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  • Whitelaw, Darren
    Jeanessa, I reckon the new wave of PR in the next 10 years will be CMC -- Computer Mediated Communication -- basically, using computers and technology to aid
    Message 1 of 2 , May 10, 1999

      I reckon the new wave of PR in the next 10 years will be CMC -- Computer
      Mediated Communication -- basically, using computers and technology to
      aid in the 'dissemination of information and the continual improvement
      of two way communication between an organisation and its publicise' (Hm,
      that sounds like a textbook definition of PR ;-))

      There's heaps of sites on the net dedicated to this type of stuff, but I
      reckon the best place to start would be the ITPR guru Jim Rink's site at
      www.jimrink.com -- he's got some really useful links and stuff about

      Some ideas I'd consider:
      * Use of on-line tools to pitch stories to journos (you said it's been
      done - so what -- you should do it better!) What's the best way to pitch
      a story... e-mails with pics, attachments, links to HTML pages etc? Do
      journos actually read their stuff, or do they prefer the ol-fashioned

      * Use of computers to judge public opinion and the PR role that would be
      played -- there's software available that analyses the 'feelings' and
      'opinions' of people by sifting through e-mail traffic. Imagine how
      powerful Crisis Management would be if you could see a potential issue
      coming before it hit? (I have more info on this somewhere)

      * Use of newsgroups and chatrooms and how public opinion can be managed
      and influenced by a PR role... ie, using newsgroups to an organisation's
      advantage (product reviews, market research, etc). Imagine if you stared
      a fictional company, with made-up products etc... and generated interest
      in a product that didn't even exist... could be a great case study!

      * Investigation of the implications of cross-media ownership, the growth
      of international news services (CNN etc), the use of on-line news wires,
      and the increasing tendency towards nationalisation of local news
      services -- what's the implications at a local and community level --
      what are the challenges faced by smaller groups and local organisations
      to grab a slice of the media pie?

      Food for thought...


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      At this point I have not consulted any advisor since I have one more
      to go until I finish my graduate studies and then I have to start my
      But yes, I know I have to do this extra soon.

      Thank you,

      > From: EP Corrigan jr <flow@...>
      > Jeanessa,
      > Have you consulted your advisor, and if yet selected with his/her
      > your thesis committee? They will have the most pertinent (academic)
      > suggestions, and after all they're the ones you will have to satisfy
      > thesis.
      > If you can't find anyone keeping office hours at this season,
      a look
      > at use of the Internet as a polling medium for PR research would be
      > don't know if qualified statisticians have yet evaluated the sample
      > voluntarily on oneline and other chat groups or newsgroups, but if so
      > be unique to qualify such use as a population for quick and affordable
      > Good luck in making this costly transfer, from asking to
      attempting to
      > answer questions.
      > Gene Corrigan
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