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Re: [prbytes] Re: [PRMindshare] xp - Where is the logic?

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  • Jube
    Well, Ned, in the spirit of social media, you need to ease up a bit. I endorse when the thingie prompts me. And I will endorse folks I ve heard of , even
    Message 1 of 7 , Jan 31, 2013
      Well, Ned, in the spirit of social media, you need to ease up a bit.

      I endorse when the thingie prompts me. And I will endorse folks "I've
      heard of", even though I don't know many of my connections. I figure
      it's a good way to be seen on their profile.

      It's also a good indicator of how far my reputation has gone in various
      directions. So if they have heard of me and click one of my skills, I
      know they have probably heard of my expertise in that area.

      Another wayto look at it is a reaching out. I had a frienemy endorse me
      the other day, so I know I need to touch base to see if they are ready
      to talk yet. Sortta like a poke on FB.

      Again, relax, play the social media game and have fun.

      Jube Dankworth
      Net Media Consultants


      On 1/30/2013 11:49 AM, kezia_jauron wrote:
      > Do you mean people who aren't LinkedIn contacts are endorsing you? I didn't think you could do that.
      > I don't get endorsements from people I don't know, haven't worked with, nor even heard of, because I don't accept connection requests from them. At least it's rare that I do, and it's only going to be someone I look forward to working with someday. If I get a request from someone I don't know from Adam but it seems innocent (e.g. we have a random common contact or two) I might respond with a polite version of 'refresh my memory: how do we know each other?' Then they get the hint and go away.
      > I grant you I am in no way a LinkedIn power user. In fact I generally ignore it until they ping me for some reason.
      > I assume people generally endorse someone because they want to be 'endorsed back.' Is there a way to not accept an endorsement from someone? (I kind of hope so, since I've gotten endorsements for a few things I have no interest in doing ever again, and wouldn't mind removing those high-fives from my profile altogether.)
      >> For the past few months, I've gotten all kinds of endorsements on Linkedin for my professionalism and skill, etc. (which under normal circumstances would be very welcome). However, these endorsements come from people I have never heard of, met, corresponded with or done anything that would lead them to believe I'm a great professional, worthy of their endorsement.
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