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Enchanted Forest Intuitive Camp

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  • Nancy Baumgarten
    Dear All here. Nancy Baumgarten here, from Asheville, NC. I m interested in following hte concept of preparing. I havea daughter so multidimensional that
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      Dear All here. Nancy Baumgarten here, from Asheville, NC. I'm interested in following hte concept of preparing. I havea daughter so multidimensional that when she was young I actaully used the concept that in order to raise her I needed to treat her as if she wre a visiting ambassador from another planet that I was showing around how our system worked... and then she would explain to me how the physics of where she remembered coming from worked. If you all have any children aor friends who need our camp please let them know about us. Many Thanks, Nancy & Llael.


      Profound Awareness Alliance Network

      Vol. 1, no 3 May 30, 2004

      Enchanted Forest Intuitive Camp
      Hi, Dear Friends Please Join us at our
      5th Annual Family Camp and Consciousness Gathering!
      Since 1999
      Camp Registration NOW

      Who is it for? This is our joyous "Lab school" of new paradigm education for whole families for their clairvoyant, clairaudient, and clairsentient children. We firmly believe that the mystical and psychic perceptions are innate in all of humanity. Our goal is help children and parents develop their many ways of knowing in a balanced and grounded way. Ages 2-19, parents and mentors-in-training.

      Who are the Presenters? Camp and Consciousness Gathering presenters are experts in their field and are chosen for their known intuitive capacities, high integrity and capacity for JOY!
      Click here to read about our Presenters

      When? July 25 - 30, 2004. Camp

      Where? The flagship YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly Conference Center, outside of ASHEVILLE, North Carolina, USA.

      What are the 2004 Program Playshops and Program Activities?
      a.. Eurythmy: We will learn from a master teacher of Eurythmy how specific movements bring a sense of centeredness, interconnectedness with Universe and the mystical forces of nature that surrounds us. · Dominique Espaze, Writer & Theatre Director
      · Raising the Vibration - a Healing Lab: We will practice the art of recognizing our own capacity for harmonizing with the higher vibrations of well-being and spiritual growth. ·Renee Swisko, Master Healer ; clairvoyant of many years.

      · Playback Theatre: Storytelling and theatre celebrate the human experience, in which the audience contribute moments from their lives. The older kids will learn the art of "playing back"the stories using word, movement, music and basic props; performance given for the younger to present their stories. · Raphael Peter and students of Asheville Playback Theatre

      · Sense of the Mystical: Sharing stories that highlight the everydayness of humans connection with Universe. ·Tobin Hart, PhD Professor of Transpersonal Psychology and author of The Secret Spiritual Lives of Children.

      · Your Sensory Style - Discover the true extent of humans' Sensory and Awareness capacities. Awaken your own with fun Sensory Games. · Nancy Baumgarten, MLA Camp Director, and author of forthcoming book, Profound Awareness.

      · Auric Vision, Photography & Healing: Dr. Phil Ricker, a acupuncturist trained in China, will demonstrate how a professional mentoring relationship (in the family in this case) works to developed his daughters interpretive abilities of her auric vision. We will all get a chance to see what Taya sees through a demonstration of a state of the art auric video computer demonstrated by Leland. ·Dr. Phil Ricker, OMD; & Leland Peirakos

      · Clairaudience and Discernment: Kid to Kid sharing for learning how to discern meaning, interpretation and action regarding their expanded awareness modalities. Highly interactive.
      ·Llael Maffitt, Clairaudient Teen

      · How Multi-dimensionality expresses itself: The many creative ways of navigating our inner experiences; finding truth within, discerning and balance and always the JOY!· ·Linda Iribarren, Global Business Consultant & Spiritual Coach with multi-dimensional awareness.

      · Art and Dreams: Creatively explore how our inner life may be reflected outwardly. Mary Hart, M.ED. Reiki instructor, mother of intuitive children and a life long sensitive and experiencer of energetic awareness'

      · Morning Yoga · Drumming - African Dance · Music and Movement: . Jenna Melissas, Voice Instructor, teaches home-school classes · World PEACE & Social Justice Forum and Meditation. · Creek Walk · Mountain Hiking Trails (3 levels) · Faerie Talk -Faerie Walk with Elizabeth Ur and children · Challenge Climbing Tower: a world class climbing tower and program (3 levels, all ages) · Cooperative Games; Student demonstrations - Tai chi; Tae Kwon Do.· Playground; Swimming Pool; Tennis courts;

      Info and On-line Registration at the website (www.PsyKids.org) Camp Camp Registration
      We also welcome you to join our on-going Discussion E-Group list: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/psykids/

      Profound Awareness Alliance ......... Where Science and Spirituality Meet in JOY!

      Nancy Baumgarten, MLA P.O. Box 16522
      Asheville, NC 28816
      www.psykids.net tel:
      tel2: 828.665.1028

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