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Press Release: The 1st Edition of the Exopolitics Journal is Now Available Online

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    Press Release: The 1st Edition of the Exopolitics Journal is Now Available Online [Kona, Hawaii, October 1, 2005] Human endeavors are being influenced by a
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      Press Release: The 1st Edition of the Exopolitics Journal is Now Available Online

      [Kona, Hawaii, October 1, 2005] Human endeavors are being influenced by a remarkable presence, one which is extraterrestrial in origin � this is a key component of the extraterrestrial hypothesis that is being widely debated. Data to substantiate this view may one day soon make it self-evident, and many courageous people are working tirelessly to uncover the truth about such an extraterrestrial presence. The implications span politics, our economy, religion and humanities place in the universe, and these are just some of the issues which will be examined within the pages of the Exopolitics Journal.

      For those searching for quality information presented not only by diligent researchers, but by �contactees�, government and military �whistleblowers� and other exceptional individuals, the Exopolitics Journal will become a thought provoking and reliable resource. Sponsored and fully funded by the Exopolitics Institute of Hawaii, the Exopolitics Journal is offered free to the public in a printable outline pdf format at:
      http://www.ExopoliticsJournal.com .

      This month�s inaugural issue features Part 1 of a two part interview with Sgt. Clifford Stone (ret), who openly discusses his US Army assignments on UFO crash retrieval teams. Hall McKenzie has contributed an article on Exopolitics and religion, examining the role of extraterrestrials in different religious traditions spanning back thousands of years. Another article by Donald Ware discusses the covert government acclimation program using a process of �plausible deniability� to prepare the public for the extraterrestrial reality.

      Exopolitics Institute founder Dr, Michael Salla presents an overview of the history of how the extraterrestrial phenomena has been managed, and contactee Eric Julien discusses information he received during his extraterrestrial contacts - about the science of extraterrestrials. Also included in this edition are book reviews for "Top Secret/Majic: by Stanton Friedman and "The Body Snatchers" by Nick Renfern and more.

      Just one of the numerous projects sponsored by the Exopolitics Institute, the Exopolitics Journal will be published quarterly with original articles and interviews featured. Yet in order to continue to bring quality information to the public and supply resources to those working within this field of study, the Institute needs your support.

      The Exopolitics Institute is a solely membership sponsored organization committed to public awareness. One of its many goals is to promote peaceful cooperation with the extraterrestrials that evidence suggests are aligned with the advancement of global peace, human empowerment and human sovereignty.

      Please visit the Exopolitics Institute website at: http://www.ExopoliticsInstitute.com .
      Discover what we are all about and download your free copy of the Exopolitics Journal. Then, if you would like to further support the Journal or the Institute�s many projects and goals, become a member or sponsor. Membership comes with many benefits, but perhaps the most satisfying one is knowing that you are helping to build a foundation for Exopolitical awareness and understanding made available to all people everywhere.

      United, we can make a difference and gain the understanding to shape a truly extraordinary future.

      In Peace,
      Angelika Whitecliff
      Citizen Diplomacy Program Coordinator
      Exopolitics Institute

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