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Re: [prbytes] Re: [PRMindshare] Multiple social media accounts?

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  • Rich
    I ve used social networking as a vehicle for clients backlinks. This was considerably easier when ping.fm was allowing simultaneous posting to about 12 social
    Message 1 of 7 , May 23, 2013
      I've used social networking as a vehicle for clients' backlinks. This was considerably easier when ping.fm was allowing simultaneous posting to about 12 social networking sites. They decided, however, to be more like HootSuite, which only seems to work with the top social networking sites. I've since simply moved over to HootSuite. However, if anyone knows of a site that works the way the old ping.fm used to work, I'd love to hear about it.

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      I agree with Ned for both practical and strategic reasons. Managing multiple accounts is tough. It's hard enough to work in multiple channels -- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blog followers, email subscribers, not to mention newer sites like Instagram and Pinterest -- and then figure out who is whom, who crosses over on different platforms, who are the unique followers.

      I also think splintering yourself will reduce your prestige. If people opt to follow different profiles, you won't be displaying a total number of fans to those who find you.

      I believe it's good for your different constituencies see that you are working holistically/vertically/horizontally, etc. When there is a specific action you want a group of followers to take, such as email a county official about XYZ issue, you can set up a Facebook event with those details and invite only specific people among your followers (but beware of overzealous eventing).

      If you want to foster more interaction and networking among your community members, look into setting up FB groups targeted to your different audiences, where your posts can be more focused, without the hassle of different profiles/pages.

      But I wouldn't worry too much as long as your posts show an appropriate breadth and diversity. People find it easy to disregard posts that don't have meaning to them. (They find it easy to disregard ones that *do* have meaning to them, since SM messages are a stream that people step in and out of.)

      --- In prbytes@yahoogroups.com, "Ned Barnett" <ned@...> wrote:
      > It is my experience that having too many accounts leads to one of the
      > following:
      > 1. You garner most of the same followers onto all the pages;
      > 2. Then you post the same/similar message to all the pages;
      > 3. You generate the dreaded Redundant Message Overload Syndrome (RMOS)
      > among at least recipients; and,
      > 4. They get tired of the redundancy and either leave or ignore you
      > Or
      > a. You don't find the time to update all the pages; and,
      > b. They fall into disuse
      > I find it better to have single accounts, which allow for "cross-marketing"
      > among the programs.
      > My $0.02 worth - hope it helps.
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      > Subject: [PRMindshare] Multiple social media accounts?
      > Talk to me about having separate social media accounts for different
      > initiatives.
      > We're a small government agency that has one message: locate, expand and
      > grow your business in Loudoun County, Virginia. We have many initiatives
      > targeted to various industries and business formation stages. What are the
      > pros and cons of having Facebook and Twitter accounts for each initiative
      > vs. just one for the whole agency?
      > Lois Kirkpatrick, Manager
      > Marketing and Communications
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      > <http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Loudoun-County-Economic-Development-828667>
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