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Four Early Stage Clients that may be of interest to someone in your Networks, colleagues, and Two Other Prospects that could be handed off...

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  • Samuel L Waltz Jr
    Four Early Stage Clients that may be of interest to someone in your Networks, colleagues, and Two Other Prospects that could be handed off... In addition to my
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 16, 2013
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      Four Early Stage Clients that may be of interest to someone in your Networks, colleagues, and Two Other Prospects that could be handed off...

      In addition to my background in Marketing / Public Affairs / Public Relations, incl having served as elected National President of PRSA in 1999, some of you know that a growing part of our work at SW&A has been with early-stage companies, some of them pre-revenue. For them, we'll help do (a) Business Plan (BP), (b) Marketing Plan, and, as a consultant, (c) Provide some Counsel on a Capital Raise.

      When you spend a summer weekend this weekend in the sun, you might want to think about these four companies, as well as two other ventures that I'm happy to talk about handing off entirely, if either fits your interests / background. What I'm seeking really are prospective strategic partners, some of whom may be sufficiently intrigued that they want to explore more with the ventures. Some of these need cloud-based technology companies, others need logistics / supply chain management, one of them needs a good capital leasing company, etc., and I'm also looking for a good virtual HR services company.

      Among the Four on the "front-burner" in our stable are...

      (1) ClassicFries.com, http://vimeo.com/55885885 , the food industry's first counter-top FF Vending Machine. Think a fresh hot tasty order of made-to-order FFs in less than 1 minute when you stop at a convenience store for a sub / hoagie / burger, or at a Subway / Quiznos, or even your favorite coffee shop, from Starbucks / Panera to the local chains selling Panini sandwiches, and you have the idea. BP calls for about 300 Distributors (1=1mil population), each with about 500 vending machines (about a 15-20% market share, where the competition is potato chips averaging about 50 vends daily @ $2.25-$2.50 MSRP (a former CEO of Wawa a regional C-store tells me he could see it doing 150/day). The Founders believe -- although I'd never put a prospective exit value on a company -- that this one could sell for a few $bil to a Nestle-type company upon its exit in 4-5 years. We have a lot of room here for infrastructure build-out partners.

      (2) VeritasCigars.com is in the $8-10 premium cigar niche. It's already in revenue, and it's doing custom-blending and custom-rolling of a Ometepe-grown tobacco in Nicaragua, plus a similar premium tobacco from the DR. What I'm looking for here are "affinity partners," either people who are in the Cigar / Tobacco business (admittedly, I'm a non-smoker) and / or Cigar Aficionados who have some interest in getting involved in the industry.

      (3) Photo Restoration NuCo, let me hold back the name on this one, since it's just coming in, but it has developed two important pieces of IP in the Industry, one that is a service-based business that allows people to clean up and store in the cloud all those fading old color and B&W photos from the desk drawer (serviced by the major pharmacy retail chains), and a supplemental technology that allows the user to embed historical data in the digital file, so you can type in or read in (this is Mom & Dad on their vacation in 1961 to Miami FL, and this is just before Dad got swept away by the undertow, or whatever). Ideal partner is someone looking for "the next new thing" in photography - digital imaging.

      (4) FranchiseSports is a "next gen" fantasy sports platform. Entrepreneur is a 50-yr-old atty who worked out of Law School for IMG, the International Management Group, which is what I refer to as the "Jerry Maguire company," the sports management and promotions company in the film. Future of this company will be turbo-charged as online sports gaming grows, and becomes legal in more places, because it allows people not to bet just on the team (e.g., the PHL Eagles) that management gives them, but allows them to bet on the teams they create, and to retain and improve those teams over time via Franchises. Will build on MLB, NFL and NBA platforms. He's looking for technology platform suppliers, ideally with fantasy sports backgrounds, to help him with the build-out and related interests.

      Plus, I have two others that I feel I just can't really help, and I'd be happy to refer them to someone who feels she / he can.

      (1) High End Fashion Nail Polish, developed by a friend of a friend, and it uses a metal flake type ingredient to increase the fashion sense. I have one friend who is a global senior exec for Avon (one of its top dozen execs, or so, and Avon looks like it is going down the tubes, based on the biz press), but I just don't have enough other "asset-value" relationships in my Rolodex to help this one launch.

      (2) Another is a Native American Reservation Wind Farm in the upper Midwest. Guy has done a lot of the heavy-lifting, but that kind of a play is much more of a "regional play," or at least a "vertical play" based on someone in the industry. I just don't know that I can be of help.

      As a result, I kept both these opportunities really at arm's length, but I'd love to find them a home for someone who feels she / he can make a difference.

      Contact me offline at SamWaltz@...<mailto:SamWaltz@...> if you have any thoughts about any of these, or anyone you want to recommend or refer. Many thanks. I know this is a lot for a summer weekend's thinking, but it's what is on my plate right now.



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