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  • Claire Liston
    To Teri at Firebaugh Communications: While this may not be true of your area, I can name a dozen area companies with a Dolphin theme (and I m not even in a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 14, 1999
      To Teri at Firebaugh Communications:

      While this may not be true of your area, I can name a dozen area companies with a Dolphin theme (and I'm not even in a coastal community!) Some quick thoughts:
      * While it is important to demonstrate to clients that you can be creative with a new and different name, it may be more important to demonstrate that you can embrace the individuality of an existing firm name and come up with creative and revitalizing treatments of it.
      * Unless you are recovering from a bad professional mistake, your own name (or an associated word like Fire or Flame) will always be your most powerful link to get new business to think of you-- and people who have worked with you in the past know at a glance who they are dealing with.
      * When or if you do add a partner, there is no better way to constantly announce their addition by editing your firm name and image to include them, rather than just swallowing them.
      * Any commonly named company should pursue name registration and trademark issues immediately-- you will want to keep the hundreds of other existing Dolphin-named companies (and the hundreds yet to come) from confusing your clients.

      With a good tagline, you can have both the recognition AND the interesting hook...

      Firebaugh Communications:
      Set your image afire!
      Our words spread like wildfire...
      Let us help you burn brightly!

      Claire Liston
      CListon Communications
      Alexandria, Virginia

      From: Devany Vickery <devany@...>

      Teri writes:
      <<And I'm thinking what if you add a partner or something? Then, luck would
      have it with me, their last name would be Frozen or something. :)>>
      Good point! Is the actual name of your company Firebaugh Communications though? If that is the case, then I would re-think the image issue. If you re-named your company then certainly it would be silly to use fire or flames in the logo. I think you have a great idea in wanting to be different, but your name in itself is quite unique and it would have a LOT more sticking power (IMHO) if your business name, logo and tag line all repeated the same thing. Regardless, you have chosen the dolphin and that is something YOU like, which is important too. Maybe you could rename your company while it is still young, especially if you are planning on selling it or acquiring a partner someday. You could use something like "SPLASH! Communications" if you love the dolphin. Naturally, this is your business and we are here to give you ideas and feedback. You can take it or leave any and all suggestions. :) Best of luck to you.
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