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77908The Age of Darkness in the Streets

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  • oemii ummowoa
    Oct 31, 2013



      Please go now to the street

      at any town of United Kingdom,

      and Tell me what you See!!!


      Do see Angels in the Shops?,

      or do see the Dark Side all around?.

      What is the meaning of that?,

      what is the meaning of one month

      of Dark Side Celebrations...

      24 hours every day with Demons

      in the Cash Machines and every

      Super Market?,


      we know that Halloween is not

      just one day, it is a Dark Side

      spell that persecute innocent

      people during the whole year!!!


      Do you think that United Kingdom

      deserves to be known as a place

      of human beings or a place where

      Asuras and Demons from all around

      the planet and the galaxy

      join for depravation and beastliness?.


      What is the meaning of insects in Saxon

      civilization?, why Saxons likes so dark

      insects like the spiders?, why they likes

      vampires and bats?, what the Hell is that?,


      do you think that the Earth Human beings

      deserve such Spell in their economies?,

      because Halloween was one day... now is

      one month and for some exiled is the whole

      year running away from Dark Side Spells.

      DO NOT try to scape from the truth because

      you really know that UK is the Hell NOW!!!


      the Whole October is the Hell Month

      of Vampirical Spider Celebration,

      what kind of propaganda is in that Darkness?.


      Do you think that people need to collaborate

      with such Spell and not speaking or

      criticize it letting to Spread all around the



      There is no way for Pacific behavior related

      to Such Dark Business of Halloween,

      because that business is actually the Business

      of The Whole Saxon State and all their institutions!!!






            ---by James Douglas Morrisson


            his Twin Brother James Nayler---