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RE: [prbytes] A Tribute

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  • Samuel L Waltz Jr
    I join David, Ned, in saying thanks. Sam Waltz, APR, Fellow PRSA US Army CounterIntelligence Nov 1967-Sept 1970 son of Sam Waltz Sr., US Army, WWII in N
    Message 1 of 3 , May 24, 2013
      I join David, Ned, in saying thanks.

      Sam Waltz, APR, Fellow PRSA
      US Army CounterIntelligence
      Nov 1967-Sept 1970

      son of Sam Waltz Sr., US Army,
      WWII in N Africa, Sicily, Italy & Messina

      son-in-law of John Bihary, US Marine Corps, Korean era

      nephew of Glenn Waltz
      WWII US Army Battle of the Bulge

      nephew of Harry Waltz
      WWII US Army Europe

      brother of Robert K Waltz

      US Army, Japan occupation 1950s

      brother of Richard D Waltz

      US Navy, 1966-1969

      Samuel L. Waltz Jr., APR, Fellow PRSA

      Strategic Counselor, Trusted Adviser & Advocate

      SamWaltz@...<mailto:SamWaltz@...> (302) 777-7774

      Sam Waltz & Associates LLC Strategic Capital & Business Counsel

      11 Downs Drive, Limerick at Greenville, Wilmington, DE 19807-2555

      Helping Leaders & Organizations Navigate Difficult

      Events, Trends, Times, People & Issues to Achieve Their Goals!

      www.SamWaltz.com<http://www.samwaltz.com/> Strategic Capital & Business Counsel

      www.RLSassociates.com<http://www.rlsassociates.com/> Investment Banking / Merger & Acquisition


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      Thanks, Ned:


      Medical corpsman, U.S. Army, January 1966 - January 1969.

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      Ned Barnett
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      Subject: [prbytes] A Tribute

      To all who have served our country in times of war or peace, I want to take
      this opportunity on the threshold of the Memorial Day weekend to give you my
      personal thanks for the freedom we all enjoy, ever mindful of the fact that
      freedom is never free - without your courage and sacrifice, we would all be
      poorer for the experience.

      Thank you!


      Ned Barnett, APR
      Marketing & PR Fellow, American Hospital Association
      Barnett Marketing Communications
      420 N. Nellis Blvd., A3-276 - Las Vegas NV 89110
      702-561-1167 - cell/text
      <http://www.barnettmarcom.com> www.barnettmarcom.com - twitter @nedbarnett

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