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77907ETs and UFOs gone, time for DISCLOSURE

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  • extraterrestrials_onearth
    Oct 30, 2013
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      Finished their hybridization and done with, now they have left
      after teaching our scientists what to do,
      in their absence.
      It is (maybe) like a Saint who lives on Earth for
      a long time and only few experienced his miracles and teachings, few others heard
      and wondered about him. After his death many people find out
      he was here and, sadly, never had the change to get to know him,
      experience him, now they just read about him.
      Now the religious leaders have no more fear of the Saint
      being known and followed, and now the governments have no
      more fear of people being fascinated with the idea that ETs
      actually were here and gave a hand about evolution of the human
      There is a large disclosure of the past where ETs and UFOs were
      very active, but only now we will be hearing about it all.
      Now when it is too late to get to know them or blame them, fear them
      or love them, now many politicians come out and say is been true,
      but it is too late to do anything about it.
      Same as the assassination of Kennedy, now that all his relatives
      are gone, now is the best time to let go of the hidden files.
      Surely you all know what I mean.

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