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    In einer eMail vom 01.07.2006 05:10:54 Westeuropäische Normalzeit schreibt shane_digital@yahoo.com: The SavetheInternet.The SavetheInternet. com Coalition
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      In einer eMail vom 01.07.2006 05:10:54 Westeuropäische Normalzeit schreibt

      The SavetheInternet.The SavetheInternet.<WBR>com Coalition is a real g
      organizations, citizens, businesses and bloggers that have banded
      together to protect Internet freedom.

      The Coalition believes that the Internet is a crucial engine for
      economic growth and free speech. We are working together to urge
      Congress to preserve Network Neutrality, the First Amendment for the
      Internet that ensures that the Internet remains open to innovation and

      From its beginnings, the Internet has leveled the playing field for
      all comers. Everyday people can have their voices heard by thousands,
      even millions of people. The SavetheInternet.even millions of
      representing millions of Americans from all walks of life -- is
      working together to ensure that Congress passes no telecommunications
      legislation without meaningful and enforceable Network Neutrality

      _http://www.savetheihttp://www.s_ (http://www.savetheinternet.com/)

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