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  • Jerry Lehane III
    I m glad you keep posting because I learn stuff.It s hard to understand it all,what you are seeing and feeling,besides distress.Where I am I would guess that
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 1, 2005
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      I'm glad you keep posting because I learn stuff.It's hard to understand it
      all,what you are seeing and feeling,besides distress.Where I am I would
      guess that things happen all around me that I just never see in real life.In
      Pics I can concentrate and see things come alive that most people would
      never see,since I have good pattern recognition,and artistic outlook.I hope
      you keep going even if you suffer cameras malfunctioning as if the M's are
      eating them /energy consumption.Jerry
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      > Electric bills high?
      > My camera burnt up March 1st That was the End of Earth Day. Emailed
      > everyone and told them and then deleted everyone I knew. And waited. So I
      > jumped the
      > gun. Day 59 of End of Earth Day. My never to pick up camera again lasted 3
      > days had to buy another one. In the parking lot of Best Buy wide open land
      > I seen
      > a cloud in distance. heck Mt st Helens erupting. wow but seen it before. A
      > spray plane. Coming from the East heading West laying thick thick trail
      > and
      > weird plane. I seen it covering up a craft over 300 miles wide to the
      > South
      > laying trail around the freaking edge. Is this not seeing the light here?
      > I stand
      > there in a daze cus this is my day 3 of EED still not balanced and be a
      > freaking grr,,,a huge cloud off to the side of the helens was shooting
      > beams down.
      > One after another in this and that directions to the ground. My Earth?
      > dont
      > think so no more.
      > The moon, you will never get me to believe its just a rock that is
      > billions
      > of years older than Earth? clue! I have seen it all up there. Over 500
      > stills
      > and hours of video. its bulged, breathing, lights, opens up and looks
      > like
      > that oldest sign in the world?clue? And I dont think the surface is real.
      > I
      > got faces and looks so 7-D oh,, I should mention that my eye sight kinda
      > not
      > human anymore. Sometimes I type and words look like they are coming off
      > page,
      > I can see thu masking and cloaking and dont even have to look to see,
      > but
      > never mind that. Now cloud ships(shaped like sauser but didnt come from
      > hollow
      > earth.some website stated only earth ETs SORRY WRONG!) yes I said over 300
      > miles wide, hard to believe? Dont matter they are there. They have been
      > one on
      > each side of the horizon. They look like land scapes in the sky and as I
      > video
      > tape them see like machinery appear after a masking type deal shimmers and
      > then its there. I see Huge triangles ships tipped butt down with
      > hose/pipes/tubes/? I guess pumping water out of the Columbia River.
      > They have in these
      > landscapes. roads and bridges and I was watching one night days work video
      > thinking wow mel what haven't you seen and I choked on words as I seen
      > Bt's come
      > flying in like being called to dinner. I started laughing and couldnt
      > stop. They
      > zipped right in one after another. Size couldn't say. All kinds of
      > ball's/blue
      > light beings/pink-red beings. I have seen clouds open like a mouth and
      > stuff
      > comes flying out (bibles says unclean spirits?) stuff crawls along on
      > clouds
      > and I got one cloud/being I call Jeft. He is huge long narrow kinda and
      > has a
      > head with eyes. After I seen a pattern since I have him so many times It
      > has
      > to be a being! Then I found a photo I took back in Ga in a room with web
      > cam
      > and he is on the wall . Now why is that? I am sunbathing out side and
      > here he
      > comes floating by, Stops and turns head and looks at me? ok what ever
      > then
      > clouds that have trothes and I seen water running down in pools and
      > dropping
      > down IN other pools and then in troth and here comes the ETs like going to
      > the beach, strange beings with what looks like some have babies. looking
      > the
      > same but smalller? this one cracks me up, 3 big heads. yeah i know, feel
      > silly
      > saying it but hey got in on video and I had to look 3 times before I said
      > oh,
      > yeah they will believe this! but guess what, they look just like them
      > budha
      > heads in Maylaisa no one knows where or who.(clue to secert to universe
      > there
      > big time) but 3 heads froliced like anyone would do at a water park. ok
      > they
      > just floated around corner and lost them in cloud/?. Looked like dragons
      > walking down to water troth and get in water floating along. Which I was
      > thinking,,bout you guys here. Lots of times saying hey,,, looks like you
      > dont have
      > to look like next guy and liven and swimming in harmony, gives me hope I
      > can be
      > part of the gang. guess when they come to town they let the animals out
      > and
      > they can fly like you ant never seen, and i am pilot. They also hassle or
      > attack and kill ours! Been hard to take and that is what got my End of
      > Earth
      > Day. One white bird left out of a flock trying to get pass the masking but
      > one
      > by one the masking sucked in birds and spit them out the last one
      > struggled in
      > and out of masking but end up lifeless and muffed up and I video taped it
      > falling as far as I could. I didnt understand what was going on till I
      > reviewed
      > the clip. I freaking lost it. I sat for 2 days staring at the floor. A
      > feeling like I have never felt before. So dang
      > empty,numb,stunned,depressed and lost
      > hope. Not the end but nothing would be the same on Earth again. and
      > really
      > it hasnt and for me never will be. how can there be ships over 300 miles
      > wide.
      > its a guess. After hours of hours of reviewing frame after frame after
      > laughter and tears and files went balisticly a mess trying to log and file
      > and
      > document and going f** me lots of days. Only reason I am better now is
      > that man has
      > done much worse. I seen reptilain looking Id snap at another like mouse
      > type
      > id and tearing him in half. One night tons of lights all over my hood and
      > up
      > on the mountian, small ships with red.gold,green lights just siting
      > there?
      > what? Why dont others see? Now this is good. I have seen little lite bugs
      > bout
      > 4-7 inches can't see them till they get at lampost and glow. And larger
      > ones
      > bout 2 feet long sucking the back porch lights. Night after night seen
      > this.
      > Then I remember our electric bill $120 more in Feb.highest bill ever. so?
      > Then
      > there was something going on outside seen lots of lites. Set up camera wow
      > its
      > was like a huge sprial shape black with white lites strings of lights and
      > it
      > went up as far as I could video tape 3 miles?apr. It was so huge with
      > tenicles
      > to the light and some base lites twinkling colors ah never mind can't
      > explain
      > just had to see it. Seen that twice. Got a dragon so big just his head
      > fits in
      > window and so many Id like Zeck. One time he manifested right next to me
      > and
      > I was looking at a photo of him. I seen him bigger than life 5 inch away
      > and I
      > bout jump out of my skin. He comes in white forms kinda dif but I can tell
      > its him.
      > Now my brother tells me after I had seen water park in the sky. To the
      > East
      > where the craft been hanging over area of Walla Walla, it rained like he
      > never
      > seen before as he was at the foot of the mountains, Roads turned to rivers
      > and flooding everywhere, then blue beam shot down in middle of town and
      > lasted
      > 15 seconds the a huge boom and then every emergancy vehicle and sirens
      > everywhere. reported as the storm, ok but it was them releasing all that
      > water? holy
      > cow! this is just the high lights. So, anyone picking up these hints and
      > know
      > what I am talking bout? Smithsonian wont be able to hide it, to wide known
      > and been studied and over looked and I know I am freaking right!!!! So
      > only
      > a real real,,ET kinda person type would know I am right and know these
      > clues.
      > DNA documention for over billions of years? clue? No one could put it
      > together unless they are et or have seen what I have seen.
      > now. All my photos are changing of my self. Ones over 23 years old are
      > fading, big white box coming at me, aliens (like grey) on my shoulders.
      > And these
      > black creatures all over my hair body. Sparkles across some. My child
      > hood
      > all 3 photos when I was 4. yip same little guys in photo. much more but
      > lalalala
      > Now, Hollow Earth and et cant travel in space billionsxbillions, forget it
      > dudes. Seen ship 3 times as big as Earth so hard to get it IN Earth, so
      > blow
      > that theory and since my search for answers bout time and color and music
      > led
      > me to 15 physics groups which in theory, we have nothing figured out.
      > Albert
      > not human couldnt be cus at this point....MAN HAS DONE NOTHING ON HIS
      > OWN!!
      > As far as the Gov or this Brizlians deal amounting to or admitting to?
      > Come
      > on get real. For get the Gov and I could careless if general public ever
      > believes! Ufo sites are a joke. Make grey look like cartoons and so
      > freaking tired
      > of looking at them like only ET around. NO sorry, To me they look like
      > fools
      > compared what I know. Kids crap to talk bout probing butts and maken them
      > look
      > like they dont take ppl and make life hell. It discusting to me and
      > insulting. and these humans types, anything looking like me I would jump
      > on them and
      > say get me the hell out of this place. I am sick of all this and I dont
      > see
      > nothing getting better and if animals will be all dead and another deal,
      > The
      > columbia looked dead! The ground is being sucked dry, cant keep anything
      > watered
      > trees are wilting and its May! Bird bath goes dry and yes I live in desert
      > but
      > this has never happened before. Air is so dry and they lie bout the
      > humidity!
      > there is none! Are the taken a molucule out our water? There was no
      > salmon run
      > this year. Our world is hurting bad and this summer hell its already
      > started,
      > tribultations oct 28th 2004 blood moon next night eclips.. so ppl,,,guesss
      > this is the beginning of the old Earth. I see the 2 suns all the time now.
      > They
      > are there,,, and I have to find the cap stone now, I know what its
      > for,,,philophers stone? cant find anything on it for what it looks like.
      > But I think its
      > a trick question. oh yeah ,,, new day for me. So there is the truth who
      > believes dont care not my problem. I have to figure out the clues and
      > slide around
      > the human factors. aol has two crescent moons around our ass. but as I
      > have
      > figure out project blue beam (iran is one) will shine gesus photo on that
      > slave ship and meca will load up like sheep,, bye bye all the middle
      > east,,,,goodbye koran! So I guess there is a bright side !!
      > owg has already inbedded them selves in our military and I seen planes
      > today make you turn yellow! Our military will be wiped out and replaced
      > by 666
      > Bible thumpers,,,hehe,,,get in my face I will take you there make your own
      > words cry like a baby cus in the middle of all this, I have turned to
      > some
      > one I dont know and she is one hard core female with no one will ever
      > tell me
      > crap no more, except some one who know more which is always welcome. Cus
      > Not
      > easy to sell secerts of the universes and be rich and no place to spend
      > the
      > cash and be the most hated person on Earth! by both human & ETs so,,,,some
      > one
      > better step forward if they have clue what the world can
      > handle.........please
      > thank you! m
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