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Need Niche Market PR Media Pitching Pros (paying gig)

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  • Ned Barnett
    I m sending this to some online PR discussion groups I belong to, as well (blind copies) to some personal PR pros I know who might be interested in this
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 31, 2013
      I'm sending this to some online PR discussion groups I belong to, as well
      (blind copies) to some personal PR pros I know who might be interested in
      this opportunity - or who might know someone they could refer me to.

      I mentioned this mid-month, and didn't get the kind of response I'd hoped
      for - but it was a weekend in the summer, and I should have known better.
      Let me try again, and with some more details.

      Right up front, this is a paying gig - not a retainer-based relationship,
      though. We want to build a team/network of specialists we can call on, as
      needed, for help in their designated specialties, and pay them for their
      services when we use them. Ongoing, but still episodic.

      Next, this is for the American news market, as it deals with news related to
      or addressing Obamacare and more broadly, national healthcare policy as it
      applies to businesses. We don't really need to reach international media
      (we won't turn them away, but we're not going to pay to go looking for

      Next, we've got a strong PR plan (at least I think it's strong), but what we
      don't have is PR pros who have tight inroads to specific target markets. We
      want to look at developing a team who will be able to help us with reaching
      the media in specific geographic or niche markets on an episodic basis. As
      we come up with new press announcements (a frequent planned occurrence),
      we'll want specific help.

      We're looking for three types of segmented market PR media-pitching pros:

      a. Those who have great contacts in a specific geo-area - NYC, or the
      Great Lakes, or . well, I hope you get the picture.

      b. Those who have great contacts in specific business-niche media
      markets - this could range from reaching HR professionals or company CFOs,
      to reaching the Chamber of Commerce media market, or the business trade
      association media market.

      c. Those who have great contacts in a specific vertical niche in the
      overall media market, such as radio talk shows, cable business shows,
      healthcare-and-business reporters, etc.

      As you look at this, think broadly. If you (for instance) have connections
      in the religious media market, we could probably use you on specific
      stories. So don't think narrowly, please. Think broadly.

      As I said up front, this is a paying gig, but it won't be built around an
      ongoing retainer, at least not at first. Instead, it will be episodic -
      when we see an opportunity, we want the team in place so we can reach into
      our kit-bag and pull out the specific experts we need at a given time.

      If you think you might be able to help us, please let me know.



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