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Dreamscaps and Other Adventures.

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  • Bre
    Hi All, As the Indigenous Peoples of the surface world and Others say, only 10% of our lives take place during our waking hours. Bre. ... [Non-text portions
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2008
      Hi All,
      As the Indigenous Peoples of the surface world and Others say, only
      10% of our lives take place
      during our waking hours.

      > Thanks Ken,
      > You've put into words, what I've felt since discovering David Icke and
      > reading his book 'The Biggest Secret'
      > then going to see him when he visited my home city, Wellington, NZ
      > Empowering myself.
      > When I was about nine or ten the little people wanted me to go with
      > them, but I was frightened,
      > so I got out of bed, raced into Mum and Dad's room, climbed in
      > alongside my Mum, put my arms
      > around her waist, and hung on for dear life.
      > I'm am ready now to revisit that night, and turn around and say Hi to
      > Them.
      > I too, want to go back to the HP school and relearn everything that I
      > have forgotten.
      > My dearest wish is to graduate from that school, and pull all of those
      > re learnt skills, thru to this dimension,
      > so that I can do a lot, on a very broad scale, to right the wrongs,
      > with all energy forms, below, on the
      > surface, and above.
      > KR folk, have been a valuable, and above all friendly resource, in
      > assisting Me in this endeavor.
      > Many Thanks,
      > Luv,
      > Bre.
      > ken wrote:
      >> *Hello Bre and friends*; ThankU 4 sharing, That's wonderful U 2 can
      >> remember, Many levels of dreams...
      >> We R busy beings having fun
      >> My sense is that you / us move into other realms of the multi
      >> duplicative selves' and yet we also have duplicates in this realm
      >> also connected to others thru electrons DNA: energy spirit: Some do
      >> remember dreams: And yet there R experiences where we actually go
      >> to our destinations
      >> which we do stuff include interacting with others as others or as our
      >> selves'....Funny that.....yours I see as another of self:
      >> Sometimes when I awake in mornings I always look around the room and
      >> say to myself, is this another dreamstate or am I back? It only takes
      >> me a few seconds to realise where I am:
      >> I feel that there R all types of dreams from Thought created
      >> dreams like daydreaming creations of day week month events:
      >> REM Dreams, OOBE-Astral levels - Dreamscapes simular to OOBE, Past
      >> Present Future multi-dimensional...Alter multi ego entities and false
      >> Identities interfere in dreams.....
      >> *The OOBE*, you can stand and look at your self in bed face moving
      >> closed eye's twitching..*not a dream*. I see Smokey mist type all
      >> around....at times I hover in my home just by thinking about it and
      >> moving thru the walls and a dim golden brown glow is always around:
      >> sometimes I just spin
      >> **
      >> *_Other experiences:_*
      >> Entity ET pull outs...dragged out of self either floating on ceiling
      >> or drop on floor..This I also experienced many times..OOBE...I learnt
      >> my fear and know the fear as Illusions and learning the experience
      >> feeling;s on many levels
      >> *The REM* sleep closing eye's and dream mixture of upside down
      >> stuff...Like daydreaming with imagination creation topsy turvy stuff.....
      >> **
      >> *_And yet questions I ask:_*
      >> What is material? what is Illusions? What is normal? What is created
      >> and WHY.....?? Or is it all imaginative....if it was not for the
      >> stuff I have experienced in actual
      >> I would say then that its all Illusional........But Nah! I have
      >> experienced many things in actual so I see other stuff in dreamscapes
      >> also non Illusional
      >> *_Views:_*
      >> I feel we move our selves and go places, like many of us remember our
      >> travels in the dreamrealms....(Dimensions)
      >> I go to other realms and planets: things I can remember from since a
      >> child in cot.........
      >> I feel that we R connected to our selves in other dimensions...in
      >> sleep we move and that we do look thru another body in a duplicate
      >> parallel or multi dimension...and that this body is also in another
      >> and that dimensional dreamconnectors *_THREADS_*: Visa a Versa our
      >> dimensional selves do look thru our eye's even though we R all one......
      >> *_Schools_*
      >> I myself manytimes in dreamscapes I am always going to a A massive
      >> castle school like the Harry Potter movie stuff...but that's been
      >> going on since I was a child..Learning things like flying,
      >> Telekinetics, breathing underwater, healings, ORB creating and much
      >> more....I am shown things..and they always say U already know this?
      >> Bre, ORB sharing.....Back in 83 on the Central Coast near Joann, I
      >> awoke with a large bluish translucent ORB buzzing like waves of bee's
      >> on my chest...I was awake
      >> although I have had orbs always around me......going thru closed
      >> windows and ceiling...blanket pullings...I use to have tug 'O' war at
      >> nights with others when they came
      >> ThankU again for your sharing
      >> Cheers
      >> Ken
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      >> *Sent:* Thursday, May 01, 2008 .
      >> Hi ,
      >> I had a strange dream the other night.
      >> I had a motorbike and was going to the motorcycle shop to get a
      >> helmet for each of my dogs,
      >> so that they would be able to ride up behind me.
      >> [Now in this life I don't want to own a bike, let alone ride one.]
      >> The funny thing is that when I asked the staff about this, They
      >> thought It was a perfectly normal
      >> request.
      >> They showed me to some specially configured/designed for dogs.
      >> Perhaps in my dreamscape, I was visiting a Star Wars, the movie,
      >> type scenario.
      >> Any ideas, anybody.
      >> Bre.

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