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  • prepare4contact@yahoogroups.com
    Mar 1 2:49 AM
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      Prepare4contact Discussion Forum

      Posting Guidelines

      1. Off topic posts. When making posts, please keep the forum goals in mind. Ask yourself if the post/reply is pertinent to the forum�s main goal of preparing for extraterrestrial contact. If your post explicitly deals with an extraterrestrial related issue, then you can post without further comment. If your post only implicitly deals with extraterrestrial issues, e.g., world poverty, then explain why it is pertinent. Above all, please exercize discretion in what you post.
      2. Replies to posts. When you reply to a post, please remove all but the most recent post in your response since Yahoo automatically includes previous posts in the digest in replies. If the previous post is long, then please cut this down so the reader can see what it is your are replying to.
      3. Excessive posts. A reasonable upper limit to posts by any one member per day is seven. Eight or more posts per day will be considered excessive.
      4. No Chatter. Eliminating spurious personal posts (chatter) can be done by simply responding to an individual poster rather than the forum. If your reply has no special relevance aside from the individual or is personal in nature, then send to the poster. When posting online, simply address the right recipient for your post.
      5. Personal posts. In making personal posts to other members, these should be done in a respectful and courteous way. If you feel that other members are privately contacting you in order to harass, intimidate or �bully� you, please contact any of the moderators. They are listed in the members section of the forum.
      6. Personal Settings. For those receiving individual emails/daily digests and find these to be too many or too long, Yahoo gives you the option of receiving moderator only posts or reading posts online. In that case you would select special notices (moderator posts) or no email (reading online). You subsequently log on to the forum at your convenience.
      7. No personal attacks. Posts in the form of demeaning, antagonistic, dismissive, ad hominem comments directed to other members or the moderators will not be tolerated.
      8. Forum Disruption. Disruptive, provocative, insulting, or uncooperative individuals and/or postings will be removed from the forum.
      9. Uploading Files. If you wish to upload files or photos to the forum, please contact the moderators.
      10. Violating Guidelines. Those who violate the above guidelines will be advised by the forum moderators of what precisely they violated and are subject to having their posts subsequently moderated.
      11. New Members. New members are automatically placed on moderation. Compliance with the posting guidelines will lead to their status being changed to unmoderated.
      12. Moderator Discretion. All moderators will use their own discretion as to how and when the above guidelines are applied.

      Updated September 23, 2008
      Michael E. Salla, PhD
      Prepare4contact List Owner and Moderator
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