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77911File - Avoiding Off Topic Posts

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  • prepare4contact@yahoogroups.com
    Nov 1, 2013
      Aloha all, there has been confusion as to when a post is Off Topic so I thought I would give some guidelines for when a post is considered Off Topic, and how this is dealt with by myself and others on the moderating team. This is necessary since Off Topic posts can result in moderation of posters and removal of Off Topic posts from the Prepare4contact forum.

      A post is considered Off Topic if there is no explicit connection to our discussions of the extraterrestrial presence, or how we can prepare for contact with extraterrestrials. In many cases Off Topic posts are obvious as in the case of partisan political posts or religous advocacy. Other common examples of Off Topic posts are those exclusively focusing on Zionism, NESARA, Earth Ascension, New Age Channelling, Patriot Act, Chemtrails, etc. This does not mean one can't post on any of these topics but it is required that you make the connection to the ET subject explicit.

      In most cases this only requires minimal effort by the poster. For example, in discussing chemtrails, you might point out that the controllers are placing toxic metals in the atmosphere as part of an effort to create a global shield in order to monitor and/or prevent ET vehicles entering or leaving the Earth.

      Most who do post Off Topic simply assume that since the topic is so important that the ET connection is obvious. E.g., Religion, Chemtrails, Mind Control, etc. Please note that this is not the case. Many on the p4c forum need to be shown the ET connection. Please don't assume that the ET connection is obvious since you have done so much research on the topic and it is so important to you.

      In general, I and others on the moderating forum follow the following process in dealing with Off Topic posts. You will receive a friendly reminder to stay on topic. If the off topic posts continue you can be placed on moderation until your posts fulfill the posting requirements. I and others on the moderating team have the discretion to remove off topic posts, discourage continuation of such threads and place the posters on moderation.

      Moderation simply means that your posts will be monitored and if they meet the posting guidelines, they are approved. If they don't then you receive a rejection message with a brief explanation for why it was rejected. If a person on moderation demonstrates over a short period of time that they post within the posting guidelines, then the moderation is lifted which has happened in many cases.

      It is necessary to maintain our focus on exopolitical issues concerning extraterrestrials and preparing for contact since these are the primary goals of the forum. This post will be sent as a monthly reminder and will remain in the files section so it can be easily referenced in future.

      I thank you for your help in making the prepare4contact group a place where those seeking important information on extraterrestrials can do so in supportive environment with minimal distractions. I hope you enjoy your time at the forum and learn what is necessary for you to prepare4contact and/or learn about exopolitics.

      In peace

      Michael Salla, PhD
      July 10, 2007
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