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    Both my sons were born premature, one 6 weeks, one 4 weeks before the 9 months... my former stepdaughters daughter was born 6 or 7 weeks early and needed to be
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      Both my sons were born premature, one 6 weeks, one 4 weeks before the 9 months... my former stepdaughters daughter was born 6 or 7 weeks early and needed to be in an incubator.... from what I saw first hand at my sons births, there was no way they could grow to 9 months and make it out...
      My last sons birth was very strange... it happened so fast, like "he's got to go NOW!" they lost his heartbeat, not because he did, or the machine malfunctioned, but because he moved so fast. My wifes heart rate went astronomical for a moment and the baby literally shot out like a rocket....

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      In the research I have done, I came across a passage that said that the root of Nephilim is nephel, which means: "untimely birth, abortion, miscarriage" . Also I read that the Hebrew of nephilim is נפלים, which may mean "those causing others to fall". The Nephilim come from a union between Sons of God (בני האלהים, "b-nei ha-'elohim", Lit. "sons of the powers")[14] and "daughters of man".
      According to Andrew Collins, in the Ethiopian Kebra Nagast the story is told of enormous Nephilim (giant) babies who could not fit in their human mother's wombs:

      "And the daughters of Cain with whom the "angels" had companied conceived,but they were unable to bring forth their children, and they died. And of the children who were in their wombs some died, and some came forth: having split open the bellies of their mothers they came forth by their navels

      Author Helen Fisher in Natural History, 1987 - Along with others who have studied this question, I believe that at some stage ancestral females must have begun to experience an obstetric crisis bearing babies that were too large to squeeze through the smaller birth canal structure, every baby would be still-born. Perhaps many were until pre-mature births began to happen. By being born "pre-maturely" these infants could pass through the pelvic girdle because their birth size was small enough. This is how the problem was solved evolutionarily speaking. Soon all human births were "pre-mature. " And they continue to be "pre-mature" up tothe present day, where we call them "normal births."
      From the essay, "The Childhood of Humanity" by Bobby Matherne

      "This is evident today as human babies are "altricial", born underdeveloped, forced from the womb by their inordinate size relative to the womb. While most mammals are much more mature at birth, many walking or running almost immediately, humans are born seriously underdeveloped. Bone mass, including the "soft spot" in the head and muscle tissue lags, according to(leading anthropologist and author) Helen E. Fisher. . as quoted from "The Genesis Story" by James Quattro

      As human evolved further their skulls became more vertical and
      culminated in the Cro-Magnon humans, whose skull size and capacity
      increased greatly, signaling the presence of the neo-cortex But as the neo-cortex developed, more and more of the brain development occurred while in the womb. At some point the size of the fully developed brain exceeded the capacity of the female human's pelvic girdle and something had to be done. If the head could not fit through the pelvic girdle which is all hard bone."

      Because of my background in healing and energy mastery, I was taught about stem cell chi. Stem cell or pre-natal chi is different than the "chi" we use normally to run our bodies.

      It is active and can be measured for 9 months while a fetus is in the womb and for 4 months after, totaling 13 months. This indicates that modern day human beings are 4 months pre-mature, explaining why human babies are born so helpless.

      Were ancient astronauts responsible for all this? Many scholars are saying “yes.”
      http://OriginalSexB ook.com

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