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  • Jewels
    A friend of mine might have already passed this link on in one of the groups here that I m sending it to so please disregard if so.. But Reptilians on Earth
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2007
      A friend of mine might have already passed this link on in one of the groups
      here that I'm sending it to so please disregard if so.. But Reptilians on
      Earth are very very real and this I wrote in response to a private email I
      got today from a woman who is on a huge group with myself and some docs and
      various others. I believe the information sent to me today was connected
      to Peggy Kanes research of the Reptilians in the astral realm which she is
      correct on but is lacking in understanding somewhat of the ones that walk on
      Earth here. She is under a different understanding than myself on one or
      two of the aspects that I see different. She feels that they host folks on
      Earth and I guess I am more leaning towards the DNA factor that many walk
      the Earth with the literal DNA to shape between human form and Reptile and
      most are not hosted but are the Reps themselves, through and through..

      People are not just eaten by Reptilians in astral state like Peggy Kane has
      said , but also in the physical state too. Watch this video to the end and
      YES it is graphic at the end and there is a Rep eating a young woman and who
      is butchered.. NOTE: do not watch if you are too sensitive. The Pleiadians
      have used me and continue to use me to speak the truth and although it is
      for sure taking place in astral somehow .. It is also taking place literaly
      in the physical and there are humans that run our Gov and who shapeshift
      literally and YES they eat humans amongst other things.

      Warning the end of the movie is upsetting. ALSO IMPORTANT, see Arizona
      Wilders account that David Icke has on video . This will fill in many
      pieces that were not covered and will give another piece to this puzzle.
      You can buy both on CD. I will get the link for you if you like.. I'm on
      no email and will not be on the Internet for long. I'm being called off and
      will be going more into isolation..

      I leave you with this.. Or if a friend of mine has already shared, please
      delete then.. Resonation from Creator will Testify of its legitimacy..
      It did for me and the Pleiadians as well confirmed.. Almost too horrifying
      to know it is going on. I've been raped myself first hand by these beings..

      Anyway here is the link.. PLEASE watch it to the end and realize that
      there were many that died to get this video out. This is exactly what I've
      been telling folks on P4C. Certain people writing me privately asking me to
      deny my truth given to me by Pleiadians I will NEVER do , even if they
      themselves are starseeds. We have to walk our truth.. That's all I know
      and this is what I do. I will not be on the Internet for long now though..
      This video is real and true, make no mistake and also all those that died
      to get this out..



      PS the reason folks have died is to get this information out so that folks
      do not continue to burry their heads in the sand in thinking all is love and
      light. And granted much is Love and Light and we should continue as good
      light workers to do our work here BUT for all those little children who die
      this way and for all those that are slain everyday at the hands of these
      Reptilian Overlords we must ask ourselves , " have we lost our humanity ? "
      or are we to look at this straight on??? So that all those victims will be
      remembered... Who are just suddenly missing one day, with their parents
      searching in vain for their dear loved one... To deny their right to cry
      from the other side of this veil for justice I surely think we owe them if
      we are truly Light Workers as we claim.. Why is the Word Worker included in
      Light Work because it is just that at times. This is the hardest part of
      the mission but certainly needs to be done and yes it calls for bravery at

      I hear so many channels say, oh let the world crumble down at your feet and
      remain in your light and untouched.. If we are loving and if we are
      compassionate, to do so would be the loss of our own humanity.. We might
      as well call ourselves opposite of Light Work and say we are apart of " Dark
      Work " instead. OR we run in fear secretly because we bury our heads
      because of the unfortunate horror of our World. We stands to reason too.
      But there IS a War on.. The majority are enslaved on Planet Earth and most
      are into the Fundamental ways including some, but not all, but many New
      Agers.. This also includes ALL Fundamental religion. New Age and
      Fundamental Religion are just two sides of the same coin.. Both say to
      blind ourselves from truth.. Turn the other Cheek. Embrace darkness even it
      is suggested by New Age thinking and Dogma.. We are opposite of Light Work
      if we do that. COMPASSION !!!!

      .... Some things cannot be manifested away And ESPECIALLY when our
      Creational Space of Manifesting has been Usurped and TAKEN from us to create
      what we wish and evil can and does enter into our space and if it were not
      for that fact, evil can live forever doing their deeds in their own specific
      joy but because Creator has Universal Laws and they wish to usurp Creator
      Given Rights, they cross the bounds of free will of enjoying evil or dark.
      Now they cross the bounds to Unviversal codes..

      Without strong Spiritual Weapons we are lost..

      Without not looking or observing truth, this is by no means helping the
      situation out here on Earth as the Dark gains their ground.. Even in Gregg
      Bradens Book The Lost Mode of Prayer it is known and through movies such as

      The Secret, or What the Bleep Do We Know , that in order for prayers to be
      answered or manifestations to take place you first have to have the Thought
      + Strong Emotion/Intent = Prayer or the Manifested desire.

      Well my take is how can one manifest with strong emotion unless one knows
      what is taking place.. If one is aware, then one can use that thought of
      Love mixed with Strong Emotion of Compassion with Strong Intent To Cast
      Darkness such as this out on its ear..

      Now Folks say, you do not need to see it, to do this. That is true, anyone
      can manifest and anyone can use what emotions they can grasp at with the
      limited info one has BUT without the strong Emotion of Compassion, Mercy and
      Deep Love , the combating of such Dark Forces cannot take place. In order
      to feel that compassion you have to look it straight in the eyes in order to
      stir those deep emotions within us to the point that when we add to that
      strong Intent, we can then move the Mountains with our mere thoughts. You
      can't take down the heavy weights being a lightweight. .

      Unfortunately this strong emotion and compassion can only really come from
      observation of the very thing that needs prayer or intentional manifesting..
      That is what sparks our deepest compassion... Not so to keep us reliving
      things over and over in the mind but to keep the memory of the victims in
      our heart and gather the strong compassion needed to kick Dark's Living Butt
      AND Most of all to do this so this does NOT happen to another innocent
      child and victim of ritual Reptilian Abuse..

      These people died and lost their lives in order to expose this information.
      Those like Alex Jones and Jeff Rense have done their share of exposing but
      nothing to this extent that Brandon Cory and others did..

      I will tell you what is horrifying, that these rituals take place each and
      every day with Shapeshifting Reps.. And so I say lets keep in mind really
      all those that have suffered and continue to suffer with being literally
      butchered alive. This film is not a fake.. Well and many can look at it
      and say it is but really resonation comes to those that want the truth and
      for those that don't they can see the Red Sea part and still doubt..

      But, Be sure to also watch Arizona Wilders Video.. Help victims by getting
      the truth out . Help them so that STRONG INTENTION AND PRAYERFUL
      MANIFESTING AND SPIRITUAL WEAPONS can reach those that need to be helped..
      Lets not let these things happen in vain. Divine forces somehow
      miraculously kept this footage preserved..

      I'm not going to be on the Internet for much longer.. ALSO my computer was
      hacked and my files were wiped out. No accident either.. I've said most of
      what I need to say and will be going in isolation here soon.. Its too
      dangerous for those of us who have pursued this exposing for so long. I've
      got starseeds claiming to be starseeds trying to convince me that this is
      not true when I have a sure witness from the Pleiadians and so I'm left
      questioning how much of a contactee are they for if they ask the benevolent
      ones if this is true, they surely would say YES !!!!!!!!! I see Reptilians
      all week long just about. My encounters are anywhere from 10 minutes to 4
      hours or more.. With Residual presence sometimes for a day or two after...
      I also am a True Contactee of the Pleiadians and I have been Raped
      previously by Reptilians and in fact was taken to an underground facility
      within the last week and which the Pleiadians took myself off a cement slab
      in a place that had no windows and narrow walkways. All stone and cement.
      I have my own events taking place and also had several other things happen
      to me in the last couple weeks which is causing me to want to go in safety
      mode. Anyway, I hope folks take this video seriously. Not all is hunky
      dorie in Light Worker land as some of the channels claim..

      Im still on no email here so I wont be able to see any responses unless I
      drop by by chance.. Thanks again for listening.


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