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  • Jim Rink
    From PRNetwork: CROSSING THE CULTURAL DIVIDE By Darren Shuster, Editor-in-Chief and Jeffrey Shulman, Contributing Editor Juliana Olninka, Warner Brothers
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      From PRNetwork:


      By Darren Shuster, Editor-in-Chief
      and Jeffrey Shulman, Contributing Editor

      Juliana Olninka, Warner Brothers International, recently talked about the
      new rule in international movie publicity at a local EPPS event: "If you
      look at box office numbers, it used to be 60/40 -- 60% of box office
      receipts would come from the U.S. while 40% was generated from the rest of
      the world. Now it's closer to 60% internationally. That's quite a turn

      We need to keep in mind that there are important cultural differences when
      pushing our clients onto the international scene. Here are some comments
      from two very well-respected international entertainment PR practitioners,
      John Wrench and Steve Margo.

      John Wrench, Vice President of International Marketing at Paramount
      Pictures, says: "Box office growth for the industry, in the past 10 years,
      has been primarily outside of North America. The real growth comes from
      those 60 odd countries where the American industry is active. There are
      certain stars, like Sharon Stone, who play the international media like a
      fine violin. She knows that she can get a very high price for her movies
      because the films do great business overseas."

      "Do not walk in and make the assumption that you can tell other countries
      what they need. It's very easy to get caught up in the Hollywood myth that
      we're at the center of it all, and we know what's best for the rest of the
      world. It simply is not true. In America, a two or three minute sound byte
      is all that is required on press junkets. That's not the way most movie
      shows work around the world. They do 10 or 15 minute segments. Sometimes,
      you get a whole half hour. It's amazing how much more space you can get in
      the rest of the world. If your client is approached to do something for
      Vanity Fair, you clear the decks and you give Vanity Fair as much time as
      it needs. The same should be happening for publications like Focus in
      Germany, Premiere in France, and Empire Magazine in Britain."

      Steve Margo, Vice President International at Warner Brothers Records, says:
      "Two-thirds of the world's recorded music sales happen outside of America.
      Madonna, for example, sold 3 million of her latest record here in the
      States, and 8 million around the world. 15 or 20 years ago, if you had a
      big record in America, and you had a big artist, you could more or less
      guarantee that the record would do pretty well around the world. It doesn't
      work that way anymore. These days, it is equally as easy, production-wise,
      to make a good quality record in Hamburg as it is in Los Angeles."

      "There are enormous cultural differences around the world ...For example,
      in Southern Europe, journalists go away in July and August. So, therefore,
      there are double issues that are put together in April and May. It's no
      good calling somebody up, expecting a cover or feature story for the Summer
      edition, in June. You need to be humble enough to know that we're not the
      only game in town. And, most importantly, that there are other people that
      are based in those countries who both speak the language and are talking
      about things that relate specifically to that country."

      Global Exposure is a regular column focusing on the future of entertainment
      PR in every issue of The Entertainment PR Newsletter. For more information,
      contact Darren Shuster via e-mail at mailto:darren@... or
      Jeffrey Shulman, associate vice president and entertainment specialist from
      Medialink, at mailto:jshulman@...

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      submissions to:
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      Brian and Steve have spent the last month getting thePRnetwork.com's new
      search engine/directory and Web hosting features ready for prime time,
      which is scheduled for June 15. We don't usually talk about the technical
      aspects of Web page development in this newsletter, but while working on
      the search engine we were struck by something.

      That something is that about 80 percent of Web sites authored and
      maintained for PR, advertising and marketing companies don't even have the
      first step of Internet marketing mastered. That first step is contained in
      the optional "meta" tags that can be included in the headings of Web pages.

      Meta tags are what search engines use to find out about the content of your
      home page. The tags consist of a title, a description and keywords. More
      than 80 percent of the more then 1,000 Web pages we have reviewed don't
      have one or more of these elements. Titles, which should be a company name,
      are often "Index," "Home," "Home Page," or not included. The vast majority
      of sites have neither keywords nor a description.

      For an example of what should be included in a Web page header, you may
      visit http://www.theprnetwork.com/search/tips.html which is a "tips" page
      that has been provided for those adding their Web site URLs to The PR
      Network's new directory.

      News of the Week

      ORLANDO, Fla., June 10 /PRNewswire/ -- .Com Marketing, an online marketing
      and advertising firm, today won the interactive marketing account for
      Orlando Sentinel Interactive, a division of Orlando Sentinel
      Communications, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Tribune Company.

      NEW YORK, June 10 /PRNewswire/ -- O'Leary Clarke and Partners, Inc., a New
      York-based marketing and communications agency, announced today the naming
      of three new partners. Newly named to the partnership are: Maggi Vale, who
      will be the director of account services and planning; June Wohlhorn, who
      will now, in addition to her media responsibilities, take on the role of
      research as director of media services and research; and Kathy Angotti, who
      will be creative director/copy.

      NEW YORK, June 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Award-winning strategic communications
      consulting firm Creamer Dickson Basford (CDB) today announced significant
      additions of revenues, clients and account staff to the agency's Technology
      Practice. In the first quarter of 1999, the technology practice added more
      than $1 million in revenues, with much of the growth in the practice's
      Internet Applications group from clients pursuing e-commerce business

      ORLANDO, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 9, 1999--More than 70% of investor
      relations officers believe that the Internet makes their job easier, the
      survey completed by Business Wire reported during the National Investor
      Relations Institute's (NIRI) national conference being held this week in

      NEW YORK, June 8 /The PR Network Member News/ -- United News & Media plc
      announced today that its fast-growing international news release
      distribution and Internet company, PR Newswire, has acquired UK-based news
      release distributor Two-Ten Communications from the Press Association for
      $27.2 million.

      SARASOTA, Fla., June 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Many online advertising agencies
      continue to repeat basic print and broadcast mistakes across the World Wide
      Web, resulting in lower impressions and lower click-through percentages. E-
      Marketing shouldn't mean e-clutter or CyberTrash. Catharine Devlin, CEO of
      Devlin Applied Design, compiled her ten commandments on how to make e-
      Marketing more effective.

      CHERRY HILL, N.J., June 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Vlasic Foods International today
      announced it will consolidate the advertising accounts on its two core
      businesses -- ''Vlasic'' pickles and condiments and ''Swanson'' frozen
      foods -- with Foote Cone Belding (New York). The consolidation is being
      made in order to gain efficiencies that will be used to further support
      growth initiatives for the two brands. The ''Swanson'' account was
      previously handled by Young & Rubicam -- New York. Media planning and
      buying for the two brands will be handled by TN Media.

      PALO ALTO, Calif., June 7 /PRNewswire/ -- AdKnowledge, the only independent
      provider of end-to-end Web advertising management services for agencies and
      marketers, today announced that it is the first Web advertising company to
      offer Millward Brown Interactive's VOYAGER Profile(TM) reports to its
      customers. VOYAGER Profile reports enable advertisers to determine exactly
      who was exposed to their ads and therefore to better calculate the reach
      and impact of their online ad campaigns.

      ORLANDO, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 7, 1999-- The National Investor
      Relations Institute (NIRI) today released the results of its recently
      concluded "Technology in IR" Survey at its Annual Conference being held
      this week in Orlando, Fa. "The most significant finding in the survey is
      the increased willingness of companies to allow individual investors and/or
      the media to listen to live conference calls with analysts" said Louis M.
      Thompson, president & CEO of NIRI.

      ORLANDO, Fla., June 6, PRNewswire, -- While 87 percent of the Nasdaq 100
      have investor relations information available on their web sites, most lack
      the key information necessary to compete for the new online investor,
      according to a PR Newswire study released at the National Investor
      Relations Institute annual conference.

      CINCINNATI, June 4, Business Wire -- Who are the winners and losers in the
      brave new world of Internet loyalty programs? What does the future hold for
      the evolving trend of frequency-marketing? These questions and more are
      answered in the latest issue of COLLOQUY.COM, "webzine" cousin to
      COLLOQUY(R), The Quarterly Frequency Marketing Newsletter, a leading
      newsletter reporting exclusively on frequency-marketing programs across all

      Full text of these and many other articles can be found at


      Steven N. Wynkoop & Brian W. Schaible, APR
      Principals and Founders
      The PR Network


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