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  • Dexxxaa
    Feb 27, 2014
      No Dex, but I'll look into it; I only know Stan's name because he's recently been arrested for child pornography and was the subject of an email thread on Victor's list about that. Which may be why he's come to attention lately. Is there something important in his book "Messages" that would've irked the PTB? You may remember I brought up that issue in reply to when midnight shared his opinion about abductions.

      Stan says...

      As for what the entity told us, it informed us that while humans had great potential, humanity was walking down the wrong path. Humans "needed to accept reality" before we could be accepted into the "neighborhood"--presumably meaning the galactic or cosmic neighborhood and that we needed enlightenment. Apparently, I was one of its chosen messengers--one of just seven, it told us-tasked with getting the word out. The being speaking through me said that he was here to help, and that everyone in the room had been specifically chosen to be involved in my case.

      Probably the most surprising answers that came out of the session, however, were those that dealt with the concept of god. While many intellectuals consider the belief in God to be either superstitious nonsense or, at best, an unhelpful distraction toward advancing as a species, when asked whether his highly developed and extremely advanced race believes in God, the response from grandpa (Grey) was an emphatic yes.

      However, unlike what we hear in our religions--that seem to have God pretty well figured out--Grandpa told us that God is beyond human understanding. In fact, they are still trying to understand the concept of the Divine themselves, making me wonder about humans who can put on a robe and claim to be an authority in this area.
      Grandpa and his people seemed to know exactly what was going on. Regarding humanity and the universe, he told us that we humans are more than we know. There is a unity to everything, as everything is connected to a universal oneness. The problem is that many leaders have led humanity incorrectly for the sake of greed and for personal gain. Man is at a crossroads and we need to grow up and stop being lazy and hostile towards each other. our planet, and the very universe itself. It seems that mankind's true potential has been subdued because something has blocked our physical, mental, and spiritual evolution. We can either work hard to get out of this mess, or we will destroy the Earth and ourselves.

      According to the ET's, a shift in the collective human consciousness is impending, but we have to choose which direction it's going to go. Humanity's perceptions and abilities have been purposely veiled in darkness. We were also told that when the shift happens, this veil would be lifted. The first step is to accept without fear that humans are not alone in the universe, despite what the manipulators want us to believe. Mankind has friends out there waiting for us to learn to accept them. Unfortunately, they have laws and cannot get directly involved, other than to guide us. We must strive to accomplish this ourselves as a rite of passage for the human race.
      But the most important thing of all is that this message of enlightenment is for everyone, including the corrupt. They know what is going on, and even they will be given a chance to make it right.
      It's simple enough, if we want their help, we need to start accepting the fact that there is much more to this universe than humanity. They want us to know that we really do have friendly cosmic neighbors. Simplistic, I admit, but profound in it's implications if one bothers to consider it.
      What do I think about all this? In retrospect, I don't know. I know I didn't manufacture Grandpa out of my imagination or as a means of fooling my friends, so I have little choice but to accept that he is real, and that I am, for whatever reason, a conduit between his world and my own. What this will ultimately prove to mean and where it will lead me remains to be seen, but for now all I can do is cooperate with this entity as best I can and wait and see what happens next."snip"