagnetic field. Throughout "known" history, the "channels" have been slowly but progressively "awakened" — "Metatronic-style" — for many thousands of years, each "bringing in pieces" of the often-competing versions of the Illuminati NET-Broadcast story. The Illuminati Broadcast NET has been, through the ages, instrumental in "seeding disinformation" into various bodies of "Sacred Doctrines," which have culminated in the formation of the traditional "mass control dogmas" of both religion and science that are still to this day the "guiding force" of the "collective human psyche." As the long-awaited "2012 Time of Grand Significance" approaches, a global fleet of many "new channels" has "awakened," and now, three years before the long-awaited "Grand Illuminati 2012-Event," the "collective NET-Broadcast stories of the historical and contemporary channels" are coalescing into a "complementary, believably cohesive platform of false unified history" to which masses of "awakening humans" currently subscribe.

      When the events of history and contemporary times are viewed with an understanding of the function of Encryption Lattices, and their direct role in creating "evolutionary path alignments" through the reality of BPR Co-resonance, it can be understood that "specific mass beliefs" create corresponding "specific contours and geometrical-mathematical patterns" within the collective "Species Encryption Lattice," and resultantly within the Planetary Encryption Lattice, all of which directly affects the core BPR alignment of the planet, and thus the planet's evolutionary path alignment.

      Neither our remembered nor our forgotten history has unfolded by accident — it has been covertly, meticulously, and patiently orchestrated through off-planet Illuminati-Elder "Raider Races," and the unwitting, manipulated, power-hungry, and equally-amnesiac earthly Illuminati-Human "children" genetic-lines that these Elders created in Atlantis as an intended "expendable quantum resource" through which to fulfill their "End Times Master Plan." It is precisely this ancestry from which the current Illuminati-Human genetic line has emerged, and though these "ET-hybrid-human collectives" appear to be (especially to themselves) "covertly running the global show," they are in truth being as badly manipulated, deceived and disempowered by their Illuminati-Elders, as general human populations have been by the Illuminati-Humans. What the Illuminati-Elders have failed to reveal to their "children" is that from the inception of their "Grand Master Plan" in Atlantis, they never intended to "save their hybrid-children" when they orchestrate Earth's "Final Extinction Event" at the height of fulfillment of their "Illuminati Master Plan." This is the "Big Secret" that is not even being revealed through contemporary primary Illuminati NET-Broadcasts.

      The "5 Mass Extinction Events" that have historically occurred on Earth (approximately 446 million years ago [MYA]; 364 MYA; 252 MYA [the largest]; 200 MYA [TJ Event]; and 65 MYA [KT Event]), were NOT "happenstance occurrences that resulted from organic environmental conditions"; these events were deliberately and specifically purposed extermination events orchestrated by competing Illuminati-Elder race ET-groups, as part of their long-running battle over "Earth Templar Star-Gate dominion." All of these "extermination events" took place prior to Angelic Human 1st-Seeding 25 MYA, and all were created in order to change the mathematical–geometrical patterns of Earth's core Encryption Lattice morphogenetic field, by removing the Encryption Lattices of "undesired life-forms" from the Encryption Lattice of Earth's collective life-field.

      The technologies by which such enormous effects can be generated are the product of "Bloom of Doom" Metatronic Death Science applications. During the Atlantean periods of 13,400 BC (about 15,000 years ago) and 10,948 BC (about 13,000 years ago), these pre-ancient Metatronic Death Science technologies were once again slowly but progressively re-awakened to serve an instrumental role in the Illuminati Master Plan agenda. (New information on the 13,400 BC and 10,948 BC Atlantean periods and the "precession of the equinoxes," Illuminati Master Plan and 2012 is found in Introductory-Topics Summary-1; further information on the history of the Illuminati Master Plan and Atlantis is found in Voyagers Volume-2, 2nd Edition, and throughout MCEO Freedom Teachings® workshop DVD programs.

      So in contemporary times, all humans, both "Angelic" and "Illuminati" alike, share a "common human dilemma," as together we are facing a rapidly approaching "appointment with destiny," during which the evolutionary potentials of humankind will be finally determined. Presently both the "Great White Hope of Enlightenment" that the New Age movement was intended to become, and the "traditional brotherhoods" of religion and science that this "Great White Other-hood" was planning to "assimilate," are together wandering blindly toward a collective destiny, where they will have little conscious choice as to the "nature of global events" in which they will become progressively entrenched.

      Currently both the "traditional" and "New Age" collectives are unknowingly becoming, to quote an earlier passage, a "mass of Metatronically-coded biological electromagnetic human quanta" who "perform specific `spiritual energy rituals' at various key `Sacred Site' locations of Earth's Templar," during this all-important period of Earth's 2000–2017 SAC Star-Gate-opening "Ascension Cycle." The passage continues: "This process of `invasion from within' worked relatively well in fulfilling the Illuminati small-scale agendas of the ancient Atlantean period, culminating in `Fall by design' of Atlantean culture and resultant cataclysmic destruction of the territories of Atlantis. These `small Illuminati victories' of Atlantis represented `baby steps' in the fulfillment of a much larger `Illuminati Master Plan,' to which these `small steps' were intended to lead." Sound familiar?...Yes, indeed, once again "Atlantis IS Rising" to repeat its ugly history all over again, but THIS TIME, it's the "Final Conflict Drama" and the "Final Big Game" is on.

      The "baby-steps" of the ancient Atlantean Illuminati victories have now become the "giant steps of an invisible Illuminati-Elder Leviathan Goliath" — the Illuminati-Elders are dedicated, as they have been since long before Atlantis, to their "Prime Objective" of seizing dominion of Earth's Star-Gates, through control of the Planetary Encryption Lattice and geomagnetic field. The only reason the Angelic Human lineage was permitted to survive, and the only reason the Illuminati-Human races were so painstakingly cultivated, was to enable the off-planet Illuminati-Elder races direct bio-electronic access to Earth's Star-Gates during an SAC. In the view of the Illuminati-Elder races, once bio-electronic Star-Gate access was accomplished, and Earth's Star-Gates were opened on a dominant Metatronic Code, through the presence of both the Angelic Human and Illuminati-Human genetic line, both "Earth human" gene lines will have "served their purposes" and "become redundant."

      The "point of species redundancy" within the Prime Objective of the Illuminati Master Plan, is the point at which Earth's Star-Gates would open under Metatronic dominance during an SAC. This point has been scheduled by the Illuminati-Elders for about 13,000 years, to occur between the end of 2012 AD and the beginning of 2013 AD, and at this point, the Illuminati-Elders have long intended to orchestrate the "6th and Last Earth Extinction," through rapid shift of Earth's geomagnetic poles

      The duration of this "invasion from within" Illuminati-Elder Templar conquest may seem "ridiculously long," but for beings who have extended their biological longevity to several hundred thousand years through the application of the Metatronic Death Science technologies, this conquest drama seems not much longer than "a blink of an eye." It is only to we "Puny Humans" (as "Metatron" called us in a recent channeling), with our roughly 100-year biological life-spans, that the period over which this "invasion from within" has spanned seems too unimaginably long, so as to render the idea of its possibility unbelievable. But "believe it or not" this drama IS taking place, and it will unfold its "scaly clutches" around our coming "2012–2015 appointment with Illuminati destiny" — yet there is still time for the application of human Free Will to influence, though not directly control, the events that will in the near future unfold.

      The Big Game, the Show, Pertinent Questions and the Silver Seed Awakening

      Dear People, the "2012 Mass BPR Showdown" is on; are we going to pull up a chair, grab a bowl of pop corn, and "just watch the show unfold"? Or are we going to make an effort to achieve some conscious control over our personal evolutionary destinies? The choice is fully up to each individual, and the MCEO humbly respects whatever your free will choice might be. Sadly, most human populations do not even realize that the "show has been released into the theater," and so will continue to move forward within the "Atlantean Waking Dream" of long ago, from which we all emerged. For those of us who still care about our personal evolutionary destinies, positive, love-based, joy-filled things can be done in preparation for, and following 2012, which will provide the opportunity for us to SHIFT ourselves into a more desirable evolutionary alignment than that of the "Path of Fall," with which the primary quanta of Earth are now engaged due to the 66% quantum alignment of Earth's Planetary Encryption Lattice, and geomagnetic field, to the Metatronic Code. Earth's current predicament "begs a host of questions," that the MCEO Guardians can now begin to address:

      Will Earth's current "SAC `Ascension Cycle' Star-Gate opening period" continue?
      Yes, but with extensive modifications, which will be progressively addressed in coming MCEO teachings. In 2003 Earth's Halls of Amenti Star-Gate System fell to Metatronic Illuminati control; the MCEO Guardians' efforts to rehabilitate the Amenti Gates failed by the end of 2003. And thus the Encryption Lattice of Earth's Amenti Star-Gates no longer aligns with the organic Ascension Passages of the Living Cosmos, but rather aligns with the Metatronic wormhole structures that interface with the fallen Parallel Earth–Parallel Milky Way Black Hole System.

      With the fall of the Amenti Gates in 2003, the MCEO Guardians have progressively activated a very ancient network of trans-dimensional Earth Interface Star-Gates which include the "Arc of the Covenant–Hub Gate Network," the "Polarian Gate System," and the "Na-VA'-Ho Spanner Core Gate System," which together, in 2012, will allow for the opening of the "Aurora Silver Seed Gates," through which Earth's Templar can retain direct connection to the Living Cosmic Templar Ascension Passages, despite the Illuminati's scheduled 2012 opening of the Fall-aligned Parallel Alpha-Omega Gates into Earth's captured Halls of Amenti Star-Gate system. Through opening of the Aurora Silver Seed Gates, Earth's Arc of the Covenant, Polarian and Na-VA'-Ho Spanner Core Gate Networks will fully open in 2012, keeping the potentials of Genuine Eternal Life Ascension viable on Earth during the current SAC.

      Why did Illuminati-Elders schedule the fulfillment of their Master Plan Prime Objective for 2012 AD?
      In 22,326 BC the Illuminati Earth Templar Quest ended in a "stalemate" between Guardian and Illuminati races. Since that time, both groups knew that the "Templar Conflict Drama Showdown" would occur during the next SAC Star-Gate opening period, as the Illuminati Force required Earth's Halls of Amenti Star-Gates to be open in order to fulfill their agenda of using inorganic Metatronic wormhole structures to "blend the Encryption Lattice of Earth's Templar with that of the fallen Parallel Milky Way Galaxy." Earth's next SAC was not due until 4230 AD, but the Metatronic Fall Gate artificial wormhole structures of the Parallel Milky Way Galaxy and Parallel Earth were due to open in our time equivalent of 2012 AD.

      In the 13,400 BC and 10,948 BC Earth Atlantean periods, the Illuminati Force succeeded in orchestrating two inorganic accelerations of Earth's "wobble," "precession of the equinox" cycle and Encryption Lattice. These accelerations caused an inorganic time-acceleration within portions of Earth's Templar and Halls of Amenti Star-Gate system, which would cause Earth's Halls of Amenti Star-Gates to open prematurely in the 2012–2013 AD period, for Encryption Lattice blending with the opened Fall Gate Cycle of the Parallel Milky Way Black Hole System. Earth's Amenti Gates would open in this period only if there were a sufficient number of Illuminati-Human hybrid races on Earth to "run the bio-electronic Amenti Gate Codes" into Earth's Templar during this "Parallel Gate Alignment." The Illuminati Parallel Gate Alignment is called the "Alpha-Omega Alignment," which occurs between October 2012 and February 2013, with peak alignment on December 21, 2012.

      If the Illuminati-Elder agenda succeeded, Earth's Amenti Star-Gates would be prematurely forced open to engage direct Encryption Lattice and Merkaba Field Blend with Parallel Earth, through opening of the Metatronic wormholes within the black hole center of our Milky Way Galaxy. In preparation for the "Parallel Alignment" and the Illuminati-scheduled "Earth human 2012-appointment with Illuminati destiny," the Illuminati-Elder races progressively orchestrated the "Common-man Mass DNA Mutation" through which the Illuminati-Human line — carrying the Amenti Star-Gate codes as a result of interbreeding with the Angelic Humans — would be "ready" for the "2012–2013 AD Alpha-Omega Alignment." (Information on the "Common-man DNA Mutation" is found in Introductory-Topics Summary-1, in Voyagers Volume-2, 2nd Edition and within various MCEO Freedom Teachings® workshop programs.)

      Throughout the history of this Atlantean Drama, since the 22,326 BC "stalemate," the GA-MCEO–Krystal River Guardians progressively attempted to postpone the "Final Conflict Drama" until the next organic Amenti Gates SAC of 4230 AD, but intended to intervene directly if the Illuminati Force attempted to orchestrate early opening of Earth's Halls of Amenti Star-Gates in 2012 to engage the Alpha-Omega Fall Alignment. In 1984 AD the Guardians initiated the "Bridge Zone Project" Templar Restoration Mission and began early opening of the Amenti Star-Gates for the 2012–2017 period, because they discovered that Earth would meet with a cataclysmic end in the future probability of 2976 AD and thus would not make it to the next organic SAC of 4230 AD. If the Bridge Zone Project was successful, Earth's Encryption Lattice would be restored to organic Ascension Path Alignment, and the Illuminati 2012 Master Plan of the Alpha-Omega Alignment would be prevented. With the fall of Earth's Halls of Amenti Star-Gates to Metatronic Illuminati control in 2003, the Bridge Zone Project evolutionary option failed by 2006. Thus Earth is currently in the middle of the covert "Final Conflict Drama" and rapidly approaching the Illuminati 2012 Alpha-Omega Alignment and their intended "Last Extinction" agenda. (Information on the "Bridge Zone Project" and Amenti Star-Gates is found in Voyagers Volume-2, 2nd Edition and within various MCEO Freedom Teachings® workshop programs.)

      The date of 2012 AD was chosen by the Illuminati-Elder races as the point of fulfillment for their Master Plan Prime Objective because this is the date-period in which the Fall-Gate system of Parallel Earth and Parallel Milky Way open into the Metatronic wormholes in our Galactic Core. It is thus the point in time at which the Alpha-Omega Alignment between Earth's accelerated Templar and the fallen Parallel Galactic Templar system can engage inorganic Metatronic Blending through the Metatronic wormhole system in the black hole core of our Milky Way Galaxy. Simply put, the Metatronic Encryption Lattice of Earth's Halls of Amenti Star-Gates aligns with that of the fallen Parallel Earth and Milky Way, through our Galactic Core, to engage the "Alpha-Omega Fall Path Alignment."

      What is the core purpose behind the Illuminati Master Plan Prime Objective of forcing Earth into "Alpha-Omega Fall Path Alignment" in 2012 — and how can they achieve this Prime Objective?
      During the "Illuminati Templar victory" of the 10,948 BC Atlantean period, the Illuminati force succeeded in establishing a long-range electromagnetic wormhole-link between the Solar Star-Gates at the core of our Sun, and those at the core of our "Parallel Sun" within the Parallel Milky Way Galaxy. The Illuminati-Elder races refer to the Fall-aligned black hole system of the Parallel Milky Way Galaxy as the "Alpha Wormhole System," as it is the "beginning point" from which their progressive invasion into our Milky Way Galaxy was launched long ago. The Illuminati-Elders refer to our Milky Way Galaxy as the "Omega Wormhole System," as it is the "intended end point" at which their progressive invasion will be complete, with the fulfillment of the Illuminati Master Plan Prime Objective; hence the term "Alpha-Omega Fall Path Alignment."

      When the Illuminati-Elder races achieved their 10,948 BC Templar victory through large-scale Metatronic "Bloom of Doom" Death Science applications, and successfully created the inorganic long-range electromagnetic wormhole-link between our Sun's core Solar Star-Gates and those of the Parallel Sun, this "wormhole link" enabled the Illuminati-Elders to create a massive solar space-time anomaly called the "Solar Time-Torus Tunnel." The "Solar Time-Torus Tunnel" formed an inorganic "vesica piscis" blend, and resultant anomalous "Tube Torus–shaped" Metatronic space-time adhesion field, between our Milky Way Galaxy and the Parallel Milky Way Galaxy, through the core Star-Gates of their respective suns. With creation of the Solar Time-Torus Tunnel, our Solar System became an inorganic "binary star system," with the orbit of our Sun directly, unnaturally tied to the orbit of its invisible Parallel Sun.

      At the 10,948 BC point in time where the Solar Time-Torus Tunnel was created, the solar orbit cycles brought the Solar Star-Gates of both suns into direct alignment with the core Star-Gates of their respective Galactic Cores. Through the inorganic link of the Solar Time-Torus Tunnel, the core Star-Gates of our Milky Way Galaxy were inorganically "wormhole-linked" to the core Star-Gates of the Fall-aligned Parallel Milky Way Galaxy; this Galactic Core wormhole link created a second, massive Tube Torus–shaped intergalactic space-time adhesion field, surrounding the smaller Solar Time-Torus Tunnel. The intergalactic space-time adhesion field created an inorganic intergalactic space-time displacement field called the "Great Toral Rift Time Rip" — also known as the "Great Rift of Space-Time" — between our Milky Way and the Parallel Milky Way galaxies. (The ancient Maya referred to the Toral Rift as the "Black Road.") Illuminati-Elder forces from the Fall-aligned Parallel "Alpha" Milky Way Galaxy had been attempting for eons, long before Earth became ensnared in the drama, to create the intergalactic "Toral Rift Time Rip" anomaly; this anomaly represented the "final missing piece" of the "intergalactic Metatronic Alpha-Omega wormhole puzzle" they had been painstakingly assembling over many millions of years to fulfill the Prime Objective of their Omega System Invasion Master Plan. Though the Alpha Illuminati-Elders had come close to creating the "intergalactic Alpha-Omega Toral Rift anomaly" during various periods of intergalactic history, they did not fully succeed in this endeavor until their Templar victory of the 10,948 BC Earth Atlantis.

      The Prime Objective of the Omega System Invasion Master Plan, for which the Alpha Illuminati-Elder races created the intergalactic Toral Rift space-time rip and corresponding Alpha-Omega Wormhole Networks, was quite simple and single-minded. The Parallel Milky Way Alpha Galaxy long ago entered final Fall Alignment to become a self-contained, finite-quantum "Quarantined Black Hole Fall System" that was destined, by the eternal Cosmic Laws of Cause, Effect and Consequence, to engage the "Path of Space-dust Return" upon expiration of its finite quanta, and resultant full-system particle/ anti-particle annihilation. The "fallen" Alpha Illuminati-Elder races devised their Omega Invasion Master Plan agenda with the Prime Objective of "ensnaring further quanta of living energy with which to feed their dying system," in order to "indefinitely postpone the inevitable Space-dust Return" of their galaxy.

      The Alpha Illuminati-Elders employed large-scale use of the Metatronic "Bloom of Doom" Death Sciences to create the inorganic intergalactic Alpha-Omega Wormhole Networks, and to create the intergalactic "Great Toral Rift" of 10,948 BC. The specific purpose of the Toral Rift Time Rip intergalactic space-time displacement field was, and is, to draw the living energy quanta of the Milky Way Galaxy into their Fall-aligned Parallel Milky Way Galaxy Black Hole, in order to "feed the quantum spin" of their falling galaxy to postpone the organic consequence of its implosion. If the Alpha Illuminati-Elders could succeed in this Prime Objective, they believed they would then be able to "enlarge the plan" by "devouring other neighboring galaxies," following the expansion cycle ratios of the Fibonacci spiral, to orchestrate an artificial facsimile Second-Creation that could perpetually sustain itself through "Forced Metatronic Feeding" from the living "First-Creation" systems of the eternal-life Cosmos.

      When the Alpha Illuminati-Elders succeeded in creating the "Great Toral Rift" intergalactic space-time displacement field in 10,948 BC Atlantis — through first creating the "Solar Time-Torus Tunnel" wormhole-link between our Solar Core Star-Gates and those of the Parallel Sun — a second time-acceleration of Earth's "polar wobble" was simultaneously initiated. The second "Earth-pole wobble acceleration" hastened the SAC of a portion of Earth's Halls of Amenti Star-Gates, bringing this cycle into direct synchronization with the SAC opening period of the Parallel Earth Amenti Star-Gates. Because of this 10,948 BC Earth-time-acceleration and subsequent inorganic Earth/ Parallel Earth Amenti Star-Gate synchronization, Earth's Amenti Star-Gates would open prematurely, during the 2012 AD opening of the Parallel Earth Amenti Star-Gates. When the intergalactic planetary Amenti Star-Gate sets begin synchronized opening in October 2012, Earth and Parallel Earth will engage Metatronic "Alpha-Omega Fall Alignment." (Information on the "1st and 2nd Earth-pole wobble accelerations" and synchronization of the SACs of the Amenti Star-Gates of Earth and Parallel Earth is found in Introductory-Topics Summary-1.)

      As the two artificially synchronized SACs initiate their Amenti Star-Gate opening cycles with opening of the Solar and Parallel Solar Core Star-Gates, the central inorganic 10,948 BC Solar Time-Torus Tunnel wormhole-link between our Sun and the Parallel Sun will also open. If the Illuminati Master Plan Prime Objective unfolds in 2012 as the Illuminati-Elders intend, opening of the Solar Time-Torus Tunnel wormhole will then open the inorganic intergalactic Alpha-Omega Wormholes at the Galactic Cores of our Milky Way Galaxy and the Parallel Milky Way Galaxy, resultantly opening the 10,948 BC intergalactic Toral Rift Time Rip Metatronic space-time displacement field of the "Atlantean past," into the "future period" of the present 2012 AD. Once the Atlantean Toral Rift opens into the fabric of our contemporary 2012-space-time, an anomalous space-time blend of "past and future-present converging" will unfold. As the two planetary Amenti Star-Gate sets open into their respective Solar Star-Gate Alignments, Earth and Parallel Earth will be brought into the Alpha-Omega Fall Alignment of the 10,948 BC Toral Rift Time Rip.

      Once the Amenti Star-Gates of Earth and Parallel Earth engage with the 10,948 BC Atlantean Toral Rift Time Rip, Earth and Parallel Earth, and Sun and Parallel Sun, will then initiate a Cataclysmic Pole Shift of the geomagnetic fields and Geographical "Crust Roll" Rotation at the Alpha-Omega Fall Alignment peak of December 21, 2012, to resume the planetary and solar polar-alignments that were/are present in the 10,948 BC period. During the 10,948 BC period, the Solar Star-Gates of both our Sun and Parallel Sun were in direct alignment with the Galactic Core Star-Gates of their respective Galactic Cores, which allowed for opening of the intergalactic wormholes at the core of both galaxies, through which the Toral Rift Time Rip space-time displacement field was created. When contemporary Earth and Parallel Earth, Sun and Parallel Sun resume the Galactic Core–aligned planetary and solar polar-alignments of the 10,948 BC period, the energy quanta of our Solar System and those of the Parallel Solar System will be progressively compressed and drawn "backward in time," the quanta of the two solar systems first compacting into a "vesica piscis" bond at the center of the Toral Rift space-time displacement field.

      The process by which our Solar System and its Parallel Solar System are "drawn back in time" into the Toral Rift Time Rip involves Metatronic Death Science "Death Star" distorted Merkaba Vortex Mechanics. The energy quanta of our Solar System, and those of the Parallel Solar System, first compact into a "vesica piscis" bond at the core of the Toral Rift Time Rip, as the Merkaba Field Vortex–set of each respective sun is progressively attracted into opposite-polarity electromagnetic bond with the Merkaba Field of the other sun; as the two suns are drawn into the Toral Rift "Harness Field," their orbits — and their corresponding solar systems — progressively intersect to form a "vesica piscis" orbital bond. As the two solar systems progressively "collide" to engage the "vesica piscis" orbit, they are both drawn "backward in time" toward the 10,948 BC center creation point of the Toral Rift space-time displacement field.

      As the two solar systems draw backward in time, the spin-speeds of their respective Merkaba Fields progressively accelerate. When the spin of our mutated "same-spin–vortex-set" Solar Merkaba Field reaches "34 spin-speed," and the likewise-mutated "same-spin vortex-set" of the Parallel Solar Merkaba Field simultaneously reaches "21 counter-spin-speed," the two Solar Merkaba Fields and their contents are drawn together and begin "backward-time progression" toward the center-point of the Toral Rift's Tube Torus–shaped "Metatronic Harness Field." As the two Solar Merkaba Fields merge, the faster 34-spin Solar Merkaba Field reverses the spin of the slower 21-spin Parallel Solar Merkaba Field, and the two Solar Merkaba Fields accelerate to "55 spin-speed," blending to form a large, singular, inorganic External Metatronic Merkaba Field same-spin vortex-set, with an internal, Metatronic Death Star Atomic-Encasement Harness surrounding the quanta of the two solar systems held within it.

      Following the Fibonacci expansion sequence, the Blended Solar Merkaba Field accelerates from its "55 starting spin-speed" to a "144 spin-speed," at which point it generates an external Thermal-Encasement Field and "jumps the organic boundaries space-time-light," entering a superluminal state to pass into the center-point of the 10,948 BC Toral Rift Time Rip — where it becomes an externally fueled, finite-life "Death Star External Merkaba Vehicle Black Hole Feeder Field." Once formed, the Death Star External Merkaba Vehicle begins "quantum feeding" from the remaining local living-energy environments of our Milky Way and the Parallel Milky Way galaxies, initiating quantum growth and spin-speed acceleration, following the Fibonacci expansion sequence, through perpetual "quantum feeding" from the life-fields of both galaxies.

      As the Blended Merkaba Field accelerates to "144 spin-speed" to enter the superluminal state of the Death Star External Merkaba Vehicle, it progressively acts as a "particle accelerator" to the quanta of the two solar systems held within its internal Atomic-Encasement Harness. Once the point of superluminosity is reached, the extreme particle acceleration of the encased matter-forms of the two suns and their solar systems causes their Encryption Lattices and atomic structures to progressively implode, explode and shatter within the Metatronic Atomic-Encasement Harness at the center of the Death Star Merkaba Vehicle. The two solar systems are thus reduced to the raw energy quanta of "hyper-accelerated space-dust" within the internal Atomic-Encasement Harness. The quanta of the two solar systems blend and merge to form a "singular quantum field of inorganic, superluminal, artificial static-radiation Dead Light particulates," quarantined within the Atomic-Encasement Harness. From the superluminal state, the Death Star Merkaba Vehicle — and the superluminal quantum-radiation particulate field (of what had been the two solar systems) that is held within the Death Star's internal Atomic-Encasement Harness — then "quantum-transfers" through the Metatronic Alpha-Omega Wormhole passages, out of the 10,948 BC Toral Rift Time Rip space-time displacement field and into the Alpha System Parallel Milky Way Galaxy as "quantum influx."

      Once quantum transfer has occurred, and the Metatronically-harnessed quanta of what were once the two solar systems have been transferred within the Death Star Merkaba Vehicle to the fallen Parallel Milky Way Galaxy Alpha Black Hole System, the Death Star begins spin-speed deceleration, leaving the superluminal state, and the "singular quantum field of inorganic, superluminal, artificial static-radiation Dead Light particulates" within its internal Atomic-Encasement Harness begins corresponding particle deceleration. As the static-radiation particulates of what had been the two solar systems engage particle deceleration and leave the superluminal state, the matter structure re-forms within the Death Star internal Atomic-Encasement Harness, through the process of particle re-accretion, following an inorganic blended organization of what were the original core–Encryption Lattices of the two solar systems. The "Dead Light" radiation particulates within the Death Star Encasement Harness each still carry a minute "nano-bite" of the original Encryption Lattice radiation-signature from which they fragmented. Through this nano-bite radiation-signature, the particulates from both our particle Solar System and the anti-particle Parallel Solar System re-accrete in a distorted organization, to re-form a new mutated, blended Encryption Lattice upon which the particulates re-materialize into a "new" matter-form within the Death Star Atomic-Encasement Harness.

      The "new artificially rendered matter-form" re-materializes within the Parallel Milky Way Galaxy Alpha Black Hole System as a "singular, distorted, finite-life mutated facsimile" of the original two solar systems. The particulate field re-materializes within the Death Star Atomic-Encasement Harness in the Parallel Alpha Black Hole System as a "new finite-life Artificial-Light Facsimile Death Star Solar System" — a permanently mutated, "twisted, fallen version" of our Solar System and the Parallel Solar System combined. The new "Facsimile Solar System" then falls under the Hierarchical Quantum Dominance of the Metatronic Encryption Lattice of the finite-life, quarantined "Parallel Alpha Fall System." Once the Artificial Death Star Solar System is re-formed inside of the Death Star Merkaba Vehicle, it will continue Metatronic Fibonacci expansion through progressive consumption of the two Galactic Fields from which it was formed, as its "Feeder" Death Star Merkaba Vehicle continues to siphon energy quanta from the remaining living-energy aspects of the two Galactic Fields. As the Death Star Solar System "feeds," it will begin to pull the Milky Way and Parallel Milky Way galaxies into "Death Star Transformation" and corresponding "Fall Path of Space-dust Return Alignment," to progressively "build" a finite-life Artificial Death Star Black Hole Galaxy within the Parallel Milky Way Galaxy Alpha Fall System.

      Creation of the Artificial Death Star Black Hole Feeder Galaxy is the core purpose Prime Objective of the Alpha-Omega Illuminati Master Plan. The Alpha Illuminati-Elders of the fallen Parallel Milky Way Galaxy Alpha Black Hole System joined with other Illuminati-Elder races of several other Quarantined Black Hole Fall Systems, and formed the "Alpha-Omega False God-Head" Illuminati-Elder "Fallen Angel Hierarchy." Through creation of the Artificial Death Star Black Hole Galaxy — an abomination of Metatronic "Bloom of Doom" Death Science creation — the "Alpha-Omega False God-Head" falling Illuminati-Elder collectives hope to "Re-create Creation in their Own Image." They hope to use the Death Star Galaxy to "create, then assimilate, others of its kind," to form a massive Death Star Universe that sustains its existence and averts the organic consequence of eternal Cosmic Physics Laws, through perpetual rape of and feeding on the Living Cosmos. The "Alpha-Omega False God-Head" will discover the great fallacy of this "recent rendition" of their Master Plan Prime Objective in 2976 AD.

      The Metatronic "Bloom of Doom" Death Science dynamics of the "Death Star Merkaba Vehicle" described above in relation to the macrocosmic Illuminati Master Plan Prime Objective, also apply on a microcosmic level. An individual life-form that engages Death Star Merkaba Vehicle activation, either unconsciously through environmental Planetary Encryption Lattice Quantum Dominance, or consciously through intentional practice of Death Star Merkaba Vehicle activation technologies, is aligning with the "Death Star Fall Path Destiny." Individuals retain the "power of Free Will Choice" in regard to evolutionary path "biological Ascension Alignment" up until the point of the first full "55 spin-speed" Death Star activation. At "55 spin-speed" the Death Star Merkaba Vehicle forms its internal Metatronic Atomic-Encasement Field, begins generating its external Thermal-Encasement Field, and initiates Fibonacci "Death Spiral feeding" for expansion and acceleration.

      From the "Metatronic-55" activation point forward, the Atomic Encryption Lattice and Bio-magnetic Field of the atomic structure become permanently mutated into Metatronic Code configuration. Through the "automatic Death Spiral feeding" that initiates at the "Metatronic-55-point," the Death Star Merkaba Vehicle will eventually accelerate to "superluminal" spin-speed, resulting in permanent "Death Star Transformation" of the biological-atomic structure and corresponding permanent "Fall Path Space-dust Return Evolutionary Alignment" for the entrapped spirit-consciousness. Once an individual life-form engages the "Metatronic-55-point" of Death Star Merkaba Vehicle activation, any potentials of organic, biological-atomic Genuine Eternal Life Ascension are permanently lost for the current lifetime, but the spirit-consciousness can reclaim Eternal Life Ascension abilities through engaging very specific energetic countermeasures. If one desires to prevent or cease Death Star Merkaba Vehicle activation, counterstrategies of Bio-regenesis healing — by which progression of Death Star spin-speed acceleration can be prevented, halted or partially reversed — are usable while the physical-atomic body is still alive. When the physical-atomic body has reached its "natural" death point, if progression of Death Star activation has been sufficiently halted and reversed while the body was living, the embodied spirit-consciousness can then be freed into the Path of Re-evolutionary Eternal Life Ascension, through intentional application of the specific organic bio-energetic processes inherent to Eternal Life Bhardoah Ascension Transition

      If a being has engaged Death Star Merkaba Vehicle activation (either knowingly, through practice of Death Science applications, or unknowingly, through Quantum Dominance override automatically generated by Metatronic Coding running within the environmental Planetary Encryption Lattice and geomagnetic field), and if no energetic counterstrategies are taken, then activation of the Death Star Merkaba Vehicle and its resultant evolutionary consequence will occur automatically, overriding any conscious "Free Will Choice" to the contrary. "Merkaba Field Vortex-sets" are an organic part of the "invisible multidimensional anatomy" of all atomic-matter structures and biological life-forms, so "everyone and everything," including planets and stars, have sets of Merkaba Fields — whether or not one knows or believes they are there. The organic structure and function of the personal smaller-quantum Merkaba Fields is directly and continually affected by the condition of the larger-quantum environmental Planetary Merkaba Fields, Encryption Lattice and geomagnetic field.

      The Merkaba Fields, Encryption Lattice and Bio-magnetic Fields of individual life-forms on a planet will adopt a "microcosmic copy" of the configurations held within the planetary body. If the dominant quantum percentage of the Planetary Body Merkaba Fields, Encryption Lattice and geomagnetic field is holding a Metatronic Death Star configuration, this configuration will automatically govern and override the configuration and contours of the personal anatomy, unless direct energetic counterstrategies are actively employed. The Illuminati-Elder races were well aware of this fact of cosmic multidimensional physics as they progressively orchestrated their Master Plan Prime Objective toward its intended 2012 fulfillment. When the Alpha-Omega/ Toral Rift 10,948 BC–Time Rip Fall Alignment peak of December 21, 2012 occurs, a dominant 66%-quantum of Earth's Planetary Encryption Lattice, Merkaba Fields and geomagnetic field will initiate engagement of the "Metatronic-55" activation point; this will create the dominant-quantum configuration for the environmental planetary atomic structure and planetary life-field.

      Within 24 hours of when this December 21, 2012 planetary "Metatronic-55-point" occurs, the Encryption Lattices, Merkaba Fields and atomic Bio-magnetic Fields of Earth's atomic-matter structure and biological life-field will automatically adopt a "microcosmic copy" of this planetary Metatronic-55 configuration. It is at this point that individuals will need direct energetic counterstrategies, first to halt, and later to partially reverse, the automatic activation of the personal Death Star Merkaba Vehicle. For this reason, and the reasons to follow, the MCEO–Krystal River Guardians have been progressively intervening directly, and will continue to do so with the 2012 Silver Seed Awakening.

      At the "Metatronic-55-point" of the 2012 peak Toral Rift Alignment, if the Illuminati-Elders "have their way," a pre-cataclysmic "40-day Window of Chaos" — starting from the December 21, 2012 peak Toral Rift Alignment and running to about the end of February 2013 — will unfold as the Encryption Lattice and Merkaba Fields of the Sun, and of Earth and its populations, engage Fibonacci expansion spin-speed acceleration up to and beyond full "Metatronic-55" activation; in addition, Earth and our Solar System will enter a "backward-time progression" toward the center-point of the 10,948 BC Toral Rift Time Rip. During the "Window of Chaos" — if the "2012 Drama" progresses that far — the geomagnetic fields of both Earth and the Sun will begin the process of "pre-shift" erratic fluctuation and anomalous behavior, with corresponding increase in solar coronal mass ejections (CMEs) and rapid climatic and "Earth Change" consequence, and biological populations will experience progressively more mental, emotional and biochemical instability as the Epigenetic Overlay "follows the flux" of the planetary geomagnetic field.

      If this "End Times Scenario" unfolds, then at the end of the "40-day Window of Chaos" the Encryption Lattice and Merkaba Fields of the Sun, the rest of our Solar System, and of Earth and its populations, will reach critical acceleration to "Metatronic Death Star Merkaba 144 spin-speed," at which point Earth and Parallel Earth, and the Sun and Parallel Sun, will first have temporary collapse of their geomagnetic fields, and will then initiate, over about 3 to 6 days, Rapid Cataclysmic Pole Shift of the geomagnetic fields and Geographical "Crust Roll" Rotation to resume the planetary and solar polar-alignments of the 10,948 BC period. This 3 to 6 day period will represent the 6th and Last Extinction of the entire life-field of Earth; and from this biological extinction, the Illuminati's "Quantum Harvest" of body, soul and spirit will unfold. As full Toral Rift Galactic Alignment occurs through "Pole Shift," a glowing-red Thermal-Encasement Field will form around the personal-atomic, planetary and Solar System Death Star Merkaba Vehicles, and the Death Stars, with their contents, will enter a superluminal state and "time-jump backward" across the organic boundaries of space-time-light, passing into center-point alignment with the 10,948 BC Toral Rift Time Rip.

      From the point of time-jump and thereafter, Death Star acceleration will rapidly increase until the Encryption Lattice and matter structure of everything contained within the Death Stars shatters and vaporizes through excessive particle acceleration, to become a "singular quantum field of Metatronic particulate space-dust," as the Solar System Death Star passes through the Alpha-Omega Wormholes into the fallen Parallel Milky Way Galaxy Alpha System for "final Death Star Transformation." Once arriving in the Alpha System, atomic transformation will complete as the Death Stars and "particulate soup" decelerate spin-speed and the particulates, along with the fragments of consciousness they carry, "re-form" into a mutated, inorganic, non-living "Facsimile Distortion" of what they once were. Beings who engage the "Death Star Transformation," following death of their organic biology, will suffer a permanently mutated Encryption Lattice structure, and complete "memory wipe," returning to "Living-Dead" conscious awareness in a biochemical and mental state that resembles the characteristic symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. The "Transformed Living-Dead" life-field will find that its original gifts of Free Will Choice and Eternal Life Ascension have been permanently subjugated to the "self-proclaimed authority" of the Illuminati-Elder Alpha-Omega False God-Head Hierarchy, and the only evolutionary options remaining are those within the De-evolutionary Fall Path of Space-dust Return.

      The Illuminati Fall-groups that promote the "Death Sciences and Bloom of Doom" paradigms call the process just described above "Ascension," and have many "Ascended Masters" who have engaged the Death Star Transformation. In the reality of the eternal Living Cosmos, the process described above is the antithesis of Genuine Eternal Life Ascension; it is simply the most rapid method of entering the De-evolutionary Path of Fall. There are two primary options of experience within the Fall Path of Death Star Transformation. One option is "making peace with one's plight" and regaining freedom through the organic process of Space-dust Return to the eternal-life Source Field, when your existing store of quanta is expended; this option can be accomplished only through the direct Guardian-race intervention efforts and education programs that are periodically extended into Quarantined Black Hole Fall Systems. The other option is remaining under the directive of the governing Illuminati Hierarchy, who have progressively lost their ability to FEEL, and who sustain their illusion of "finite immortality and Elitist Subjugation" by raping, stealing and "vampiring" energy from the "Innocents" of Living Systems, and from each other, with no remorse, regret or mercy. In this option, one simply continues to de-evolve, becoming "more and more like them." The irony of this latter option is that, due to the Eternal Laws of Action and Consequence-to-Action that govern the ENTIRE Cosmos, ALL Fall Systems and those within them eventually meet their end through Space-dust Return, regardless of what is done to prevent this consequence. It is a self-defeating path of progressively diminishing return to space-dust fragmentation.

      Will this Illuminati-Elder 2012 Master Plan continue to unfold?
      Yes, BUT not exactly as the Illuminati intend or envision, due to the continuing efforts of direct intervention by the GA-MCEO Guardians and Krystal River Councils of Aquareion–Adashi Adepts.

      Will Earth experience the "6th Mass Extinction" through the geomagnetic and geographical Pole Shift that the Illuminati-Elders intend to initiate in 2012 as part of their Master Plan Prime Objective?
      NO, not in the 2012–2013 period — but due to their Dis-ease of Supreme Arrogance, the Illuminati-Elder Force
      continued here http://www.azuritepress.com/New%20Comers/intro_topic_summary_2.php
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