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Y2K PR bunker

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  • Jim Rink
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 1999
      From PRNetwork:

      >Just as the United States, Japan and other countries are creating national
      >command centers to address Y2K operating problems at the turn of the
      >millennium, public relations agencies are creating global command centers
      >of their own to deal with Y2K perception problems. The PR Network's Brian
      >Schaible looks at Y2K bunkers being created by two top agencies.
      >Professional Topics
      >PR giants Burson-Marsteller Worldwide and Hill and Knowlton recently
      >announced special measures to help clients deal with an uninformed and
      >anxious public. Burson-Marsteller CEO Christopher P.A. Komisarjevsky
      >described the problem this way:
      >"The stage is already set for irrational consumer behavior. A growing
      >plurality of Americans now say they expect to store food, water, and cash
      >regardless of what happens on January 1st. And, you can expect the media to
      >feed the excitement for the rest of the year. How can they resist? Y2K's
      >slow-motion train wreck makes for a sensational story. The downside, of
      >course, is that irrational behavior has the potential to disrupt your
      >business in the fourth quarter of 1999 and negatively impact your bottom
      >Hill and Knowlton announced plans to create teams of 40-50 people, drawn
      >from existing staff in such areas as advanced technology and crisis
      >communications, to prepare clients to deal with the public relations
      >aspects of the millennium bug.
      >Komisarjevsky said Burson Marsteller has set up 18 communications command
      >centers worldwide to offer clients a three-phase program leading up to and
      >following the Y2K weekend.
      >In the Preparation Phase, now through Dec. 31, B-M will help clients
      >develop a Y2K-compliant communications strategy and inform key internal and
      >external stakeholders of their plans for handling Y2K-related issues.
      >During the Communication Phase, Nov. 1 through Dec. 31, the agency says it
      >will counsel clients on Y2K-specific media relations and crisis
      >In the Response Phase for the millennium weekend and beyond, Komisarjevsky
      >said the agency's communications command centers will provide counsel and
      >rapid response to help clients respond to Y2K issues as they emerge.
      >"No one can say with certainty what will occur as we approach the Y2K
      >weekend. That's why tremendous resources have been devoted to addressing
      >the technical aspects," Komisarjevsky said. "But behavior is the other Y2K
      >problem. Underestimating consumer behavior and the public perceptions of
      >your organization and its activities could put your technical investment,
      >and your reputation, at risk."
      >This week, Reuters ran a story on the Burson-Marsteller and Hill and
      >Knowlton preparations under the headline "Public Relations Experts
      >Preparing Y2K Spin-Doctoring." After describing the agencies' programs and
      >wondering aloud "Is the Y2K frenzy already only a simple case of too much
      >hype leading to an awful letdown?" Reuters closed its story with this
      >"As more public relations agencies, advertising agencies and marketing
      >consultants join in the spin-doctoring effort, it could conceivably breed
      >an entire new professional services segment: 'Y2K Image Control.'"
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      >News of the Week
      >SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 29, 1999--The Internet's top 100
      >E-commerce sites spent an average $8.6 million last year to build their
      >online brands and drive additional traffic to their websites, according to
      >data reported by The Internet Commerce Briefing.
      >NEW YORK, July 29 /PRNewswire/ -- The McGraw-Hill Companies today launches
      >its new corporate advertising campaign ''Questions,'' which focuses on the
      >company's broad capabilities and expertise as a global information
      >provider, and creates a stronger link between The McGraw-Hill Companies and
      >some of its well-known brands. Three new TV spots created by
      >Margeotes/Fertitta + Partners, Inc. launch nationally on Thursday, July 29th.
      >NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 28, 1999-- The Myers Group predicts that
      >online ad spending will reach $32 billion in 2005, surpassing even many of
      >the most bullish forecasts made to date. Myers forecasts online spending
      >for 1999 to approach $2 billion. The Online Advertising report anticipates
      >a continued rapid escalation in online ad spending during 2000, a slight
      >slowdown in growth as consolidation hits the industry in 2001, but
      >"extraordinary growth in 2002 and beyond." The report says that ad spending
      >across all media will total $400 billion in 2005, making online's share
      >eight percent.
      >WINDSOR, Conn.,--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 28, 1999-- ADVO, Inc., the nation's
      >largest targeted direct mail marketing company, with annual revenues of
      >over $1 billion, today announced strategic plans to extend the company's
      >print advertising offerings within and beyond the mailbox.
      >NEW YORK, July 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Grey Direct, the world's eighth largest
      >direct marketing agency, today announced the acquisition of MarketData
      >Solutions, a leading database marketing company. The terms of the
      >transaction were not disclosed. Grey Direct will combine its existing unit,
      >Grey Database Strategies, founded in 1997, with MarketData Solutions to
      >create a new global database marketing company under the MarketData
      >Solutions brand. The new company will operate as an independent brand of
      >Grey Direct.
      >ISELIN, N.J., July 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Datek Online, the nation's fourth
      >largest online brokerage firm, announced that Bozell Worldwide in New York
      >has been awarded its $80-million account. Bozell will handle the
      >advertising, direct mail and media associated with Datek Online's first
      >fully integrated brand campaign.
      >NEW YORK, July 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Grey Advertising Inc. today announced
      >that it has acquired Beyond Interactive, a full-service online advertising
      >agency. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Beyond Interactive is
      >headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with offices in San Francisco and New
      >York. Jonn Behrman, CEO, Darian Heyman, Nick Pahade and Matt Day founded
      >the company in 1995.
      >FOLSOM, N.J., July 27 /PRNewswire/ -- South Jersey Industries, Inc. today
      >announced that it retained Cherry Hill, N.J.-based The STAR Group as its
      >advertising agency. The STAR Group now handles all corporate advertising
      >for SJI and its subsidiaries South Jersey Gas Company and South Jersey
      >Energy Company.
      >SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 26, 1999--JDA Advertising, one of the
      >fastest growing hi-tech marketing and communications agencies, today
      >announced the Company's acquisition of The Hurst Group, a $15 million Salt
      >Lake City agency.
      >SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 26, 1999--OnHealth Network Company today
      >unveils a $25 million integrated branding initiative to support its newly
      >redesigned Internet health site, onhealth.com. The site and campaign "A New
      >Way to Look at Everything OnHealth," which premieres today, reflect a new
      >way Americans are defining and thinking about their own personal health.
      >OnHealth's ad campaign was created and produced by TBWA/Chiat/Day in San
      >SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--July 23, 1999--Burson-Marsteller today
      >announced that it has completed the acquisition of Hart Cooper Partners, a
      >San Francisco-based marketing and public relations firm focused on emerging
      >technology companies.
      >LOS ANGELES, July 23 /PRNewswire/ -- asher&partners has been awarded the
      >PayMyBills.com multi-million dollar account, marking the agency's
      >continuing efforts in the world of major new media, it was announced today
      >by Darryl Asher, general manager of asher&partners, and Jeff Grass,
      >co-founder and vice president of customer contact of PayMyBills.com. The
      >agency will represent PayMyBills.com, a personal bill management service,
      >in all areas of advertising and marketing.
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